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"Small School" Guys in the NFL Combine

These are the "small school" guys invited to the 2011 NFL Combine. I will be updating this with the results as they happen.


QB Devlin, Patrick Delaware 6-3 225
Arm Length: 32" Hand Size: 9 7/8"

4.76/40, 9'8" BJ, 33” VJ, 7.08 3-cone, 4.32 20y-shuttle
Pat had a relatively low key workout. While he did not stand out, he also did not do himself any harm. His athleticism was apparent by his decent 40-time and jumping ability.

RB Jones, Taiwan Eastern Washington 6-2 195
Arm Length: 29 1/2" Hand Size: 8 3/4"

It was disappointing to not see Taiwan Jones out there due to an injury. He really could have used the showcase after coming out as a Junior after two dominating seasons at EWU. Projects to be a great return specialist.

TE Thomas, Julius Portland St. 6-5 246
Arm Length: 33" Hand Size: 10 1/4"

4.68/40, 9'3" BJ, 35.5" VJ (5th overall), 4.31 20y shuttle, 11.95 60y shuttle, 6.96 3-cone
While Julius fared pretty well for a 246 pounder, he was overshadowed by the abilities of Schuylar Oordt who outweighs him by 15 pounds. That being said, he still looked decent and could be taken in the later rounds, he still has big hands and can catch passes.

TE Oordt, Schuylar Northern Iowa 6-6 261
Arm Length: 33 3/4 in. Hand Size: 9 7/8 in.

4.67/40 (5th overall), 36" VJ (4th overall), 9'11" BJ (4thoverall), 4.25 20y shuttle (5th overall), 11.9 60y shuttle, 6.83 3-cone (2nd overall)
He's a great athlete. Schuylar was top five overall in five TE events. He really boosted his stock by showing his agility, speed and solid route running ability. His size is great, but he lacks strength and blocking technique.
OT Person, Michael Montana State 6-5 300
Arm Length: 32 3/4" Hand Size: 9 5/8"

5.19/40, 9' BJ, 7.44/3-cone drill (5th overall), 4.50/20 yard shuttle (5th overall), 1.77 10y split, 28" VJ
Mike showed a great ability to move around, flexibility and good quickness. He was top five in 3-cone and the 20 yard shuttle.


OT Ijalana, Ben Villanova 6-4 317 Arm Length: 36" Hand Size: 10 1/2"
Although Ben Ijalana did not participate due to injury he still projects as a top five OT.

OG Arkin, David Missouri State 6-5 300
Arm Length: 33 7/8" Hand Size: 10 1/2"

5.23/40, 8'7" BJ, 7.60 3-cone, 4.63 20y shuttle, 29" VJ
He's more of a smart blocker than a pure athletic blocker. He did not fair terribly well in any of the categories, but this was almost expected as he uses more of technique and skill.
OG Kilgore, Daniel Appalachian State 6-3 308 Arm Length: 32 1/2" Hand Size:10"
5.33/40, 8'9" BJ, 32.5” VJ (1st overall), 1.79 10y-split, 4.68 20y shuttle, 7.59 3-cone
A very capable blocker that needs some correction with his technique. Decent quickness off the ball and was 1st overall in the vertical jump for all OL.

OG Hughes, Kevin SE Louisiana 6-4 302 
Arm Length: 34 3/8" Hand Size: 9 1/2"

7'11" BJ, 5.36/40, 4.97 20y shuttle, 8.29 3-cone 
His overall athleticism and speed leaves more to be desired. But, Kevin did show that he has quick and nimble feet during the drills.

OG Rackley, William Lehigh 6-3 310
Arm Length: 33 1/4" Hand Size:10 3/8"

 8'3" BJ, DNP/40, 4.94 20 shuttle, 23.6” VJ, 7.91 3-cone
Just a big kid that uses his size very well. Not the most athletic, but has some quickness off the snap.

DT Ellis, Kenrick Hampton 6-5 346
Arm Length: 35 1/8" Hand Size: 10 1/2"

Kenrick didn't participate in most events, but his 40-time was impressive for a kid that weighs in at 346 pounds.

DT Parker, Martin Richmond 6-2 303
Arm Length: 33 3/4" Hand Size: 9 3/4"

5.03/40, 8'8" BJ, 7.56 3-cone, 29" VJ
I feel that he may have raised a few eyebrows with his size/quickness combo.

LB Smith, Darryl Appalachian State 5-11 240
Arm Length: 32" Hand Size: 9 3/4"

31" VJ, 11.87 60y shuttle, 4.78/40, 7.35 3-cone, 8’8” BJ, 4.45 20y-shuttle
DJ had a decent combine, he wasn't spectacular but I think he looked very good on some of the drills.For a guy pushing 240lbs he's certainly more than capable of making a play.

CB Rogers, Justin Richmond 5-11 180
Arm Length: 31 3/8" Hand Size: 8 1/4"

4.50/40, 7.21 3-cone, 9’6” BJ, 33” VJ
Has average physical abilities for a corner, but he plays with top notch instincts and work ethic.

CB Allen, Cortez Citadel 6-1 197 Arm Length: 32 1/4" Hand Size: 8 5/8"
4.51/40, 6.76 3-cone, 35.5” VJ, 10’9” BJ (1st), 4.01 20y-shuttle (5th), 10.87 60y-shuttle (2nd)
Not the fastest Corner, but he proved that he was more than capable of making plays. Cortez looked very agile, very quick and well coached. Certainly raised his stock a bit.

CB Skrine, Darryl Tennessee-Chattanooga 5-11 186 Arm Length: 30 1/4" Hand Size: 8 7/8"
4.48/40, 37” VJ, 6.44 3-cone (1st), 3.9 20y shuttle (2nd), 10.75 60y-shuttle (1st)
A bit undersized, but this kid plays his heart out and this was apparent at this years combine. Ran hard on every drill. Buster was fast, quick footed, had good technique and was more agile than most expected. Showed that he could be a solid playmaker. He really stood out.

