Sunday, March 11, 2007

2007 I-AA Prospects

TYLER ARCIAGA Sacred Heart 6'3" 240 Sr. QB

2005: 56.7%, 2394y, 17TDs-12INTs, 78ydr, 239.4y/g. 2006: 361 att, 57.3%, 2076y, 19TDs-14INTs, 188.7y/g
BRIAN BOLAND Monmouth (NJ) 6'1" 210 Sr. QB
Started 4yrs, a transfer from Rutgers. Has been very consistent and is a school record breaker. 2005: 58.2%, 2334y, 21TDs-16INTs. 2006: 65.1%, 2208y, 14TDs-7INTs, 71ydr, 200.7y/g, run-249y, 3TDs, All Mid Major, All NEC
MARVIN BURROUGHS Villanova 6’1” 215 Sr. QB
Leader with a strong and accurate arm. Came back from a season ending arm injury in ’05. Was excellent in 2004, completing over 60% for more than 2400 yards with 20TDs and only 12 picks. Is a good runner as well. 2006: 60.4%, 2123y, 9TDs-9INTs, 193y/g, run-342y, 6TDs
ANTON CLARKSON Hofstra 6'0" 230 Sr. QB
An impressive QB. Has decent size and a strong, durable arm. Can pass for big yardage. Very effective. All ATL10. 2005: 361att, 65.9%, 3020y, 18TDs-10INTs, 74ydr, 302y/g, 147.1 eff. 2006: 55.7%, 1883y, 8TDs-3INTs
JOE DiGIACOMO Brown 6'3" 205 Sr. QB
Has been 2x All Ivy QB that has good mobility, needs to make smarter passes. 2005: 1800y, 16TDs, run 116y, 2TDs. 2006: 55.8%, 2161y, 13TDs-16INTs, 61ydr, 216.1y/g
ANTHONY DORIA St. Francis (PA) 6'1" 205 Sr. QB
A school record breaker at QB, is a 3yr strater. Named All NEC and has been OPOY. 2005: 409 att, 61.6%, 2895y, 21TDs-10INTs, 289y/g. 2006: 52.8%, 1871y, 15TDs-6INTs, 170.1y/g
COLLIN DRAFTS Charleston Southern 6'1" 200 Sr. QB
True leader that holds every school single season passing record. Started all 4yrs, is 3x All Big South. Has been OPOY. Is consistent, moves around well, has a durable and accurate arm. 2005: 356att, 61%, 2594y, 20TDs-9INTs, 235.8y/g, run: 178y, 9TDs. 2006: 319 atts, 69.9%, 2665y, 21TDs-14INTs, 81ydr, 242.3y/g, run-513y, 3.9y/c, 7TDs
JON GRANT UC Davis 6'2" 198 Sr. QB
Has been 3x All Great West, an All American and has been named OPOY. Awesome leader, good experience and is a competitor. 2005:2873y, 13TDs-14INTs, run: 6TDs. 2006: 61.4%, 2762y, 19TDs-9INTs, 79ydr, 251.1y/g, run-104y, 6TDs
MATT GUTIERREZ Idaho State 6'4" 235 Sr. QB
Lettered 3yrs at Michigan. Has excellent size, good strength and athleticism. Caught a TD pass this season. 2006: 54.7%, 2237y, 16TDs-14INTs, 80ydr, 203.4y/g, All Big Sky
JUSTIN HADDIX Western Kentucky 6'0" 215 Sr. QB
A 4yr starter, true leader with tremendous field sense. One of WKU's all-time leading passers. Was Freshman of the Year in 2003, Is 4x All Gateway. 2005: 1892y, 131/230 completions, 15TDs, run: 328y, 8TDs. 2006: 61.3%, 2186y, 14TDs-9INTs, 198.7y/g, rec-TD
ANDY KARDOES South Dakota State 6’3 210 Sr. QB

All Great West 2006: 56.1%, 1997y, 13TDs
STEVE LaFALCE Western Illinois 6'1" 210 Sr. QB
School record breaker, great skills. Makes smart, accurate throws. Very good competitor. All Gateway, Is 2x All Academic. 2005: 2586y, 19TDs, 291.1y/g. 2006: 63.1%, 2121y, 11TDs-9INTs, 192.8y/g, run-5TDs
JASON MURRIETTA Northern Arizona 6'1" 215 Sr. QB
Was a freshman record breaker when he threw for 3472y and 29TDs in 2003. Started all 4yrs, has been on the Walter Payton Award watch list for most of his career and came in 2nd this season. Lacks the great size, but is a capable and smart QB. Named OPOY this season. 2005: 51.3%, 15TDs. 2006: 329 att, 65%, 2827y, 34TDs-5INTs, 80ydr, 257y/g, SN All American, AP All American, All Big Sky
ARIES NELSON Mississippi Valley State 6’3” 215 Sr. QB
Steady QB, has been reliable and smart. Runs well. 2005: 57.1%, 2942y, 17TDs-9INTs, 267.5y/g, rush: 6TDs. 2006: 1066y, 10TDs, run-383y, 3TDs
IAN PIZZARO Weber State 6'3" 220 Sr. QB
2005: 313att, 51.4%, 2357y, 17TDs-11INTs, 214y/g. 2006: 52.9%, 1197y, 7TDs
JUSTIN RASCATI James Madison 6'2" 220 Sr. QB
Rather versatile for his size. Is accurate and smart. 2005 JMU's Bob Yetzer Leadership Award. Transfer from Louisville. 2005: 69.6%, 1822y, 17TDs-5INT, 165.6y/g, run: 306y, 5TDs. 2006: 66.2%, 2045y, 20TDs-6INTs, 71ydr, 170.4y/g, run-518y, 4.5y/c, 6TDs, All Atl10 ‘06
PRINCETON SHEPHERD Hampton 6'5" 205 Sr. QB

