Wednesday, March 19, 2008


QB MATT SCHNEIDER MidAmerican Nazarene 6'4" 225 Has all the tools to be a QB at the next level. Good size, a strong arm with great durability. Had some eye opening numbers this season. 2007: 11g,3534,31-17,60%, 431 atts, 294.5y/g, run-109y, 3tds, All HAAC 07, OPOY 07

QB JIM DuPAGE St. Ambrose 6'1" 215 A hard worker, always making himself better. has a durable arm and really improved his TD/INT ratio. 2007: 59%, 2512y, 27INTs-7INTs, 251y/g, 365att, All Mid-States 07, POY 07

QB JAKE BUCHANAN Sterling 6'5" 205 Good QB height, plays smart and with good leadership. Had 1773y, 18TDs and only 8INTs in ’06. Won’t throw many picks. 2007: 58%,1993.25-9,run-195,3td, FG All South 06, OPOY 07, All KCAC 07

QB RONNIE JANKOVICH Bethel (TN) 6'4" 245 Had a big season in his first as a starter. Lacks great experience but has size, desire and skills. 2007: 63%, 2225y, 19TDs-7INTs, All MSC 07

QB JOEY WATERS Union 6'0" 207 Three year starter that was injured in 2006. Is a hard worker and a smart player. Came back to have a career year in 2007, has strength and accuracy. 2007: 60.4%, 3216y, 27TDs-12INTs, 321.6y/g, All MSC 07

QB ANDY AHERNS Georgetown (KY) 6'0" 205 Finally got his chance to start and has performer admirably. Has solid QB skills and is a quick learner. 2007: 60%, 2613y, 23TDs-13INTs

QB RUDY CARLTON Azusa Pacific 6'4" 225 Awesaome size, strength and pocket presence. 2007: 57%, 2605y, 28TDs-9INTs, 236.8y/g

QB JOHN BARNETT Carroll 6'4" 225 Has great mobility for his size, ran for 12TDs in 2006. Good passer out of the pocket and is tough enough to hang in there. 2007: 60%, 2556y,18TDs-10INTs, run-432y, 8tds

RB HAKEEN ABDULLAH Lindenwood 5'10" 200 Ran for 899y (6y/c) and 5TDs in 2006. A transfer from Purdue that has showed tremendous running skills and great hands. Is fast, elusive and durable. 2007: 1155y, 5.8y/c, 11TDs, rec-44r, 638y, 3TDs, All HAAC 07

RB ADRAIN SMITH Bethel (TN) 6'0" 210 Dominated the conference since he stepped in as a freshman and ran for 963y and 8TDs. It was all uphill from there. Gained over 1,000 yards in each of the next three seasons (1139y/8TDs in ’05 and 1053y/19TDs in ‘06). Has size, speed, great moves and can run inside or outside. A true talent that should get some looks for sure. Has never averaged below 6 yards/carry. Has been a numerous All American and All Conference selection. 2007: 1635y, 7.5y/c, 28td, 125y/g, 14rcpt-200y, pass-45y, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, AFCA All American 06, 4x All MSC, AFCA 06

RB TERRENCE BALL Bethel (TN) 5'10" 205 Has shared carries with Adrain Smith, but this kid skills or nothing to overlook. He has been a tough runner with quickness and great big gain ability. In ’05 he ran for 1016y and 10TDs. 2007: 1173y, 7.7y/c, 16tds, 117y/g, All MSC 07

RB MOSES COCHERAN Cumberlands (KY) 5'8" 170 Injured in 2006 after breaking out with an impressive 2005 season of which he ran for 1415y (128.6y/g), averaged 7.2y/c and had 8tds. Has blazing speed and is an elusive runner. Hard to catch. Is one of the NAIA’s top kick returners. 2007: 755y, 4.9y/c, 7td, kr-571y, 26.1y/kr, 3td, pr-173y, All MSC 07

RB ALLEN ERVIN Lambuth 6'0" 220 Had a big senior year. Has good speed and size, great runner up the middle and has some outside quickness. Great at returning kicks and on special teams. 2007: 1295y, 5.9y/c, 14td, 117y/g, 9rcpt-107y, td, kr-968y, 27.7y/kr, td, All MSC 07

RB Ra'SHAD MORGAN Virginia-Wise 5'10" 210 Big time runningback, great size/speed combo. Can be shifty. Has great hands. Is a UVW record breaker, he led NAIA in all-purpose yards in 2006. One of the best in the NAIA. 2007: 1485y, 5.9y/c, 27td, 148.5y/g, 34rcpt-2tds, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, AFCA All American 06, All MSC 06/07

RB BERNARD PAYTON Malone 6'1" 205 A dangerous threat on offense, has natural rushing skills and reliable hands out of the backfield. Is a great athlete. 2006: 955y, 4.3y/c, 8tds, lead team w/63r-6tds. 2007: 1637y, 5.0y/c, 19td, 136.4y/g, 57rcpt-569y,5td, FG All American 06, FG All East 06 (RB/AP), All NCCAA 06, All Mid-States 06/07