FS Legree, Mark Appalachian State 6-0 210 Arm Length: 30 1/4" Hand Size: 9 1/4"
21 reps 225lbs (2nd overall), 4.56/40 (2nd), 9’8” BJ (4th), 6.9 3-cone (2nd), 4.09 20y-shuttle (3rd), 31” VJ
You can't ask for a better combine. Mark Legree ranked in the top five for Safeties in five out of six categories. Ran a very good 4.56/40 for 210lb Safety. He also looked strong, agile and quick. Looked good on the drills and showed some decent hands. Certainly raised his stock.


QB Portis, Joshua California (PA)
Arm Length: 34 1/8" Hand Size: 9 3/8"

4.62/40, 10'6" BJ, 40" VJ (1st), 6.84 3-cone, 4.12 20y shuttle
As an Athletic QB Josh is fantastic, he runs very well and is very agile. Ranked as one of the tops overall with a 40" VJ. He may not be complete as a passer but he does have good arm strength.

WR Holmes, Andre Hillsdale 6-4 210
Arm Length: 34" Hand Size: 8 5/8"

4.53/40, 10’10” BJ (3rd overall), 35”vj, 4.31 20y-shuttle, 11.40 60y  
What stuck out the most was his size and athleticism, he jumps well and that is a plus for a guy that's already 6'4". His speed was acceptable.

WR Lockette, Ricardo Fort Valley
6-2 211 Arm Length: 33 3/4" Hand Size: 9 3/4"

4.37/40 (1st overall), 10’7” BJ, 35”vj, 7.15 3-cone, 4.19 20y shuttle, 11.27 60y
Ricardo's overall receiving skills may be raw, but you can't argue with running a 4.37 on a 6-2 211 frame. He does have good hands. Could be a potential steal late in the draft.

WR Burton, Stephen West Texas A&M 6-2 221
Arm Length:32" Hand Size: 9 1/8"

4.53/40, 34.5” vj, 7.04 3-cone, 4.31 20y-shuttle
He did run pretty well for a 221 pounder. Overall his skills were not spectacular but he does have size and toughness.

WR Gates, Edmond Abilene Christian 6-0 190
Arm Length: 30 3/4" Hand Size: 9 3/8"

4.37/40 (1st overall), 10’11” BJ, 40" VJ (5th)
I feel that  Edmund Gates was the one small school receiver that really stood out. He was tied for number one overall (WR) with a blazing fast 4.37/40 and he also had a very impressive 40" VJ. And, he did all this while injured. Has big play ability. Needs to refine some of his skills.

WR Murdock, Orenthal Fort Hays 5-11 187
Arm Length: 32 " Hand Size: 9"

4.56/40, 9’8” BJ, 34.5” vj, 4.37 20y-shuttle
OJ has to be disappointed with his showing at the combine. The big thing about him is his great speed and he just did not show it.

C Fusco, Brandon Slippery Rock 6-4 316
Arm Length: 33 3/4" Hand Size:10"

5.21/40, 9' BJ, 7.29/3-cone drill (3rd), 4.43/20 yard shuttle (4th), 1.79 10y split, 28.5" VJ
Brandon looked very agile and very consistent out there. He's a smart player and that showed. At 316lbs he ran a 5.21 and was amongst the top five OL in the 20y-shuttle and the 3-cone. He looked great.

DT Thornton, Cedric Southern Arkansas 6-3 310
Arm Length: 33 5/8" Hand Size: 10"

5.26/40, 7.70 3-cone, 8'5" BJ, 27" VJ
Wish he could have had a better combine, but he was just OK. He had some speed and looked alright doing the drills.


WR Shorts, Cecil Mount Union 6-0 205
Arm Length: 31 5/8" Hand Size: 9 1/4"

  21 reps bench (3rd), 4.59/40, 9’6” BJ, 4.07 20 shuttle (5th), 11.18 60y shuttle
A hard worker with good hands and good route running. Proved that he was stronger than expected and that he's more quick than fast.

WR Morgan, Joe Walsh 6-0 190
Arm Length: 31" Hand Size: 9 1/8"

4.44/40, 10’3” BJ, 35”VJ, 6.91 3-cone, 4.25 20y-shuttle, 11.27 60y
Joe is a very good athlete that looked solid in all categories. No doubt that he's athletic, but may need work in receiving skills at the next level. His 4.44 speed is very appetizing.

Marty & Matts' Top Small School Stock Risers
QB Josh Portis Cal (PA)
TE Schuyler Oordt Northern Iowa
WR Edmond Gates Abilene Christian
OL Brandan Fusco Slippery Rock
DL Martin Parker Richmond
CB Buster Skrine Tenn-Chattanooga
FS Mark Legree Appalachian State

Thursday, February 24, 2011

College Football All Star Game’s Update

Senior Bowl
North: 26
South: 10

Brandon Fusco Slippery Rock 6-4 305 

DT Cedrik Thornton Southern Arkansas 6-3 300 (1t)
WR Courtney Smith South Alabama 6-5 230 (1r-10y)

MVP: QB Chris Ponder FSU
Marty and Matt’s Small School MVP: Brandon Fusco Slippery Rock

Center Brandon Fusco became the first player from Slippery Rock top play in the Senior Bowl. He performed very well with the second unit and held his own against higher competition.

East-West Shrine
EAST: 25

OG David Arkin Missouri State
WR Perry Baker Fairmont State
QB Patrick Devlin Delaware
DT Martin Parker Richmond (2 sacks, FF)
OT William Rackley Lehigh
CB Justin Rogers Richmond
WR Cecil Shorts Mount Union

CB Cortez Allen Citadel
CB Korey Lindsey Southern Illinois
WR OJ Murdock Fort Hays
OT Matthew O’Donnell Queens (CA)
WR Anthony Parker Calgary (CA)
TE Julius Thomas Portland State (TD, 2-PT Conv)

Offensive MVP: RB Delone Carter Syracuse
Defensive MVP: DT Martin Parker Richmond
Marty and Matt’s Small School Offensive MVP: TE Julius Thomas Portland State
Marty and Matt’s Small School Defensive MVP: DT Martin Parker Richmond

Martin Parker was the real standout in this year’s East-West Shrine game. He made two big sacks and a forced fumble. He should be a solid draft pick. Also, Julius Thomas (TE, Portland State) opened some eyes by scoring the West’s only TD and then coming right back to catch the 2-pt conversion. WR Perry Baker and CB Justin Rogers both looked very respectable out there.