Has been 2x All MEAC, led team to a MEAC championship in 2004 (1890y, 18TDs). 2005: 56.7%, 1055y, 8TDs. 2006: 67.6%, 1750y, 17TDs-4INTs, 159.1y/g, run-156y, 2TDs, All Central
SAWYER SMITH Portland State
6'5" 230 Sr. QB
Great size and a strong arm. 2005: 54.8%, 1709y, 14TDs-9INTs, 170y/g. 2006: 53.2%, 1491y, 14TDs-8INTs, 89ydr, All Big Sky
JOSH SWOGGER Montana 6'3" 240 Sr. QB
Transfer from Washington State. 2006: 54.2%, 2659y, 17TDs-12INTs, 204.5y/g, All Big Sky
JEFF TERRELL Princeton 6'3" 225 Sr. QB
A solid QB, size and has been a great leader. 2005: 54.9%, 1721y, 10TDs, run: 321y, 5TDs. 2006: 58.9%, 2445y, 17TDs-11INTs, 244.5y/g, run-272y, 2TDs, ECAC All American, FG All American, All Northeast, All Ivy, POY
TYLER THIGPEN Coastal Carolina 6'3" 220 Sr. QB
A 4yr starter that is the schools career passing leader. Has been consistent, smart and experienced. Runs very well. 2005: 1589y, 12TDs. Has been AP All American, AFCA All American, All Big South and OPOY this season. 2006: 64%, 3296y, 29TDs-11INTs, run-656y, 5.8y/c, 5TDs
RON WHITCOMB Maine 6'2" 210 Sr. QB
A 4yr starter that is a true leader. Was ATL 10 ROY in 2003. Had 22TDs in '04. Great skills. 2005: 357att, 57.4%, 2219y, 16TD-13INTs, 201.7y/g. 2006: 62.9%, 1398y, 9TDs-8INTs, 80ydr, run-361y, 6TDs. Student Athlete of the Year

CHARLES ALI Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’2” 270 Sr. FB
Big blocker, is strong and can gain some tough yards. 2006: 32y, rec-9r
Mu'AMMAR ALI Portland State 5'8" 200 Sr. RB
Was a top rusher for New Mexico State before transferring. Great durablity and quickness. 2006: led team w/ 589y, 4.6y/c, 3TDs, All Big Sky
ANTHONY ASH Tennesse Tech 5'7" 195 Sr. RB
2005: 627y, 7TDs. 2006: 689y, 4.6y/c, 5TDs
DeSHAWN BAKER S.C. State 6’1” 225 Sr. RB
Strong and powerful runner. Ran for 1002y in ’04. Has been consistent and is 2x All MEAC. 2005: 1037y, 10TDs, 103y/g. 2006: 1289y, 6.3y/c, 9TDs, 70ydr, 117.2y/g, 204 att, 45 yds lost, rec-7r, 2TDs, FG All American, ECAC All Central
ALVIN BANKS James Madison 5'10" 225 Sr. RB/FB
Smart and speedy, got size and versatility. Led the team in rushing as a Freshman and had an impressive 108y performance in 2004 versus West Virginia. All ATL10.2005: 940y, 5.6y/c, 9TDs, rec: 25r. 2006: 8g, 305y, 4.9y/c, 7TDs, rec-15r, 166y, TD
STEVE BAYLARK Massachusetts 6'0" 225 Sr. RB
An amazing runningback. Has gained over 1,000 yards in every season since freshman year. A hard runner that has good quickness and can break into the open field.Tough to take down. Is 4x All ATL10 and an All American. Has been a dominating threat on offense, not only is a tough runner but also has good hands out of the backfield. 2005: 1057y, 4.1y/c, 9TDs, rec: 25r, 2TDs. OPOY 2006, ECAC All-East. Lost only 63 yards on 338 carries. 2006: 1960y, 5.8y/c, 15TDs, 130.7y/g, rec-23r, 237y, 10.3y/r
LEONARD BRICE Monmouth (NJ) 6’1” 230 Sr. FB
2006: 467y, 4.2y/c, 2TDs
ELIJAH BROOKS William & Mary 5’9” 205 Sr. RB
Good hands, has size and speed. 2x All Atl10. 2005: 944y, 4.6y/c, 9TDs. 2006: 931y, 5.1y/c, 8TDs, pass-TD, rec-23r
JEROME BROOKS Stephen F. Austin 5'11" 185 Sr. RB
Transfer from Purdue where he was Big10 All Freshman. 2006: 512y, 4.6y/c, TD, KR: 281y. 20.1y/kr
ELDA BUCKLEY Chattanooga 5'10" 190 Sr. RB
Is 2x All SoCon, tough runner that can run up the middle or hit the edges. 2005: 1233y, 5.7y/c, 11TDs, 112.1y/g, rec: 15r, TD. 2006: 1204y, 5.6y/c, 7TDs, 76ydr, 109.5y/g, FG All American, All South
WALTER BURNETTE Mississippi Valley State
6’3” 240 Sr. FB
Good moves for his size, runs hard. Great size and strength. 2005: 480y, 4.2y/c, 9TDs. 2006: 229y, 3TDs
DAVE CAMPIONE Eastern Illinois 6'0" 245 Sr. FB
Strong blocker. 2005: 16y, TD, rec: 42y|
RYAN COLE Eastern Washington 6'1" 225 Sr. RB
Transfer from Oregon State. Has been the teams top rusher. 2005: 879y, 4.1y/c, 14TDs, rec; 15r. 2006: led team w/ 407y, 3TDs, All Big Sky
ALONZO COLEMAN Hampton 5'11" 190 Sr. RB