RB MIKE MERTENS Peru State 5'9" 195 Durable rusher, has quickness to the outside and a nose for the endzone. 2006: 843y, 4.7y/c, 10TDs. 2007: 11g, 1211y, 4.9y/c, 11TDs, 110y/g

RB MARCUS LEWIS Waldorf 6'1" 230 Strong rusher, great size and moves well. in 06' he ran for 616y. Had a big senior year. 2007: 11g, 1123y, 4.2y/c, 6tds, 102.1y/g

RB HAYES PAGE Southern Virginia 5'8" 200 Tremendous yard gainer, blazing speed and has natural RB skills. 2007: 10g, 1531y, 6.4y/c, 14td, 139.2y/g, 13r-179y,2td

FB ANTHONY MELTON Bethel (KS) 6'0" 235 Hard nosed runner, great on the goal line. 2007: 8g, 486y, 5.5y/c, 9td, 6r-103y-3td, All KCAC 07

FB BRANDON JACKSON Southwestern (KS) 6'0" 230 Started three seasons at FB, is a strong blocker. All KCAC 07

KEVIN LAUDERMILK Sterling 6'1" 245 Former defensive player that has had at least ten catches per season since moving to TE. 2007: 30r, 258y, 4td, All KCAC 07 (H-Back)

FB JAMES BROWN Georgetown (KY) 5'9" 225 Had 19 catches in both ’05 and ’06, also gained over 1,000 yards and had 12 TDs in that two season span. 2007: 544y, 5.3y/c, 7td, 12rcpt, FG All South 06, All MSC 06/07

FB BRUCE McMULLEN Virginia-Wise 6'0" 250 Big bruising blocker and a strong runner up the middle. 2007: 235y, 5.3y/c, 2tds

FB LUTHER HENDERSON Urbana 5'10" 235 Former starting runningback, had 742y (8TDs) in 2004 and ran for 640y (8TDs) in 2005. A physical runner. 2007: 84y, 5TDs, 11rcpt, All Mid-States 07

FB COREY WARNER Montana Tech 6'3" 230 2006: 552y, 4.3y/c, 5tds. 2007: 954y, 3.9y/c, 8TDs

P/FB DON SAISBURY MSU-Northern 6'2" 235 Is an excellent Punter, very solid. Also contributes well as an h-back type. Has size. 2007: run-209y, 4.1y/c, td, rec-27r, 350y, 3TDs, Punt-76att, 41.6 avg, FG All American 06, FG All West 06

WR JAMES PERRY MidAmerican Nazarene 6'0" 180 Former DB, became a big receiving threat. Makes good grabs and has been a reliable outlet. 2007:10g, 70r, 810y, 4td, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All NCCAA 06, All HAAC 06/07

WR DOMINIC PETERSON Lindenwood 6'0" 200 Decent size, is the teams top receiver. 2007: 51r, 550y, 10.8y/r, 8td, pass-2td, All HAAC 07

WR PRESTON NICHOLSON Culver-Stockton 6'2" 196 Became one of the top prospects in NAIA after a huge senior campaign. Rarely drops a pass, has quickness off the line and runs good routes. Can run after the catch as well. Dominated his opponents, even though they knew he was getting the ball. 2006: 48r, 617y, 12.9y/r, 3td, run-32y, td. 2007: 84r, 1259y, 15.0y/r, 6td, 114.5y/g, All HAAC 07

WR MATT MIDDLETON Ottawa (KS) 5'10" 170 Possession receiver, has been effective all four years at Ottawa. 2007: 55r, 585y, td, kr-358y, 22.3y/kr, All KCAC 07

WR JOSH OBERLE Sterling 5'11" 185 Big yardage receiver, good runner after the catch and has “go-to” ability. 2007: 52r, 819, 15.8y/r, 13td, 81y/g, pr-108y, 27y/kr, All KCAC 07

WR CALEB MARSH Tabor 5'10" 170 Fast receiver that can stretch a defense. Good downfield target, runs well after the catch. 2007: 42r, 811y, 18.1y/r, 10td, 81.1y/g, pr-104y, kr-501y, All KCAC 07

WR GRAYLIN ALLISON Belhaven 6'0" 180 A big talent. Fast, athletic and agile. Can make tough catches or can be a deep threat. Excellent on the reverse. 2006: 41r, 625y, 15.2y/r, 4td, 78.1y/g, run-87y, 2td. 2007: 80r, 1177y, 14.7y/r, 9td, 107.1, kr-25.2y/kr, run-85y, 5td, FG All American 06, All MSC 07