Eastham Energy All Star Game
Stripes: 40
Stars: 34

RB Chad Spann Northern Ill 510 201
FB Josh Baker NW Mizzu St 61 255
WR Jamorris Warren C. Mizz St. 61 199 88
WR Larrone Moore Delaware St 61 184
WR Marcus Franklin McMurray 62 190 80
OG Josh Harrison S.Carolina St. 66 310
OT Johnny Culbreath S.Carolina St. 65 320 75
OT David Mims Virginia Union 68 335 76  
DT Ibrahim Abdulai Ark Pine-Bluff 63 318
CB  Donte Dinkins Fort Valley 61 196 23 (2t)

QB Josh Nieswander Angelo St. 63 215 (50y, 2INT)
WR  Raymond Webber Ark PB 62 215 (2r, 11y, KR-18y)
OG Corey O'Daniel Gardner Webb
OT Trevis Turner Abilene Christian 6-3 334
DE Derandus Frye Ark Tech (3t)
DT TJ Langley Ark Tech 65 315 (2t, TFL)
ILB Stephen Franklin So. Illinois 60 240 (3t)
CB  Tommy Campbell California PA

Offensive MVP: WR Brandon Smith (Arizona State)
Defensive MVP:  CB Loyce Means (Houston)
Marty and Matt’s Small School Offensive MVP: WR  Raymond Webber Ark PB 6-2 215
Marty and Matt’s Small School Defensive MVP: DT TJ Langley Ark Tech 6-5 315

First off all Brandon Smith and Loyce Means where flat out nasty in this game. Means had 3TDs from his CB position (Blocked Punt return, Fumble Recovery and INT). Smith made big catch after big catch including a great grab deep down the field. That being said, the smaller school guys didn’t fair too well. I was almost tempted to give an OMVP nod to an OL. But, WR Raymond Webber performed serviceable enough and DT TJ Langley showed some good power out there.

NFLPA Texas Vs The Nation
Texas: 13
Nation: 7

RB Spann, Chad – Northern Illinois (1r-20y)
WR Holmes, Andre – Hillsdale (2r-11y)
WR Morgan, Joe – Walsh (4r-47y)
TE Oordt, Schuylar - Northern Iowa
OL Kilgore, Daniel - Appalachian State
OL Porter, Curt - Jacksonville State
DT Kearse, Frank – Alabama A & M (2t)
DT Ellis, Kenrick - Hampton (4t, sack)
LB Smith, DJ - Appalachian State (3t)
OLB/DE Gee, Mike – Indiana PA/Virginia Tech (3t)
S Legree, Mark - Appalachian State (4t)
DB Walters, Anthony – Delaware (3t)
DB Abdul-El Quddus, Isa – Fordham (3t)

QB Portis, Josh – California PA/Maryland (80y)
FB Bartlett, Justin - Carroll (MT)
WR Burton, Stephen -West Texas A&M (3r-49y)
WR Lockett, Ricardo - Fort Valley State (4r-36y)
TE Skelton, Stephen - Fordham
OL Turner, Trevis-Abilene Christian
OL Person, Mike-Montana State
DE Anthony, Christian – Gambling State
DE Davis, Roberto NW Missouri State (3t, 2 sacks, FF, FR)
OLB Williams, Jabara - Stephen F. Austin (2t)
ILB Baptiste, Tressor - Texas A&M Kingsville/Hofstra (7t)
CB Jones, Ryan - Northwest Missouri State (1t)
CB Skrine, Buster - UT Chattanooga (3t)
DB Gatlin, Josh - North Dakota State (3t, INT)
LS Flaherty, Harry – Princeton

MVP QB: Taylor Potts Texas Tech
OMVP: RB Damian Berry Miami
DMVP: DE Roberto Davis NW Missouri State
Marty and Matt’s Small School Offensive MVP: WR Burton, Stephen -West Texas A&M
Marty and Matt’s Small School Defensive MVP: DE Roberto Davis NW Missouri State

A fantastic defensive showing from the small school ranks. Roberto Davis was the real standout defensively; he had three tackles and two big sacks including one that forced a fumble. LB Tressor Baptise had seven tackles to go with Josh Gatline’s three stops and a pick. The big bodied Kenrick Ellis stood out for the Nation side with 4 tackles and a sack. On the offensive side there had some big plays made by receivers Joe Morgan, Stephen Burton and Ricardo Lockett.