Has been dominating since freshman year when he ran for 1337y and 18TDs (MEAC ROY). Has rushed for over 1,000 yards in every season so far (1333y, 13TDs). Named OPOY last season. Is All American and 4x All MEAC. Blazing fast, very elusive outside runner that can also hit the inside holes. Simply can't be stopped. 2005: 1326y, 6.5y/c, 19TDs, 110.5y/g. 2006: 1052y, 6.7y/c, 12TDs, FG All American, All Central
KEON COLEMAN Howard 5'11" 205 Sr. RB
Natural runner with size/speed. 2005: 770y, 5.5y/c, 3TDs. 2006: 5g, 175y, 4.5y/c, TD
CHAD CONE Savannah State 6’3” 235 Sr. FB
Great runner, has played RB. 2006: led team w/ 540y, 5.1y/c, 2TDs, rec-16r, TD
CHAD COOK Murray State 6'1" 230 Sr. RB/FB
Experienced player, could play FB. In 2004 he had 834y, 4.5y/c and 11TDs. Excellent runner, hard to take down. 2005: 692y, 4.9y/c, 4TDs. 2006: 430y, 5.2y/c, 4TDs
GERALD COMMISSIONG Northern Arizona 6'0" 230 Sr. FB
Transfer from Stanford, was All Academic in 2003. 2006: 92y
MICHAEL COOPER Missouri State 5'11" 240 Sr. FB/RB
Hard-nosed runner, can be a bulldozer. Ran for 673y, 4.3y/c and 6TDs as a freshman. Excellent on the goal line. Teams leading rusher this season. 2005: 151y, 6TDs. 2006: 487y, 3.7y/c, 3TDs, rec-13r
TAYLOR CRAIG Yale 6'1" 250 Sr. FB
Big blocker, good size and strength. Has decent hands. All Ivy. 2006: 39y, TD
TERRY CRENSHAW Hofstra 6'1" 220 Sr. RB/FB
All ATL10, great size/speed combo. 2005: 817y, 5.5y/c, 6TDs, rec: 28r. 2006: 277y, KRL 249y, 20.7y/kr
CLIFTON DAWSON Harvard 5'10" 210 Sr. RB
Owns every Harvard rushing record. One of the top rushers in I-AA history. Started 4yrs, is 4x All Ivy and an All American. In '03 he ran for 1187y and 12TDs (131.9y/g, 5.5y/c) and in '04 he ran for 1302y and 17TDs (130y/g, 5.2y/c). Was drafted by Toronto of the CFL in 2006. Has speed, elusiveness, intelligence, good hands and top skills. A natural athlete. Runs a 4.4/40. 2005: 1139y, 11TDs, 113y/g, rec: 34r, 336y, 2TD, KR: 139y, 34.8y/kr, TD (Ontario) 2006: 237 att’s, 64 yds lost, 1213y, 5.1y/c, 20TDs, 74ydr, 121.3y/g, rec- 24r, 239y, 10y/r, TD, KR: 2 att’s, 116y, 58y/kr, TD, 93ydr FCS All Star, ECAC All American, SN All American, FG All American, All Northeast
MAURICE FENNER James Madison 6'1" 215 Sr. RB
Has had 9TDs in three straight seasons, including a record 9 as a freshman. All ATL10. 2005: 708y, 6y/c, 9TDs. 2006: 218y, 4.3y/c, 2TDs
DARIUS FUDGE Western Carolina 6'0" 200 Sr. RB
All SoCon. 2005: 680y, 5.5y/c, 4TDs, rec: 17r. 2006: 1001y, 4.4y/c, 4TDs, rec-13r, 151y. All South
MICHAEL GASTON Tennesse Tech 6'0" 267 Sr. FB
Experienced blocker.
MONQUANTAE GIBSON Youngstown State 6’0” 205 Sr. RB
An interesting player. Has some size, good running skills. Transfer from Kentucky. Has been a steady yard gainer as a second string back. Gained 547y/6TDs in ’05 and 680y/5TDs in ’04. 2006: 540y, 5.7y/c, 8TDs, Pass-TD, rec-19r, 204y, 10.7y/r, TD
GREG GOLD Texas State 5'9" 185 Sr. RB
Transfer from Oklahoma State.
NURU GOODRUM The Citadel 6'0" 235 Sr. FB
Clutch on the goalline, great inside runner. 2005: 800y, 4.5y/c, 7TDs. 2006: 338y, 8TDs
AREL GORDON Maine 5'9" 180 Sr. RB/WR
Can play RB or WR. Blazing quick, was an All American at KR in 2004. Has good hands. Is 2x All ATL10. 2005: 70r, 484y, TD, PR: 111y, TD, KR: 300y, 20y/kr, run: 243y. 2006: 843 4.9 5TDs, rec-63r, 3TDs
BRADY GREEN Montana 5'9" 190 Sr. RB
Had been named1st team All Big Sky as a Special Teams player in ‘05. 2006: 520y, 7TDs, All Big Sky
CLAY GREEN Jacksonville State 6'0" 205 Sr. RB
Named 2x All OVC. Can really eat up the yards. Very speedy, elusive and agile. Good size. Excellent returnman as well. A good talent. 2005: 1352y, 6.1y/c, 11TDs, 122.9y/g, rec: 18r, KR: 562y, 24.4y/kr, TD. 2006: 1083y, 4.5y/c, 15TDs, rec-20r, PR: 15.2y/pr, TD, KR: 439y, 24.4y/kr
JUSTISE HAIRSTON Central Conn. St. 6'1" 210 Sr. RB
Transfer from Rutgers where he had 696y and 9TDs in his three year career. 2006: 1847y, 6.7y/c, 20TDs, 167.9y/g, PR: 136y, KR: 22.4y/kr, All NEC, FG All American, All Mid Major, ECAC All American, SN All American, AP All American, AFCA All American. OPOY
TODD HARRIS St. Francis (PA) 5'10" 205 Sr. RB
All NEC. Has been very consistent and a little underrated. Has good speed to the outside and finishes every run. 2005: 1052y, 5.2y/c, 7TD. 2006: 1330y, 4.8y/c, 11TDs, 120.9Y/G, REC-13r, FG All American, All Mid Major, All NEC
MOISES HERNANDEZ Robert Morris 6’0” 225 Sr. FB