WR ANTONIO BROWN Bethel (TN) 5'10" 185 Very versatile player that can line up at WR, QB or RB and can also return punts. Is a blazing fast deep threat as a receiver. 2007: 30r, 614y, 20.5y/r, 5td, pass-138y,td, run-211y, 5.5y/c, 3TDs, PR-174y, 14.5y/pr, All MSC 07

WR SHAWN KELLY Union 5'8" 175 Small but has speed and reliability. 2007: 69r, 899y, 13.0y/r, 7td, 81.7y/g

WR BRIAN PIPER Georgetown (KY) 6'2" 195 Has very good size and is fast, always improving. 2007: 57r, 972y, 17.1y/c, 15TDs, 97.2y/g, run-39y, td, All MSC 07

WR JARED STACE Ohio Dominican 5'9" 185 In 2005 he had 57 catches and 8TDs. Shows consistency and "go-to" ability. Started three seasons. 2006: 63r, 750y, 10TDs. 2007: 82r, 966y, 10td, 90.5y/g, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07

WR JUSTIN SAYRE Ohio Dominican 6'0" 195 Broke into the starting lineup in '05 and only got better every season. Works hard, is a reliable receiving threat and has decent speed. 2007: 83r, 1123y, 16td, 13.6y/r, 93.4y/g, pr-378y, 13.0y/pr, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07

WR JIM DOGHERTY St. Xavier 5'10" 185 Stepped it up this season. Had an eye-opening season, showed quickness and soft hands. 2007: 83r, 1192y, 14.4y/c, 10td, 91.7y/g, All Mid-States 06/07

WR DEON DUKES Trinity International 5'10" 165 Was dominating in 2006. Has speed and and skills. 2006: 70r, 1044y, 14.9y/r, 7TDs. 2007: 43r, 560y, 13.0y/r, 5td, All NCCAA 06, All Mid-States 07

WR ROB LASH Walsh 5'11" 190 A versatile player that has been a solid rusher, receiver and returnman over the past three seasons. Fast, athletic. Has been a deep threat receiver. 2007: 29r, 626y, 21.6y/r, 4TDs, run-139y, 6.3y/c, 3td, kr-759y, 24.5y/kr, td, pr-133y, FG All American 06, FG All East 06 (WR/AP/KR)

WR TYLER DRISCOLL St. Ambrose 6'1" 185 Former DB that had 93 tackles and 6INTs in his career. Performer admirably in his first season as a WR. 2007: 43r, 524y, 11TDs, 12.2y/r, All Mid-States 07

WR MACKAY DUNN Southern Virginia 5'10" 195 Sure-handed and almost never makes a drop. Legit go-to guy with big play skills and agility. One of the nations top receivers. Averaged over 10 catches per game and over 152y/g, both very impressive feats. 2007: 11g, 111r, 1681y, 15.1y/r, 14tds, 152.8y/g, kr-473y

WR CASEY KELLY Montana Tech 5'9" 175 Small but has reliability. In 06' he made 72 grabs for 708 yards. 2007: 67r, 706y, 10.6y/r, 5TDs, FG All Amer 06, FG All West 06

TE JOHN BRINLEY Missouri Valley 6'2" 260 Grabbed 21 passes for 319y and 2TDs in 2006. Is a big and strong blocker that can make the grab when needed. 2007: 12r, 3td, All HAAC 07

TE BUCK REED Bethel (TN) 6'6" 275 Has started three seasons and shows good hands. May have the best size out of all of the Senior TE’s in NAIA. Blocks very well. 2007: 17r, 283y, 3td, 16.6y/r, All MSC 07

TE LaROI JOHNSON Malone 6'3" 265 Sure handed receiver, has size and stregth. Blocks well and has been a great outlet in the passing game. 2006: 40r, 305y, td. 2007: 39r, 417y, td, FG All East 06, All NCCAA 06, All Mid-States 06/07

TE ELLIOT VRANA Ohio Dominican 6'4" 250 Well-sized 4yr starter, overcame an injury in 2006. Has had double catches in almost every season. 2007: 11r, 135y

C JOHN LYSINER Graceland 6'1" 280 An All HAAC 07 player. Great anchor with agility and intelligence.

C SEAN CLARK Missouri Valley 6'2" 300 Has been labeled as one of the top Centers in the HAAC. All HAAC 07

C TRUMAN ASHBY Benedictine 6'3" 290 Has been an All American, moves very well and has quickness. All HAAC 06/07

C MIKE SECOR Georgetown (KY) 6'3" 285 Protects the QB well, is a well accomplished OL.

C MITCH STREET Olivet Nazarene 6'2" 305 An All Mid-States lineman, decent size and athleticism. Experienced and is a well-balanced blocker.

C MATT HAMMETT Edward Waters 6'3" 290 Quick off the snap, is agile.

CHRIS VASQUEZ Missouri Valley 6'1" 305 A well accomplished lineman. Works hard and is a great leader. Named FG All American, FG All East and All HAAC.