FCS Senior Scout Bowl
South: 13
North: 12

 Allison, Mike  OL CCSU
 Amsel, Ken  DB Monmouth (FR)
 Anderson, Trevor  DL Albany (2t)
 Batts, Tyler  RB Gannon (33y, 6r-40y)
 Barker, Steve  DB Maine
 Biddle, Leer  DB William Paterson
 Boyle, Ty  DL North Dakota
 Caldwell, Jason  WR Fordham
 Chmielinski, Luke  WR Holy Cross
 Cochran, Ross  LB UND (5t, pbu)
 Daniels, Jack  P Monmouth (36.6 avg, 2i/20, 62 long)
 Davis, Keith  LB Wagner
 Deluca, Luke  RB Penn
 Edgar, Bill  WR Holy Cross
 Fenton, Emani  DB Cornell (KR-37y)
 Feriozzi, Joe  OL Wagner
 Foley, Rory  DB Marist (3t)
 Foxworthy, Eric  RB Wagner
 Gates, Darrius  RB Indiana State (48y, 2r-19y)
 Griffen, John  RB Umass
 Hernandez, Keith  OL Wagner
 Izzo, Joe  K CCSU (4 FGs)
 Jones, E.J.  WR Illinois State
 Lamacchia, James  RET/WR Marist
 Landers, Mike  DB Robert Morris
 Landrum, Ty  WR Poland (28y, 5r-18y)
 Link, Jeff  FB Robert Morris (12y)
 Lopez, Joe  DB Cortland State
 Paul, Josue  RET/WR CCSU
 Placide, Frantz  RET/WR Wagner
 Quinn, Dempsey  DB Cornell
 Riffe, Jason  LB Bryant (4t, tfl, INT)
 Riley, Chris  OL Illinois State
 Rodriquez, Davis  K Lafayette
 Rose, Dominique  DB CCSU
 Santana, Fred  WR Holy Cross (PR-31y)
 Shirtzinger, Nick  P Robert Morris
 Schmidlein, Mike  LB Lafayette (11t, FF)
 Smith, Zach  DE Colgate
 Vercammen, James  S Dayton
 Williams, David  WR Duquesne
 Zych, Collin  DB Harvard
 Greg Sullivan,QB, Colgate
Burke,Pat OL,Indiana St
Russ, Miles Robert Morris RB (29y)
Boedicker, Zach QB Gannon (77y, INT)
Ogden, Dave DL Monmouth (2t)
 Atkinson, Joshua  TE Charleston Southern
 Bell, Mitchell  DB Western Carolina
 Broussard, Thomas  FS Samford (5t)
 Clanton, Erik  OL Citadel
 Clay, Michael  DE Samford (3t)
 Crawford, Eli  DB Valparaiso (6t)
 Curry, Daiveun  WR Northern Arizona
 Dansby, Tario  DB Arkansas Tech
 Davenport, Dominique  DB Coastal Carolina (7t, 4TFL, INT)
 Davis, Markkus  DB Miss. Valley State (8t)
 Falakiseni, William  C Norfolk State
 Federoff, Larry  LS IUP
 Grier, Tim  WR Union-KY (2r, 20y)
 Griggs, DaMarcus  WR Texas State
 Hammon, Jacoby  OL Western Carolina
 Hunter, Brian  DB Northern Arizona
 Jeffcoat, Sean  WR Elon (3r, 29y, KR-65y/TD)
Jentz, Nick LB Salve Regina (4t)
Harris, Antonio LB NC Wesleyan (3t)
 Johnson, Jalil  DB Jackson State
 Lawrence, Keerome  WR Georgetown
 Lewis, Shaun  DL Jacksonville (4t, 2TFL, 2 sacks)
 McDowell, Zach  QB Coastal Carolina (176y, TD, rush: 14y, TD)
 Morrison, Korey  DB Alabama A&M (3t, 2pbu)
 Paglia, John  K/P Charleston Southern (37.1 avg)
 Parrish, Nick  LB Georgetown
 Pompilus, Elisee  DE Union-KY (3t, 2pbu)
 Short, Jamie  DB Norfolk State
 Sitake, Fesi  RET/WR Southern Utah
 Rich, Ryan  LB Jackson State
 Rubertone, John  OL Elon
 Small, Rudell  RB Jacksonville
 Smith, Armond  RB Union-KY (3r, 40y)
 Speight, Anthony  P Alabama State
 Stevenson, Gerald  WR Charleston Southern (6r, 62y, TD)
 Strickland, Cordarryl  DB Union-KY (2pbu)
 Walton, Joe  DE Charleston State
 Walton, Joel  DL Charleston Southern
 Warren, Frank  RB Grambling
 Wilkerson, Antoine  LB Missouri State
 Williams, Drenard  DB Texas State
Wilcox, Jaren DL NC Wesleyan (2t)
Wrede, Mattias TE Liberty (1r-15y, BK)
Gaines, Jason LB Samford (10t, TFL)

Despite a low scoring game there were still many solid performances. For the North team Schmidlein, Mike  LB Lafayette led all players with an impressive 11 tackles (FF). Darrius Gates looked very quick out there both running with the ball and catching passes.  Also, PK Joe Izzo booted four field goals. QB Zach McDowell really showed some skills out there, he scored with his arm and his legs for the South team.  Gerald Stevenson was the big play receiver off the game, making six grabs for sixty-two yards and a TD. But, the best play of the game may have been the nifty KR for a TD by Sean Jeffcoat. Defensively Jason Gaines of Samford, Dom Davenport and Sean Lewis all looked very sharp out there.

Marty and Matt’s Small School Offensive MVP: QB McDowell, Zach Coastal Carolina
Marty and Matt’s Small School Defensive MVP: LB Schmidlein, Mike Lafayette

Coming Soon: All America Bowl, Cactus Bowl, DIII Senior Scout Bowl, NAIA Senior Game, HBCU Bowl, "Aztec Bowl"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marty & Matt's 2011 CIS All Steals Team !!

Marty & Matt's 2011 CIS All Steals Team

Brad Sinopoli Ottawa (Canada) 6-4 210 DRAFTED - CALGARY STAMPEDERS
Erik Glavic Calgary 6-6 230 (Tie)

Chad Young Manitoba 6'1 240 Fullback

Running Back
Nick FitzGibbon Guelph 5-11 205
Adrian Charles Regina 5-9 184

Anthony Parker Calgary 6-2 215 Drafted - Calgary Stampeders
Matt Bolduc Ottawa (Canada) 6-2 205
Alexandre Poirier Sherbrooke 6-0 192

Yannick Sage Sherbrooke 6-4 300 Drafted - BC Lions
Pascal Baillargeon Laval 6-5 315 Drafted - Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Matthew O'Donnell Queen's 6-10 329 UFA - Cincinnati Bengals
Michael Knill Wilfrid Laurier 6-6 350 Drafted - Toronto Argonauts

Nicholas Ternovatsky Alberta 6-2 290

Adrian Saturley Acadia 6-3 250
Dale Stevenson Alberta 6-6 250 CFL - EDMONTON ESKIMOS

Sébastien Tétreault Ottawa (Canada) 6-4 280

Bruce Anderson Regina 6-0 232

Justin Conn Bishop's 6-3 230 CFL - MONTREAL ALOUETTES
Henoc Muamba St. FX 6-0 230 Drafted - Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Bradley Daye Mount Allison 5-10 180

Mitch Nicholson Wilfrid Laurier 6-3 210

John Surla Western Ontario 6-0 215
Craig Butler Western Ontario 6-2 196 (Tie)Drafted - Saskatchewan Roughriders
Hugh O'Neill Alberta 6-2 190 Drafted - BC Lions
Aaron Ifield Calgary 6-0 195 (Tie)

2010-2011 College Football All American Teams

AP All American
AP Little All American
AFCA All American
Walter Camp All American
Payton/Buchanon Award Lists
TSN All American
SI All American
PFW All American
ESPN All American
CBS All American
CFN All American All American All American All American
Don Hansen D2 All American
All New England Team All American
CoSida All American
VSN NAIA All American

Marty & Matt's 2011 NAIA All Steals Team !!