2006: 322y, 3.8y/c, 2TDs, rec-13r, TD
SHANE HOPKINS Northeastern 6’2” 255 Sr. FB/HB
Bruising blocker, good strength. 2006: 28y, 4y/c, rec-9r, TD, All Atl10 ‘06
DEMETRIUS ISON Youngstown State 6'0" 235 Sr. FB
Is 2x All Gateway, great blocking ability and good hands. 2005: 53y, TD, rec: 23r. 2006: 87y, 4.1y/c, rec-12r, 134y, 11.2y/r, TD
DANIEL JOLLY Texas State 6'0" 235 Sr. FB
Big, strong and extremely tough. Hard runner and bruising blocker. Transfer from Colorado. A good special teamer. All SLC. 2005: 515y, 4.6y/c, 8TDs. 2006: 187y, 4.1y/c, 3TDs
DAVID KENNEBREW Jackson State 6’1” 230 Sr. FB
Was All SWAC as a freshman. Good size. 2005: 714y, 9TDs. 2006: 151y, 2TDs, rec- 10r, 119y, 11.9y/r, 2TDs, St’s: BK
AB KUUAN Grambling State 5’11” 230 Sr. FB
Great running ability, decent speed and hands. 2005: 891y, 5.1y/c, 9TDs, rec: 18r, 3TDs. 2006: 551y, 6TDs, rec- 15r, 178y, 11.9y/r, TD
CURTIS LEWIS Hampton 5'9" 280 Sr. FB