RYAN PARKS Benedictine 6'4" 315 A good-sized lineman with strength and toughness. Has been All HAAC 07

MATT CALLAWAY William Jewell 6'3" 300 A hard worker with some size, made All HAAC 07

BRIAN SERNA Avila 6'4" 295 Team captain this season. Solid work ethic, is a smart player.

MATT FULTON Kansas Wesleyan 6'3" 300 Experienced starter with great run blocking ability.

JOEY GILSDORF Sterling 6'4" 295 Versatile lineman, can play OT or OG. Has good feet and technique, can get bigger. Is a talented lineman. FG All South 06, All KCAC 06/07

CHANCE ROWLAND Univ. of St. Mary 6'3" 315 Experienced, was All KCAC ’06. A former DL with size and strength.

WILLIE EDWARDS Bethany 6'3" 200 2007: 51r, 702y, 6td, 13.8y/r, 70.2y/g, All KCAC

JACOB BRUSTER Friend's 6'4" 300 A 2x All KCAC lineman. Has been a solid run and pass blocker.

OT GREG MUXLOW Friend's 6'3" 290 Athletic 2x All KCAC player. Helped pave the way for a 1,000+ yard rusher.

OG DANIEL FARLEY McPherson 6'3" 300 A 2yr starter, has been Academic All KCAC. Decent size and skills.

OT BRENDAN NAGLE Waldorf 6'4" 305 Has experience since 2005, uses his size to out muscle opponents.

OG DAVID BROOKENS Belhaven 6'1" 330 Powerful pass protector, uses his hands well and has been a vital part of a solid passing game. All MSC 07

OG WILLIAM GAST Campbellsville (TN) 6'3" 325 Great in run blocking situations. Moves well for his size. All MSC 07

OG STEVEN JOHNSON Shorter 6'2" 300 Has been All MSC. Great team leader.

OG JEREMY CROWE Cumberland 6'3" 315 Has starting experience since 2005.

OG HENRY POTTER Virginia-Wise 6'1" 310 Dominating run blocker, has decent size and strength. Named FG All American, FG All South, and All MSC, multiple times.

OG CORY BLANKEMEIR Ohio Dominican 6'4" 310 Well-sized, strong and physical. A top pass protector.

OG AJ SLUSARZ Ohio Dominican 6'3" 295 Moves very well, is an agile pass protector.

OG MATT PIERCE Ohio Dominican 6'4" 290 Leader of a line that helped block for one the best passing offenses in NAIA. Has been FG All American, FG All East 06, and All Mid-States.

OG BRIAN SMILEY St. Francis (IN) 6'2" 305 Three year starter on offense, has been named 2x All Mid-States.

OG WES RENSCHLER St. Francis (IN) 6'1" 310 Has good strength, can pass block effectively.

OG JOSH EKOVICH St. Francis (IN) 6'1" 280 Named FG All American, FG All East and is 2x All Mid-States.

OG MIKE SIVERLY McKendree 6'4" 315 Superb run blocker, huge but can move well. FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07

OG ERIC SCHREIBER St. Xavier 6'3" 285 An All Mid-States lineman, an experienced pass protector.

OG SCOTT HOLBROOK Carroll 6'5" 285 An FG All West lineman, does it all well. Is a dedicated athlete.

OT JEREMY INFERERA Montana-Western 6'4" 300 Got size and strength. Transfer from the University of Hawaii.

OT TOMMY JONES Urbana 6'3" 320 Powerful, big and experienced. An excellent run blocker.

OT KYLE AUTREY Olivet Nazarene 6'3" 300 Started two seasons, solid all around blocker.

OT MIKE GALASSI Walsh 6'5" 305 Versatile player, can play OG or OT. Got great size and athleticism, has been an experienced athlete. Transfer from Kent St. Has been an FG All American, FG All East, AFCA All American and 2x All Mid-States.

OT/OG JEREMY SAUNDERS Quincy 6'5" 315 Named All Mid-States, versatile, has size and is an emotional leader.

OT DARNELL WHITLEY Waldorf 6'5" 417 Is huge, an impossing figure that uses his size well. Has experience since freshman season.