1st Kasey Peters Rocky Mountain 6-3 220
2nd Doug Webster Kansas Wesleyan 6-3 195

1st Bubba Bartlett Carroll (MT) 6-1 246
2nd Michael Thomas Rocky Mountain 6-2 230

1st John Camino Carroll (MT) 6-1 230
1st Chevon Walker University of Sioux Falls 5-10 220
2nd Armond Smith Union College 5-9 186
2nd Nate Guillory Northwestern Oklahoma 5-8 186

1st Jon Ryan University of Sioux Falls 6-4 200
1st Michael Hayward St. Ambrose 6-3 215
1st Johnny Lester Minot State 5-9 176
2nd Korey Williams Northwestern Oklahoma 6-0 185
2nd Robert Anderson Bethany College (KS) 6-2 205
2nd Chris Rutherford Marian 6-3 215

1st Brad Schrecengost Walsh 6-7 258
2nd Byron Gettis McKendree 6-3 270

1st Andy Fjeseth Carroll (MT) 6-2 285
2nd Sarron Anderson Belhaven 6-1 310

1st Jimmy Jadron St. Francis (IL) 6-5 315
1st James Gulley Bacone 6-4 320
2nd Bryce Carich Rocky Mountain 6-3 305
2nd Mike Thomas Southwestern Assemblies 6-3 350

1st Quintin Borders Union College 6-6 320
1st Myron McKinney Southern Nazarene 6-5 300
2nd Troy White West Virginia Tech 6-6 295
2nd Coy Beilby Marian 6-7 305

1st Jack Hayes Belhaven 6-4 280
1st Kyle Anderson Georgetown (KY) 6-4 290
2nd Josh Lange-Casillas Northwestern Oklahoma 6-5 250
2nd Aaron Forte Walsh 6-4 257

1st Henry Niutei Southwestern Oklahoma 6-4 300
2nd Jamal Greene Mid-America Nazarene 6-4 305

1st Matt Fraley Central Methodist 5-11 245
1st Phil Urlacher Rocky Mountain 6-2 260
2nd Brock Caraboa Marian 6-2 240
2nd Brent Holtrop Culver Stockton 6-0 232

1st Thomas Dolan Carroll (MT) 6-3 230
1st Seath Kimball Eastern Oregon 6-3 245
2nd E.J. Peterson Grand View 6-3 235
2nd Dominic Studzinski University of Sioux Falls 6-1 242

1st Derion Williams Dickinson State 6-2 180
1st Cordaryl Strickland Union College 6-0 193
2nd Deivon Tate Webber International 5-11 188
2nd William Griffin Mid-America Nazarene 6-1 205

1st Tom Lunzman South Dakota Mines 6-1 200
2nd Casey Varner Montana State-Northern 5-10 195

1st Colton Miller Baker 6-2 205
2nd Dustin Erbes Jamestown College 6-0 190

1st Nate Nygard Jamestown College 6-0 190
2nd Casey Wieder Ottawa (KS) 5-8 216

1st Ethan Hunke Nebraska Wesleyan 6-3 190
2nd Nick Tolsma Dakota Wesleyan 6-2 220

Honorable Mention

QB Anthony Kropp St. Xavier University 6-0 195, SIGNED - IFL CHICAGO SLAUGHTER

Jon Eastman University of Sioux Falls 6-2 215
Philip Staback Lindenwood 6-1 193 SIGNED - IFL WICHITA WILD
RB Taylor Malm Northwestern College 5-9 195, Aaron Lafitte McPherson College 5-9 220, Markus McFolling Malone 6-1 245
WR Lawrence Moore Iowa Wesleyan 5-9 170, Kashif Walls West Virginia Tech 6-3 205
Mike Maher St. Xavier University 5-10 180, Jared Clodfelter University of St. Francis 6-5 237
Doug Pierce Friends 6-6 220
RS Trenton Schmale Taylor University 6-3 208
TE Dustin Pauley Dickinson State 6-6 230, Roderick Jefferson Lambuth 6-5 235
OG Tim Chavez Iowa Wesleyan 6-6 342, Michael Jasper Bethel (TN) 6-5 390
OT Nick Hegger McKendree 6-3 310
DE Travis Schmidt Carroll (MT) 6-4 255, Scott Jones McPherson College 6-4 255
DT Henry Niutei Southwestern Oklahoma 6-4 300
ILB Jared Hudgins Southwestern Assemblies 6-2 225, Jake Duren Mid-America Nazarene 6-1 230
OLB Forest Sainsbury Black Hills State 6-0 225, Joe Whealy Dakota State 5-10 255, Brandon Koolstra University of Sioux Falls 6-0 245
CB Travis Mohler Grand View 5-10 180, Hakim Thomas Lindenwood 6-1 187
PK Jordan Fark McKendree 6-0 190

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marty & Matt's 2011 DII All Steals Team !!