Bruising blocker that has been a 3yr starter. Big, tough and physical
NIC LUKE Alabama A&M 6’0” 216 Sr. RB
Good size, big and physical runner. 2005: 819y, 5.1y/c, 8TDs. 2006: 566y, 3TDs
VINCE MAGNONE Robert Morris 5'8" 225 Sr. FB
2005: 460y, 4.5y/c, rec: 12r. 2006: 298y, 2TDs, rec-10r
EMMANUEL MARC Delaware State 5’10” 205 Sr. RB
Had a tremendous senior campaign. Was a consistent force on offense. Can break big gains, is effective at racking up yardage and can find the endzone. 2006: 1230y, 6.6y/c, 12TDs, 73ydr, 111.8y/g, rec-17r, FG All American, All Central, All MEAC
BRANDON MARKEY Brown 5’10” 225 Sr. RB/FB
An intriguing player. Is big and could play FB, but is also quick and has been a top kick returner. 2006: 210y, 2TDs, PR: 79y, KR: 528y, 22y/kr, TD, 95ydr
MARCUS MASON Youngstown State 5'9" 215 Sr. RB
Transfer from Illinois where he had some decent experience. Was All Newcomer ‘05. A clutch rusher with great size/speed combo. Always moves forward and is tough to bring down at times. Can also break a big gain. Showed dominance as a scoring threat this season. 2005: 892y, 8TDs, 5.1y/c. 2006: 302 atts, 35 yards lost, 1847y, 6.1y/c, 23TDs, 95ydr, 153.9y/g, OPOY, All Gateway ’06, CSN All Star, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, AFCA All American, SN All American
DeQUESE MAY Villanova 5’11” 220 Sr. FB/HB
Great all-purpose player. Got size, quickness and good running skills. Led team in both rushing and receiving this season. 2006: 535y, 5.3y/c, 5TDs, rec- 40r, 479y, 12y/r, 4TDs, KR: 141y, 20.1y/kr, All Atl10 ‘06
RUBEN MAYES Grambling State 6’2” 245 Sr. FB
Superb size, strong block. 2005: 173y, TD. 2006: 19y, TD
JEREMY McCOY Alcorn State 6’0” 215 Sr. RB
Had a breakout year last season, good speed, moves and vision. Denied 5th year of eligibility. All SWAC. 2005: 1130y, 6.1y/c, 5TDs, 125.6y/g
RAMEL McINTOSH Missouri State 6'0" 245 Sr. FB
Big and powerful blocker, gains tough inside yards. 2005: 71y, TD. 2006: 156y, 4.3y/c, 2TDs
JASON MILLER McNeese State 6'0" 235 Sr. FB
One of the best blockers in the SFL.
A 5th year senior, came back from a knee injury last season. Had led the team in rushing in both ’03 and ’04. 2006: 1022y, 4.9y/c, 9TDs, 68ydr, 92.9y/g, All Big South ‘06
LeRRON MOORE Western Kentucky 5'10" 205 Sr. RB
Started all four years, is 4x All Gateway and was Freshman of the Year in 2003
(1490y, 114y/g, 13TDs). Dominating rusher with size and speed.
Can break it outside or navigate through the middle. A great talent.
2005: 1037y, 10TDs. 2006: 891y, 4.6y/c, 9TDs, rec-15r
MICHAEL MOTTE Stephen F. Austin 5'11" 235 Sr. FB
Is 2x All SLC, excellent pass catcher out of the backfield. 2005: 22r, 252y, 11.5y/r, 5TDs
MARCUS NOLAN UC Davis 5’11” 220 Sr. RB

All Great West A big back with great hands out of the backfield. 2006: 715y, 4.2y/c, 7TDs, rec-51r, 405y, TD
TREVIS O’NEAL Alabama A&M 6’1” 235 Sr. FB
2005: 106y, 4.8y/c, TD. 2006: 91y, TD, rec- 11r, 180y, 16.4y/r, 2TDs
AKIN OYALOWA Brown 6’0” 230 Sr. FB
Bruising runner that can be a decent special teams performer.
Teams leading rusher this season. 2006: 498y, 4y/c, 6TDs
AUNDRES PERKINS Coastal Carolina 6'2" 245 Sr. FB
An amazing scoring threat, big and tough. Great blocker. Had 14TDs as a
freshman and 12TDs in 2004. Is a 4yrstarter and 3x All Big South athlete.
2005: 349y, 12TDs. 2006: 599y, 5.2y/c, 8TDs, rec: 25r, 317y, TD
JAMAL PITTMAN Jackson State 6’2” 240 Sr. FB
Big and physical, transfer from Ole Miss. 2006: 113y, 4.2y/c, 2TDs, rec-6r, TD
SHAWN PULUSE Saint Peter’s 5’9” 220 Sr. FB

Has outstanding hands out of the backfield. 2006: 447y, 3.8y/c, 2TDs , rec-36r,
All MAAC All Mid-Major, All Northeast
PIERRE REMBERT Illinois State 6'0" 220 Sr. RB
Had experience at Michigan, All Newcomer last season. Teams leading rusher the past two seasons. Good size, quickness. Runs hard and is good on the goal line. 2005: 801y, 5.5y/c, 12TDs. 2006: 355 att, only 70yds lost, 1743y, 4.9y/c, 16TDs, 134.1y/g All Gateway ’06, AP All American
JOE SANDBERG Penn 6’0” 200 Sr. RB
Had an excellent senior campaign. Great scoring threat with speed and excellent hands. 2006: 1042y, 5y/c, 13TDs, 104.2y/g, pass-TD, rec-22r, TD, All Northeast, All Ivy
NICK SAN DOVAL St. Francis (PA) 6'0" 230 Sr. FB
A three year starter and is a punishing blocker.
TA’AMAR SCOT T Alabama A&M 6’0” 215 Sr. RB
2006: led team w/ 682y, 4.8y/c, 7TDs, All SWAC
TRAY SMITH Norfolk State 5’10” 235 Sr. FB