DE BRANDAN MIRES Evangel 6'2" 250 Started 3yrs. Is a true competitor with a knack for making the big stop. 2007: 11g, 72t, 12fl, 3sk, bk, FG All Amer 06, FG All East 06, All HAAC 06/07

DE BRETT FARMER St. Xavier 6'4" 260 Solid rusher, has been FG All East 06 and All Mid-States 06/07. 2007: 29t, 6.5fl, 4sks, int, 2ff

BRIAN SCHAEFERING Lindenwood 6'5" 280 A transfer from Illinois that has been a tough pass rusher. Is rather strong and moves well. 2007: 10g, 37t, 9.5fl, 6.5sk, bk, All HAAC 07

GRANT TAYLOR Southwestern (KS) 6'0" 300 Powerful player with good football sense. A very good run stopper. 2007: 9g, 36t, 3.5fl, sack, INT, All KCAC 07

DT JACOB CUSTER McPherson 6'1" 305 Named All KCAC this season. Got size, was a good force this season. 2007: 35t, 2.5fl

DT CLIFF BARNA Bethel (TN) 6'2" 290 A 3yr starter that is an awesome run stopper. Not overly huge, but is a powerhouse and is athletic. 2007: 69t, 7.5fl, 2.5sk, All MSC 07

DT JOHN McCANN Campbellsville (TN) 6'1" 285 Experienced 3yr starter, in 2005 he had 54 tackles. 2007: 51t, 5tfl, 2 sacks, All MSC 07

DT DERRICK HIGHTOWER Cumberlands (KY) 6'5" 286 Has decent size, started two seaons. Can hassle QB’s. 2007: 47t, 8fl, 2.5sk, 4bu, FG All South 06

DT/DE JEREMY KIDD Cumberlands (KY) 6'3" 286 Athletic DL, good nose for the ball. 2007: 35t, 9.5fl, 4.5sk, INT

DT COURTNEY WHITE Georgetown (KY) 6'2" 300 Got size and experienced, has been physical and strong versus the run. 2007: 44t, 11.5tfl, 3.5sks, 3pbu, FG All South 06, All MSC 06/07

DT WILLIAM KNEPPER St. Francis (IN) 6'3" 325 A monster on the d-line, big and is a powerhouse. Had 49 tackles in 2005. Started 3yrs. Can be tough to block. 2007: 40t, 6.5tfl, 3sks, 3pbu, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07

DT WILLIAM STOKES Waldorf 6'4" 325 Experienced DT with tremendous size. Is very imposing. In 06' he had 34 stops. 2007: 8g, 39t, 7.5fl, 3sks

DE REGGIE DORSAINVIL Virginia-Wise 6'4" 250 Very experienced player on defense, shows great rushing skills and agility. Is a true playmaker. 2007: 79t, 17fl, 6.5sk, int, 2bu, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All MSC 06/07

DE KYLE LOCKETT Urbana 6'4" 275 True playmaker, great size for a DE. Has some quickness and agility, has a good move to the QB. Solid on special teams. Very talented. 2007: 63t, 11tfl, 4.5sk, 2pbu, 4bh, ff, 2bk, All Mid-States 07

OLB MARQUETTE FLOYD Missouri Valley 6'2" 215 Undersized for sure, but you cant deny his ability. Speedy rusher that is about as intense as it gets. Has the ability to learn the Safety position. Led team in tackles this season. 2007: 11g, 53t, 18fl, 8sks, INT, 8 pbu, All HAAC 07

OLB DEMA PREOBREHZENSKY Benedictine 6'1" 230 Experienced force on defense that had 70t and 8 sacks in 2006. Well accomplished and very aggressive. He transferred from Utah. 2007: 89t, 14.5fl, 7sks, int-60y-td, 3ff, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All HAAC 06/07

OLB JEREMY COLEY Lindenwood 6'5" 235 Transfer from Purdue that has become a big play maker. Gets into the backfield and makes stops. Has played DE. 2007: 59t, 14.5tfl, 3.5sks, 3bu, 2ff, All HAAC 07

OLB JEFF BULLER Bethel (KS) 6'3" 225 A 4yr starter, is a fast pass rusher. 2007: 9g, 30t (21 solo), 11.5tfl, 7sks, int, 2bu, All KCAC 07

OLB DAMON BROWN Southwestern (KS) 6'0" 220 2007: 9g, 89t, 11fl, sk, 2ints, All KCAC 07

OLB KEVIN VICINI Campbellsville (TN) 5'11" 225 Had a huge season. Was a tackling machine with great speed. 2007: 102t, 3tfl, All MSC 07

ILB TANIS READY Friend's 6'0" 230 Experienced athlete that simply makes plays. 2007: 11g, 92t, 15fl, 2int, 3bu, All KCAC 07

LB PAT O’NEAL Union 6'1" 225 This tackling machine is a four year starter that had 103 tackles in 2006 and has become one of the most feared players in the MSC. Has a non-stop motor and great intensity. Lacks great size. 2007: 143t, 10fl, 3sks, 2pbu, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All MSC 06/07

OLB DAN HROMADA Malone 6'0" 230 Is a worker with great instincts on defense. Very athletic. 2007: 120t, 14fl, 2.5sk, int, 2pbu, ff, bk, All Mid-States 07

OLB KEVIN WEBER Urbana 6'1" 225 Had 89t in 2006, is a 4yr starter and a defensive leader. Teams top tackler, has athleticism and speed. 2007: 99t, 2.5tfl, int, 4bu, All Mid-States 06/07