1ST Troy Weatherhead
Hillsdale 6-3 225
2ND Blake Bolles Northwest Missouri 6-4 210

1st Hayden Vavra
Concordia-St. Paul 6-2 250
2nd Bobby Humphries Shepherd 6-3 250

1st Phil Milbrath
Michigan Tech 5-9 200
1st Walter Sanders St. Augustine's 5-11 215
UFA - Baltimore Ravens
2nd Nykeem Barton Tuskegee 5-11 214
2nd Isaac Odim Minnesota-Duluth 5-11 215

1st Fred Williams
St. Cloud State 6-0 195
1st O.J. Murdock Fort Hays 6-0 195 UFA-TENNESSEE TITANS
1st Chad Shockley Missouri S&T 6-0 205

2nd P.J. Gore Mars Hill 6-3 180 UFA - Atlanta Falcons
2nd Edmund Gates Abilene Christian 6-0 190, DRAFTED-MIAMI DOLPHINS
2nd Jamal Smith Millersville 6-3 215 Signed CFL - Saskatchewan RoughRiders

1st Mike Higgins
Nebraska-Omaha 6-5 242, UFA - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS
2nd Blake Crider Northern Michigan 6-5 265

1st Brandon Fusco Slippery Rock 6-4 305, DRAFTED - MINNESOTA VIKINGS
2nd Taylor Boggs Humboldt State 6-3 300, UFA - NEW YORK JETS

1st Cameron Bradfield Grand Valley State 6-5 295, UFA - JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS
1st Harrison Lingenfelter Nebraska-Omaha 6-3 300
2nd Markus McElveen Shaw University 6-4 315
2nd Trevonn Williams Fort Valley 6-5 348

1st David Mims
Virginia Union 6-9 335, UFA - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS
1st Trevis Turner Abilene Christian 6-7 335, UFA - PITTSBURGH STEELERS
2nd Matt Khouri Fairmont State 6-5 330
2nd Miles Stroter Morehouse 6-8 350 (TIE)
2nd Trent Perkins Texas A&M-Kingsville 6-6 320 (TIE)

1st Mason Brodine
Nebraska-Kearney 6-7 255, UFA - OAKLAND RAIDERS
1st Kristopher White Virginia Union 6-5 270
2nd Marc Schiechl Colorado School of Mines 6-3 260
2nd Jacob Hardwick Albany State 6-3 270

1st Cedric Thornton
Southern Arkansas 6-4 297
1st Brady MacIver Augustana 6-5 315

2nd Terry Griffin Elizabeth City State 6-4 340
2nd Derrin Nettles Morehouse 6-4 305

1st Trevor Glomski
Concordia-St. Paul 6-2 240
1st Juan Corders Winston-Salem State 6-2 250
2nd Anthony McAlister Carson-Newman 6-1 255
2nd Adam Deese North Carolina-Pembroke 6-1 240

1st Travis Brisco
Urbana 6-2 240
1st Mike Gee Indiana (PA) 6-1 240
2nd Clay Beeler West Liberty State 6-3 225
2nd Tressor Baptiste Texas A&M-Kingsville 6-0 240

1st Grant Crunkleton
Colorado State - Pueblo 5-10 180
1st Prathon Wilkerson Albany State 5-10 195
2nd Ray Ray McElrathbey Mars Hill 5-11 185
2nd Tae Evans West Texas A&M 6-0 205

1st Marcus Shuford
Lenoir-Rhyne 6-1 190
2nd Caleb Singleton Western Oregon 6-4 205

1st Ron Parker
Newberry 6-0 190
2nd Larry Dean Valdosta State 6-0 216

1st C.J. Bahr
Slippery Rock 5-10 170
2nd Gareth Rowlands Tusculum 6-1 215

1st Kevin Berg
Chadron State 6-0 185
2nd Matt Dineen Kutztown 6-0 195

Honorable Mention
QB Taylor Harris West Texas A&M 6-2 220,
Josh Portis California (PA) 6-4 205 UFA-SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
RB Kevon Calhoun West Liberty State 5-11 195,
Trevar Deed Delta State 5-11 215,
Richard Medlin Fayetteville State 5-11 200
Anthony Stewart Central Missouri 5-8 190

LiRonnie Davis Albany State 6-2 250,
DeMarco Cosby Central Missouri 6-3 240,
Josh Baker Northwest Missouri 6-3 250, UFA NEW YORK JETS

Wide Receiver
Ronnie Childs Albany State 6-3 200,
Jamorris Warren Central Missouri 6-1 195, UFA - Carolina Panthers
Andre Holmes Hillsdale 6-5 205, UFA-MINNESOTA VIKINGS
David Pressley Newberry 5-10 175
Andre Higgins University of Charleston 6-5 205

Return Specialist
Joe Horn Ashland 5-11 180, UFA - Indianapolis Colts
Perry Floyd Wingate 5-8 168

Tight End
Robbin Vinnola Colorado School of Mines 6-4 230,
Ryan Travis West Liberty State 6-3 235

Matt Sidebottom Assumption 6-4 300,
Matt Holmes Newberry 6-2 300

Scott Ferguson St. Cloud State 6-6 360,
Joe Bundy Wayne State (Neb) 6-6 305

Sam Geldmaker Gannon 6-7 290,
Jeremy Clark Minnesota State 6-4 313,
Kyle Thornton, North Alabama, 6-4 345
Edawn Coughman Shaw University 6-6 310

Defensive End
Xavier Brown C.W. Post 6-5 245,
Malcolm Jenkins Elizabeth City State 6-4 245,
Danny Richard Grand Valley State 6-4 255,
Courtney Harris North Alabama 6-3 260

Jacob Crossman Fort Hays 6-3 290

Nathan Uland Eastern New Mexico 6-2 230,
Steven Stanbach St. Augustine's 5-11 230,
Chris Janisch Augustana 6-1 243

Jacob Hardwick Albany State 6-3 270,
Jeremy Cunningham Fayetteville State 6-1 240,
Maurice Harris Mars Hill 6-2 230

Tillman Stevens Eastern New Mexico 6-0 175,
Brandon Johnson Tarleton State 5-9 186, Ryan Jones Northwest Missouri 5-11 195

Matt Freed East Stroudsburg 6-0 215

SS Garrett Williams Delta State 5-9 190,
Craig Ray Indianapolis 6-1 206

Steve Ivanisevic Washburn 5-11 195

Vicente Gonzales New Mexico Highlands 6-0 210

Friday, February 18, 2011

Marty and Matt's 2011 DIII All Steals Teams!!