Transfer from Troy State, good blocker.
KYLE STEFFES North Dakota State 5'11" 210 Sr. RB
Ran for 1055y, 13TDs and averaged 5.4y/c in 2004. Is 3x All Great West, got size and power. 2005: 1071y, 14TDs. 2006: 1250y, 5.3y/c, 13TDs, 113.6y/g, pass-TD, rec-23r, FG All American, All Northwest
KEVIN SULLIVAN La Salle 6'0" 200 Sr. RB/WR
Led the MAAC in receptions in '05. Has excellent hands. Teams top rusher last season. 2005: 610y, 5.5/c, 4TDs, rec: 62r, 609y, 5TDs 2006: 428y, TD, All MAAC
DD TERRY Sam Houston 6’2” 190 Sr. RB
Had an eye opening season. Was nearly unstoppable. Is quick off the snap, fast in the open field and shifty going through the middle. Also has great hands. 2006: 1328y, 6.2y/c, 15TDs, 74yr, 132.8y/g, rec-22r, 237y, TD, FG All American, All South, All SFL
CHRIS THOMAS McNeese State 5'10" 185 Sr. RB
Ran for over 900 yards in 2004. Is 2x All SLC. 2006: 301y, 4y/c, 2TDs
ANTHONY WATSON South Dakota State 5'10" 221 Sr. RB
Has averaged over 900y rushing per season since freshman year. Big, quick and has a powerful running style. Huge yard gainer. Is 3x All Great West. 2005: 908y, 7.8y/c, 10TDs. 2006: 742y, 6.1y/c, 8TDs, rec-10r
VINCENT WEBB Eastern Illinois 5'11" 206 Sr. RB
A 2x All OVC rusher. Very steady, has a nose for the endzone. Has been a consistent yard gainer with size and quickness. 2005: 1129y, 4.3y/c, 15TDs. 2006: 1351y, 5.4y/c, 7TDs, 112y/g, rec-20r, 3TDs, OPOY
JON WEDLOCK Winston-Salem 6’0” 240 Sr. FB
Bruising blocker and a powerful straight ahead runner. 2006: 245y, 4.5y/c, TD
ARKEE WHITLOCK Southern Illinois 5'10" 195 Sr. RB
A pure athlete. Great size/speed combo. An elusive runner that can also block and catch very well. Is a complete package, very passionate and is a good leader. An All American, is 2x All Gateway and was All Newcomer in '04 (959y, 6.4y/c). 2005: 1454y, 5.4y/c, 14TDs, 121.2y/g, rec: 24r, KR: 460y, 24.2y/kr. 2006: 317 att, 56yds lost, 1828y, 5.8y/c, 25TDs, 140.6y/g, KR: 439y, 23.1y/kr, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, AFCA All American, SN All American
KEN WILLIAMS Alcorn State 5’10” 286 Sr. FB
Tremendous lead blocker. Huge and powerful. Moves well and can gain some tough yards. All SWAC. 2005: 155y, 4.6y/c, TD. 2006: 57y
ANDRE WILSON Northern Colorado 6'1" 205 Sr. RB
Consistent rusher, works hard and is physically tough. Is 2x All Conference. 2005: 1034y, 5y/c, 6TDs, 114.9y/g. 2006: 1027y, 4.2y/c, 5TDs, rec-17r
J.T. WISE Southern Illinois 6'1" 235 Sr. FB
Has been 2x All Academic and 2x All Gateway. Excellent blocker. 2005: 11r, 2TDs. 2006: 59y, 4.2y/c, rec-10r
RICH WROBLEWSKI Iona 5'11" 235 Sr. FB
Good runner. Team Captain. 2006: 47t, TD, rec-7r
RAYNODD ZEINE Jacksonville State 5'9" 230 Sr. FB

Great runner, pass catcher. 2005: 408y, 4.6y/c, 3TDs, pass: 30y, TD, rec: 22r, TD. 2006: 150y, 7y/c, 0 yards lost