OLB JAMES FISHER Iowa Wesleyan 6'0" 225 Made 72 stops in 2006, not very big but can hit. 2007: 103t, 5.5fl

OLB BEN ROBERTSON Virginia-Wise 6'0" 225 Lacks great size, but is a complete linebacker. Is fast, tough and can really hit. A consistent run stopper with skills to rush and cover. 2007: 124t, 12.5fl, 6sks, 2int, pbu, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All MSC 06/07

OLB ADAM GABRIEL Bethel (KS) 6'3" 220 Racked up 115 tackles in 2006, averaging over 10 stops per game. An All American linebacker. 2007: 9g, 78t, 13tfl, 3.5sk, 5bu, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All KCAC 07

OLB CASEY ROEL Azusa Pacific 5'10" 230 Small, but is fast and aggressive. 2007: 55t, 19tfl, 8sks, FG All American 06, FG All West 06

OLB JEFF McQUINN Peru State 6'3" 235 Former DE, plays hard and with physical toughness. An excellent pass rusher. 2006: 62t, 12sks. 2007: 46t, 13.5tfl, 5sks, AFCA All American 06

OLB JOSH GLAHN MSU-Northern 6'0" 240 Makes great plays on defense, has had dominating abilities. 2006: 71t, 12 sacks. 2007: 61t, 21tfl, 9.5sks.

ILB REGGIE SINGLETARY Missouri Valley 6'0" 245 Awesome size, great athleticism and quickness. Can rush and run stop. Good throwback type of LB. Has been a 3yr starter. 2007: 52t,17fl, 5sks, INT, 7pbu, FG All East 06, All HAAC 07, DPOY 07

ILB BRANDAN SMITH Ottawa (KS) 6'1" 240 Had a dominating season at DE, has always been a solid tackler but has really shown a great ability to get into the backfield. 2007: 69t, 15fl, 12sks, All KCAC 07

ILB OSCAR GUERRERO Southwestern (KS) 6'0" 230 Has had over 100 tackles in every season. Smart player on the field, has intensity and leadership skills. Hard hitter with good quickness to cover the field. 2007: 109t, 6tfl, 2int, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All KCAC 07

ILB CLINT PEERY William Penn 6'2" 250 Made 143 tackles in 2005 and 126 in 2006. This guy is a tackling machine. Big, powerful and hits hard. Plays like a maniac. Should get some looks. 2007: 110t, 9tfl, 3.5 sacks, int, pbu, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07

ILB JEREMY ROBINSON Olivet Nazarene 5'11" 240 Had a huge senior campaign. A bulky and physical player, great hitter and has excellent tools. 2007: 115t, 14.5tfl, 4sks, int, 4bu, All Mid-States 07

ILB DANIEL HAWKINS Southwestern (KS) 5'10" 250 Defensive end who stepped up big time this season. Was really a maniac on the d-line. Can hassle opponents all day. 2007: 57t, 17fl, 5.5 sks, All KCAC 07

ILB/OLB GABE GUTHRIE Georgetown (KY) 6'1" 237 Three year starter that had 107 tackles in 2005, he also made two picks and returned bith for TDs. Has been a huge hitting run stopper that is quick and athletic enough to be great in coverage. A complete LB that can do everything well. 2007: 78t, 8tfl, 4 sacks, 2INTs-TD, 5pbu, FG All South 06, All MSC 06/07

ILB JUSTIN MURPHY Malone 6'2" 240 Three year starter that had 85 tackles in 2005. Is big, powerful and athletic. Has decent coverage skills and is a big tackler. 2006: lead team w/ 87t, 7.5fl, 2int, 3bu. 2007: 90t, 6.5tfl, sack, int, 5pbu, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All NCCAA 06, All Mid-States 06/07

ILB JUSTIN TUFFS St. Xavier 6'0" 250 Had 7 sacks in 2006, is a very reliable pass rusher from the DE position. 2007: 29t, 6tfl, 2.5sks, 5qbh, 3fr, 2ff, FG All American 06, FG All East 06

ILB PHIL LENOUE Carroll 6'1" 240 Dominating pass rusher from DE position, has 39 career sacks. Not physically big, but plays at a thousand miles per hour. Flat out, this kid is good. 2007: 65t, 17.5tfl, 10.5 sacks, FG All Amer 06, FG All West 06

JJ PERRINO Montana Tech 6'1" 245 Dominating 4yr starter at DE that is a real hassle to QB's. Gets to the QB with quickness, puts on tremendous pressure and gets his hands up. Has been a huge playmaker. 2006: 60t, 25fl/110.5y, 17.5sks, 4bu. 2007: 80t, 24tfl, 15 sacks, int, 5pbu, FG All American 06, FG All West 06, AFCA All Amer 06