1ST Ben McLaughlin
Louisiana College 6-3 205 SIFL - Louisiana Swashbucklers
2ND Aaron Boehme Linfield 6-5 210

1st James Wilson Averett 6-0 245
2nd Sean Atkins Kean 6-0 260

1st Logan Flannery Bethel University (MN) 6-0 195
1st Adam Anderson
Whitworth 5-11 231

2nd Matt Cook Delaware Valley 6-0 210
2nd Gerard Muschette Geneva 5-10 210

1st Cecil Shorts, III
Mount Union 6-2 200
1st Paul Curtis Trine 6-0 180
Zach Homyk Case Western 6-2 180
2nd Jared Jenkins Wisconsin-Stevens Point 6-4 215
2nd Mike Preston Heidelberg 6-5 205
2nd Muneer Al-Hameed Augsburg 5-10 188(tie)
2nd Adam Brandes Wisconsin-Whitewater 6-3 186 (tie)

1st Kyle Miller Mount Union 6-6 265
Kyle Fiedorowicz North Central 6-7 271

1st Josh Ostrue St. Thomas 6-5 305
Justin Ourada Wisconsin-Stevens Point 6-3 335

1st Joey Latsha Crown 6-4 310
1st Justin Southwick Ohio Northern 6-6 300
2nd Phil Bokovitz John Carroll 6-2 305
2nd Noah Kokoszka Kalamazoo 6-4 302

1st Aaron Heston Linfield 6-5 315
1st Dominic Fotia St. John Fisher 6-8 310
2nd Bryce Koke Crown 6-7 310
Matt Odenwalt Albright 6-6 310

1ST Zach Bleiler Lebanon Valley 6-5 274
1ST Eric Hedin Linfield 6-7 250
2ND Darryl Brown RPI 6-4 265
Justin Rindt Wisconsin-Stout 6-5 270

1ST Zach Sucharski Norwich 6-2 308
James Carter North Carolina Wesleyan 6-3 290

1ST Sam Kershaw Mount Union 6-1 245
Tommy Becker
St. Thomas 6-2 250

2ND Patrick McDonough Muhlenberg 6-1 232
Ralph Pineda Willamette 6-2 255 (tie)
2ND Tony Baratti Beloit 6-0 248 (tie)

1st Jeff Katz
Amherst 6-4 248

Curtis Underwood Concordia-Chicago 6-2 245

2nd Kyle
Will Hawkins Millsaps 6-2 230

Sam Jacobs Capital 6-1 230

1st Mike Langhurst Aurora 6-2 185
1st Dez Baker McMurry 5-10 210
2nd Chalankis Brown Sewanee 5-10 180
Victor Flores East Texas Baptist 5-9 185

1ST Craig Sedunov Washington & Jefferson 5-11 190
2ND Bill Doody Hampden-Sydney 6-3 215

1ST Ricky Padilla
Illinois College 6-0 220
2ND Brady Ervin St. Thomas 6-2 210

1ST Gordon Craig Dickinson College 5-9 185
2ND Dan Winsey Concordia (WI) 6-1 180

1ST TJ Grzesikowski Ferrum 6-3 300
Blaise Ancona Union College (NY) 6-2 230

Honorable Mention
QB Eric Watt Trine 6-3 200
RB Chris Coney Union College (NY) 6-1 220
WR Alex Koors DePauw 6-2 175
TE Patrick Mengelkoch Wisconsin-Stout 6-4 225
CENTER Shane Smith Saint Vincent 6-1 307
OT Zach Morgan Alfred University 6-4 305
DE Jeff Miller California Lutheran 6-5 250
DT Willie Taylor Ferrum 6-3 285
ILB Neil Copeland Albion 6-7 235, Will Hawkins Millsaps 6-2 230
OLB Shane Wong Central College 6-1 230, , Kyle Schroeder St. John's 6-1 230
Shane Szumski Widener 6-4 242
CB Leer Biddle William Paterson 5-10 195
SS Kevin Gerhart Wilkes 5-10 198, Ronnie Smith Capital 5-11 210
Punter Chris Stengel Westfield State 5-10 175

Marty and Matt's 2011 FCS All Steals Team!!



1st Josh Boudreaux, Arkansas Pine Bluff, 6-4 240
2nd Pat Devlin Delaware, 6-4 230, UFA MIAMI DOLPHINS

1st Matt Kobli, Butler, 6-3 240
2nd Ryan Mahaffey, Northern Iowa, 6-4 265, UFA - BALTIMORE RAVENS

Running Back
1st Frank Warren, Grambling State, 5-9 200, UFA- DALLAS COWBOYS
1st Taiwan Jones, Eastern Washington 6-1 200, DRAFTED - OAKLAND RAIDERS
2nd Kyle Minett, South Dakota State, 5-10 215
2nd Everette Benjamin, Central Connecticut, 6-2 225

1st Raymond Webber Arkansas Pine Bluff 6-3 220, UFA - TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS
1st Josue Paul Central Connecticut 6-1 190, UFA - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS
1st Larrone Moore Delaware State 6-0 185, UFA - INDIANAPOLIS COLTS

2nd Steve Valentino Dayton 5-10 175
2nd Kiare Thompson Grambling State 5-11 185
2nd Dominique Johnson, Cal Poly, 6-4 225, UFA - MINNESOTA VIKINGS

1st Stephen Skelton, Fordham, 6-5 260, UFA - ARIZONA CARDINALS
2nd Schuyler Oordt, Northern Iowa, 6-7 246 (tie), UFA- ST. LOUIS RAMS
2nd Julius Thomas, Portland State, 6-5 240 (tie), DRAFTED - DENVER BRONCOS

1st Paul Fenaroli, Stony Brook, 6-3 310, UFA - ATLANTA FALCONS
2nd William Falakiseni, Norfolk State, 6-2 315