KORY ALSTON Gardner-Webb 5'9" 170 Sr. WR
Speedy punt returner, great elusiveness. Named 2x All Big South. 2005: 36r, 490y, 5TDs, PR: 247y, 16.5y/pr, 2TDs. 2006: 45r, 487y, 10.8y/r, 4TDs, PR: 186y, TD
DERRICK BAKER Norfolk State 5’8 170 Sr. WR
Small and quick, a transfer from Florida State. 2006: 17r, 334y, 19.6y/r, 3TDs, 66ydr, 30.4y/g
DAVID BALL New Hampshire 6'3" 185 Sr. WR
A 3x All American that has broke numerous school, conference and I-AA records, including many of Jerry Rice’s receiving records. Speedy, smart and has soft hands. A letterman on the track team (high jumper). Dominating at his level and is one of the best receivers in I-AA history. All ATL10. 2005: 87r, 1551y, 17.8y/r, 24TDs. 2006: 93r, 1114y, 12y/r, 13TDs, 85.7y/g, ECAC All-East
JASON BARNES Sacramento State 6’4” 190 Sr. WR
A tall, reliable receiver that is a good target. Makes plays. 2006: 28r, 623y, 22.2y/r, 2TDs, 68ydr, 62.3y/g
CARL BERMAN Indiana State 5'10" 170 Sr. WR
Reliable and overlooked receiver. Had an excellent season, led team in catches and receiving yards. 2005: 55r, 593y, 5TDs. 2006: 59r, 783y, 13.3y/r, 5TDs, 71.2y/g, run-46y, KR: 689y, All Gateway ’06. All Academic
JOHN BOND St. Peter's 5'8" 165 Sr. WR
Small, but speedy and talented. One of the schools best receivers of all-time. 2x All MAAC, All American. 2005: 42r, 745y, 5TDs . 2006: 47r, 528y, 11.2y/r, 6TDs, 77ydr, 52.8y/g
BRIAN BRIGHAM Princeton 6’1” 180 Sr. WR
2006: 41r, 520y, 12.7y/r, 2TDs, 52y/g
AARON BROWN New Hampshire 6'3" 210 Sr. WR
Good target. Very tough, can go over the middle. Hasrelaible hands. 2005: 50r, 535y, 5TDs. 2006: 39r, 435y, 11.2y/r, 4TDs
ANDRAE BROWN Towson 6'0" 180 Sr. WR
Versatile player that has also been used at QB. A three year starter that makes things happen when the ball is in his hands. He's fast, elusive, agile and is a worker. All ATL10. 2005: 63r, 870y, 13.8y/r, 8 TD. 2006: 6g, 19r, 204y, 10.7y/r, TD
LARUE BURLEY Southern Utah 5’11” 180 Sr. WR
A very quick return specialist. 2006:
19r, 230y, 12.1y/r, 2TDs, PR: 242y, 12.1y/pr, TD, KR: 580y, 24.2y/kr
JAMES CALLAHAM Norfolk State 6’2 190 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver the last two seasons. 2006: 42r, 572y, 13.6y/r, TD, 52y/g
MICHAEL CAPUTO St. Francis (PA) 5'11" 170 Sr. WR
Had 54r in 2004 and 36r in 2003. Has awesome skills, runs great routes and is reliable. 2x All NEC. 2005: 54r, 755y, 7TDs. 2006: 63r, 857y, 13.6y/r, 8TDs, 77.9y/g, FG All American, All Mid Major
MATT CARRE Pennsylvania 5’9” 170 Sr. WR
2006: 43r, 697y, 16.2y/r, 3TDs, 69.7y/g, All Ivy