CB ROCHE HEPBURN Graceland 5'9" 180 Reliable at the DB postition. Is calm in coverage and knows what to do. 2007: 9g, 64t, 3.5fl, 2int, 4bu, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All HAAC 06/07

CB WILLIE JOHNSON Kansas Wesleyan 6'1" 200 Had 6 picks in 2006, is an All American with good size. 2007: 56t, 3tfl, 3int,3bu, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All KCAC 07

CB JAVORIS CHESTER Belhaven 5'10" 185 Great speed on defense. 2007: 49t, 2.5fl, 3int-169y, 9bu, All MSC 07

CB JOE PHINESE Walsh 5'10" 170 Had 47 tackles and 6INTs in 2006. 2007: 58t, 44slo, int, 5bu, FG All American 06, FG All East 06

CB CLAY HAMBLIN Georgetown (KY) 5'11" 190 Experienced 4yr starter that has 20 career picks. Is awesome in coverage, runs well with receivers and shows good hands. Plays smart and plays hard. Is a fast returnman as well. 2006: 6int, 8bu, 15.5y/pr, 25.7y/kr. 2007: 52t, 2.5fl, 8int, 8pbu, fr-60y, ff, kr-631y, 26.3y/kr, td, pr-161y, FG All American 06, FG All South 06 (DB/KR), AFCA All American 06, All MSC 06/07

CB BRANDON MOORE Virginia-Wise 6'0" 206 Has size and speed, a standout at both DB and return specialist. 2007: 52t, 2tfl, int, 4bu, pr-136y, kr-631y, 22.5y/kr, td, FG All South 06

CB CHRIS PROSPERE Iowa Wesleyan 6'0" 165 2007: 49t, 5bu, 5int, pr-174y, td, All Mid-States 07
CB JUSTIN THOMPSON St. Ambrose 5'10" 170 2007: 28t, 4int, 6pbu, kr-301y, 25.1y/kr, All Mid-States 07

CB MARCUS STUART Olivet Nazarene 5'8" 165 Small, but plays much bigger. Speedy, jumps well. 2007: 40t, 2fl, sk, 3int, 13bu, All Mid-States 07

CB JUSTIN CARMEAN Olivet Nazarene 5'11" 175 Former WR that had 38 catches for 425 yards in 2006. Good hands, speed and intelligence. Works hard. 2007: 43t, 5int, 8bu, All Mid-States 07

CB/PK MARCUS MILLER Carroll 5'8" 175 A natural athlete. Has been a dead-on placekicker and an experienced cornerback. 2007: 19/21 FGs, 44ydr, def: 48t, 3int, 8bu, FG All American, FG All West

CB NICK MILODRAGOVICH Carroll 5'11" 180 Fast 4yr starter and a great punt returnman, has 28 career pass break ups. 2007: 45t, 4tfl, int, 3pbu, kr-183y, 30.5y/kr, pr-302y, FG All West 06

CB JOSH KLING Montana Tech 6'0" 195 Made a name for himself in 2006 when he had 6INTs and 8pbu. QB's have shyed away from him, has decent size and tremendous athleticism. 2007: 33t, INT

CB KYLE McCALL Montana Tech 5'9" 186 2006: 50t, 5int, 6pbu. 2007: 42t, 3int, 6pbu, FG All Amer 06, FG All West 06

CB JEFF BRAUN Montana Tech 5'11" 185 Big play DB, runs very well and has excellent hands on defense. Makes good breaks on the ball. 2007: 59t, 8int, 7pbu

CB/WR JAKE ELDRIDGE MSU-Northern 5'10" 185 Moved to WR this season (25r, 277y) after being a dominating DB since 2004. Has great athletic skill, is quick and has good hands on defense. Makes great plays on the ball. 2005: 52t, 18pbu, 3int. 2006: 45t, 3int, 17bu, FG All American 06, FG All West 06

CB MARC SAMSON MSU-Northern 5'8" 180 An excellent 4yr starter. Made 107 tackles in both 2004 and 2005 respectively, has 17 INTs and 36 PBUs career. Is a tremendous athlete that can line up at WR or DB. Can not only hit but is also an awesome coverman. 2007: 103t, 8INT, 18pbu, FG All American 06, FG All West 06, AFCA All American 06

FS JARED SHOEMAKER Lindenwood 6'1" 220 Big, physical and tough. Is a sure tackler that had 71 stops in 2006. 2007: 80t, 4fl, 3int, 4bu, 2ff, All HAAC 07

FS QUINTEN HURD Lambuth 6'2" 195 Started 3yrs at DB, well-sized with a good field sense. 2007: 91t, tfl, 2tnt, 2bu

FS JASON HOATH Lambuth 6'1" 205 Made 84 tackles and 5pbu in 2005 and 109t and 2INTs in 2006. Physical and tough on defense, great leadership and football smarts. 2007: 103t, 6.5fl, 2sk, 2int, 2pbu, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, All MSC 07