1st Daniel Kilgore, Appalachian State, 6-3 308, DRAFTED-SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS
1st David Arkin, Missouri State, 6-5 305, DRAFTED - DALLAS COWBOYS
2nd Chris Harr, Tennessee Chattanooga, 6-4 299, UFA- KANSAS CITY CHIEFS
2nd Greg Niland, Massachusetts, 6-5 305, UFA - DETROIT LIONS

1st Will Rackley, Lehigh, 6-4 305, DRAFTED - JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS
1st Ben Ijalana, Villanova 6-4 320, DRAFTED - INDIANAPOLIS COLTS
2nd Johnny Culbreath, South Carolina State 6-6 310, UFA - DETROIT LIONS
2nd Anquez Jackson, Alabama A&M, 6-4 345, UFA - TENNESSEE TITANS

1st Dain Taylor, Drake, 6-3 251
1st Kenneth Charles, Stephen F. Austin, 6-3 266, UFA - ST. LOUIS RAMS
2nd Ben Flizack, Lehigh, 6-7 265
2nd Josue Ortiz, Harvard, 6-4 265

1st Frank Kearse, Alabama A&M, 6-4 305, DRAFTED - MIAMI DOLPHINS
2nd Martin Parker, Richmond, 6-3 300, UFA - NEW YORK GIANTS
2nd Kenrick Ellis, Hampton, 6-3 280, DRAFTED - NEW YORK JETS

1st John Eddy Northern Colorado 6-0 240
1st Derek Domino, South Dakota State, 6-3 255, UFA - DENVER BRONCOS
2nd Eric McBride, Richmond, 6-2 235, UFA- WASHINGTON REDSKINS

2nd Antoine Wilkinson Missouri State 6-2 237

1st Matt Marcorelle Delaware 6-2 250, UFA - HOUSTON TEXANS
1st Alex Gross Columbia 5-11 230
2nd Marty Mohamed Cal Poly 6-1 235, SIGNED - CFL HAMILTON TIGER-CATS
2nd Brandon Peguese Hampton 6-1 250, UFA - PHILADELPHIA EAGLES

1st Anthony Walters Delaware 6-1 200, UFA - CHICAGO BEARS
1st Korey Lindsay Southern Illinois 5-10 182, Drafted - Cincinnati Bengals

2nd Romeo Pellum Hampton 5-11 180
2nd Justin Rogers Richmond 5-10 181, DRAFTED - BUFFALO BILLS

1st Michael Williams, Bethune-Cookman, 6-3 190
2nd Colin Zych, Harvard, 5-11 195, UFA - DALLAS COWBOYS

1st Mark LeGree, Appalachian State, 6-0 210 DRAFTED - SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
2nd Akeem Anifowoshe Southern Utah 5-11 210

1st Davis Rodriguez Lafayette 5-11 210
2nd Kyle Dougherty Southern Illinois 5-10 190

1st David Miller William & Mary 6-0 185
2nd Patrick Dolan Nichols State 6-1 200

Honorable Mention

Myles Russ Robert Morris 5-8 170,
Chase Reynolds, Montana, 6-0 195, UFA - SEATTLE SEAHAWKS
Rudell Small, Jacksonville, 5-10 205

FB/H-Back Vai Tafuna Weber State 6-1 245,
Luke DeLuca Penn 6-0 240

WRHakeem Moore, Towson, 6-0 170, UFA - Baltimore Ravens
Dominique Barnes, Youngstown State, 5-11 185, UFA - DETROIT LIONS

Gerald Stevenson Charleston Southern 5-10 170,
Connor Dixon Duquesne 6-5 206,
Tysson Poots, Southern Utah, 6-3 220, UFA DALLAS COWBOYS

Harry Flaherty, Princeton, 6-3 250, UFA-NEW ORLEANS SAINTS
Colin Cochart, South Dakota State, 6-4 260, UFA - CINCINNATI BENGALS

Mike McCabe, Holy Cross 6-5 320,
Alex Stadler, Liberty 6-5 315
Michael Booker Northwestern State 6-3 314
Edawn Coughman, Shaw, 6-4 309, CFL - Toronto Argonauts

Brant Clouser, Villanova 6-2 305, UFA - NEW YORK GIANTS

Curtis Duron, Missouri State, 6-5 310, UFA - NEW YORK JETS
Carlton Ford, Norfolk State, 6-4 315, UFA - CLEVELAND BROWNS
Chris Riley, Illinois State, 6-5 305, UFA - CINCINNATI BENGALS
Corey O’Daniel, Gardner-Webb, 6-7 335, UFA - WASHINGTON REDSKINS

Waylon Richardet Missouri State 6-1 275
Tom McCarthy, Yale, 6-6 255, UFA - Atlanta Falcons

Ibraham Abdulai, Arkansas Pine Bluff, 6-3 312, UFA-NEW YORK GIANTS
Ty Boyle, North Dakota, 6-4 290, UFA - PITTSBURGH STEELERS
Thomas Weaver, Villanova, 6-1 305, UFA- WASHINGTON REDSKINS

Alex DiMichele Robert Morris 6-2 240,
Scott Lewis St. Francis (PA) 6-0 220

Kyle Glazier Western Illinois 6-1 225,
Mark Masterson, Maine 6-2 240 - UFA - MIAMI DOLPHINS
Quinton Spears, Prairie View A&M, 6-4 220 UFA - MIAMI DOLPHINS
Markell Carter, Central Arkansas, 6-4 248, DRAFTED - NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS
David Erby South Carolina State 6-0 225

Dino Vasso New Hampshire 5-9 170,
Buster Skrine Chattanooga 5-10 185, DRAFTED - CLEVELAND BROWNS

Patrick Weldon Richmond 6-1 225,
Michael Landers Robert Morris 6-1 210

Jabara Williams, Stephen F. Austin, 6-3 210, DRAFTED - ST. LOUIS RAMS
Jimmy Wilson, Montana, 5-11 185, DRAFTED MIAMI DOLPHINS
James Vercammen Dayton 5-10 192

Monday, February 14, 2011

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