FS ERIC PUTMON West Virginia Tech 6'2" 205 Has been known as a big-time hitter and a sure tackler. Always makes the big stop and has size and skills to cover. 2006: 139t, 2INTs. 2007: 84t, 5.5fl, 2sk, 2bu

FS CHANCE JENKINS St. Ambrose 6'1" 210 Made 7INTs in 2006, has size, strength and great coverage skills. 2007: 65t, 8fl, 4int, 4bu, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07

FS ANTONIO HAYES Haskell Indian Nations 6'0" 210 Finally put it all togather after going through some tough seasons. Got the size and intensity to make it at a higher level. 2007: 135t, 4int, 4pbu

FS JEMARCUS WATKINS Weber International 6'3" 190 Averaged over 10 tackles per game this season. A sure tackler that almost never misses. 2007: 9g, 99t (74slo), 3int, 7bu

FS CODY ZIMMERMAN Carroll 6'1" 215 Has been awesome in coverage over the past three seasons. Big, tough and quick for his size. 2007: 71t, 6tfl, 2int, 5pbu

FS MARC BRADSHAW Rocky Mountain 5'11" 200 Racked up 112 tackles in 2005 (2int/4pbu). Has had his injuries, but always bounces back. Is a big time hitter. 2007: 111t, 3.5fl, 2.5sks, 2int, 2pbu

SS NICK SAVIANO Avila 5'11" 180 Big hitter, doesn’t miss many tackles. A leader in the defensive backfiled. Good in coverage. 2007: 113t, 3.5fl, 2int, 6bu, All HAAC 07

SS BRANDON KAUFMAN Bethel (KS) 6'0" 190 A numerous All Star performer, a speedy athlete that can hurt you as a returnman. Has been one of the KCAC top defensive backs. A 3yr starter. Had 90 tackles (7 INTS) in 2005 and 99 (4 INTS) in 2006. A fantastic coverman and a hard hitter. 2007: 8g, 50t, 6fl, sk, 9int, 8bu, pr-196y, 17.8y/pr, td, FG All American 06, FG All South 06, POY/DBOY 07, All KCAC 07

SS CRAIG McCONNELL Walsh 5'10" 185 Tranfer from Northern Michigan. Three year starter that had 72t and 4INTs in 2005. Has been one of the teams top tacklers. 2007: 89t (64 solo), 4tfl, 3int, 6bu, ff, All Mid-States 07

SS ASTON SMILEY Iowa Wesleyan 5'8" 185 Small but can really hit, has really racked up the tackles as a 3yr starter. 2007: 95t, 2tfl, 4bu, All Mid-States 07

SS RASHUN BLACK St. Francis (IL) 5'11" 180 Four year starter that has overcome an injury in 2006. Has great awareness in coverage. 2007: 65t, 2int, 10pbu, All Mid-States 07

SS CALE CARLSON William Penn 5'11" 195 Made 61 tackles, 4INTs and had 5pbu in 2006. Very solid tackler and cover guy. 2007: 63t, 2fl, 3int, 15bu, All Mid-States 07

SS JARED ELARMO Southern Oregon 6'2" 215 Transfer from Sacramento State, in 06' he had 58t, 2int and 6bu. Solid player. 2007: 7g, 52t, 3.5fl, 2int

SS ALBERT DISTAJO Montana-Western 5'9" 185 Threey year starter, consistent tackler on defense. Tough despite his size. 2006: 98t, int, 2pbu. 2007: 97t, 4.5fl, 2sks, 2int, bk

P/K STEPHEN BADER William Jewell 5'10" 186 2007: 8-14 FGs, 50yd, 34y/p, All HAAC 07

P ZAC ATTERBERY Lindenwood 6'2" 200 Has a very strong leg. Expereienced and consistent, could be the top Punter in NAIA. 2007: 40 att, 41.6 avg, 72ydr, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All HAAC 06/07

PK MICHAEL MONTEZ Bethel (KS) 5'9" 160 Good accuracy, he hit 10 of 13 FGs this season. All KCAC 07

PK/P SHANE LONGEST St. Xavier 5'11" 180 May be the top all around kicker in the NAIA. As a PK he is accurate and has great strength. Has also been a very solid punter with a strong leg, can also Kickoff. In 2006 he had 90 points and hit 7-7 FGs between 40-49 yards. 2007: 27-37 FGs, 55ydr, 48 pats, 120pts, Punt-47att,43.2y/p, 75ydr, FG All American 06, FG All East 06, All Mid-States 06/07.

P/FB DON SAISBURY MSU-Northern 6'2" 235 Is an excellent Punter, very solid. Also contributes well as an h-back type. Has size. 2007: run-209y, 4.1y/c, td, rec-27r, 350y, 3TDs, Punt-76att, 41.6 avg, FG All American 06, FG All West 06

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