RYAN COOGLER Sacramento State 5'10" 190 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver last season. Injured this season. 2005: 45r, 451y, TD
JAMES EARL CRAY Alabama State 5’10” 170 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver this season, transfer from Troy State. 2006: 31r, 430y, 13.9y/r, 3TDs
DERRICK DOYLE Northwestern State 5'11" 175 Sr. WR
School's all-time leading receiver. Started all 4yrs, great hands and concentration. An excellent route runner. 2006: 30r, 356y, 11.9y/r, TD, run-31y, TD
EMMANUEAL EDWARDS Alabama A&M 6’0” 205 Sr. WR
Teams go-to guy, good speed. 2005: 28r, 415y, 14.8y/r, PR: 101y, 16.8y/pr, TD, KR: 191y, 21.2y/kr. 2006: 16r, 201y, TD, PR: 108y, 13.5y/pr
AARON FAIROOZ Central Arkansas 6’6” 220 Sr.
A school record breaking receiver. Had 76r for 1197y in 2005. An NFL prospect with great athleticism and hands. Runs good routes and has quickness. Is a big target that has been the teams top pass catcher. Tough over the middle. 2006: led team w/55r, 774y, 14.1y/r, 6TDs, 70.4y/g, BK-TD
BRENDAN FERRINGNO Portland State 5'10" 180 Sr. WR
Good route runner, very tough receiver. Is fearless. Has been a top punt returner since freshman year. All Conference. 2005: 27r, 410y, 15.2y/r, 4TDs, PR: 259y, 15.2y/pr, TD. 2006: 31r, 545y, 17.6y/r, 3TDs, 49.5y/g, pr: 179y
MARKY FILIPE Weber State 5’9” 190 Sr. WR/RB
Transfer from Southern Utah. Excellent pass catcher, has good versatility. 2006: Led team w/ 44r, 459y, 10.4y/r, 2TDs, 41.7y/g, run-105y, 11.7y/c, TD
CARLESE FRANKLIN McNeese State 5'11" 190 Sr. WR
Explosive receiver that makes tough grabs. Hasn't been part of a big passing offense. Good returnman. Is strong. Has been 3x All SLC.2005: 23r, 401y, 17.4y/r, run: 45y, 2TDs, pass: TD, KR: 244y, 22.2y/kr. 2006: 29 431 14.9 6TDs, KR: 269y, St’s-11t, All South
RYAN FUSELIER Dartmouth 6'5" 225 Sr. WR/TE
Tall receiver, could be used at TE. Moves well, has reliable hands and is a decent blocker. Was the teams leading receiver over the last two seasons. 2005: 51r, 501y, 5TDs. 2006: 57r, 711y, 12.5y/r, 3TDs, 71.1y/g, All Ivy
AUSTIN GAINES Gardner-Webb 6’3” 200 Sr. WR
Has size, is a reliable pass catcher and a good special teams player. 2006: 48r, 690y, 14.4y/r, 3TDs, 62.7y/g, St’s: 8t, FR, All Big South ‘06
MATT HALE Richmond 6'2" 195 Sr. WR
Transfer from UT-Chattanooga. 2005: 42r, 581y, 3TDs, 52.8y/g. 2006: 30r, 389y, 13y/r, 3TDs EMANUEL HASSELL Chattanooga 5'11" 192 Sr. WR
In 2004 he had 50r, great possession hands. Transfer from Louisville. 2005: 52r, 548y, 10.5y/r, KR: 622y. 2006: led team w/ 61r, run-91y, KR: 367y
CHANDLER HENLEY Yale 6'1" 195 Sr. WR
In 2004 he had 49r, 719y and 6TDs. Was injured in 2005. 2006: 42r, 578y, 13.8y/r, 2TDs, 57.8y/g, All Ivy
JOEY HEW LEN Southern Utah 6'3" 220 Sr. WR
Named 2x All Great West, transfer from Hawaii. Excellent size, shows some speed and great toughness. 2005: 32r, 474y, 14.8y/r. 2006: led team w/ 54r, 575y, 10.6y/r, 8TDs, 68ydr, 52.3y/g, run-TD, FG All American, All Northwest
LONNIE HILL Brown 6'4" 200 Sr. WR
Had 76r for 869y in 2004. Is 3x All Ivy. Good talent, has a great ability to get open. 2005: 33r, 563y, 5TDs. Led team w/ 46r, 707y, 15.4y/r, 5TDs, 61ydr, 70.7y/g
LORENZO HOFFMAN Alabama State 6’6” 215 Sr. WR
Big target, tall and has reliable hands. Tough to cover. 2005: 23r, 352y, 15.3y/r, 5TDs, 2006: 11r, 204y, 18.5y/r, 2TDs
BRANDON HORACE Alabama State 6’3” 230 Sr. FB/WR/TE
Interesting prospect. Has played WR, has great size and could be used as an h-back type. Has overcome some injuries. 2006: 25r, 318y, 12.7y/r, 2TDs
PIERRE JACKSON Illinois State 6'1" 175 Sr. WR
Transfer from Minnesota. Works hard, has clutch hands. Led team in receiving this season. 2005: 26r, 362y, 13.9y/r, 5TDs, run: 27y. 2006: 46r, 790y, 17.2y/r, 6TDs, 70ydr, 60.8y/g, All Gateway ‘06
MICHAEL JEFFERSON Montana State 6'2" 205 Sr. WR
Transfer from Arizona. Was a dominating big play threat this season. Had great quickness, soft hands and good agility. 2006: 66r, 1023y, 15.5y/r, 9TDs, 70ydr, 78.7y/g, run-129y, 8.1y/c, 2TDs, KR: 298y, 21.3y/kr, All Big Sky
MICAH JOHNSEN South Dakota State 6’2 180 Sr. WR
2006: 44r, 666y, 15.1y/r, 5TDs, 60.5y/g, All Great West
ONREA JONES Hampton 6'2" 205 Sr. WR
Speedy deep threat. 2005: 32r, 631y, 19.7y/r, 2TDs, 52.6y/g. 2006: 57r, 679y, 11.9y/r, 5TDs, 56.6y/g
TONY KAYS UC Davis 6'1" 190 Sr. WR
Dominating. Is a numerous All American and numerous school and conference award winner. Has been named 3x All Great West. Awesome quickness, great route runner and can make acrobatic grabs. A record-breaker with tremendous skills. 2005: 93r, 1213y, 110.3y/g. 2006: 66r, 879y, 13.3y/r, 8TDs, 79.9Y/G, pass-TD, FG All American, All Northwest
TREMAYNE KIRKLAND Portland State 5’11” 170 Sr. WR
Has tremendous athleticism. Is fast, versatile and talented. A former High School QB that has been solid as a RB, WR and KR/PR. Was successful at UNLV before transferring. Has go-to hands. 2006: 38r, 533y, 14y/r, 7TDs, 53.3y/g, All Big Sky
ROOSEVELT KISER Florida A&M 5'9" 165 Sr. WR
Named 2x All MEAC, very versatile athlete with speed and elusiveness. An awesome returnman. 2005: 64r, 739y, 11.5y/r, 5TDs, 67.2y/g, pass: TD, run: 44y, PR: 229y, 16.4y/p, KR: 402y, 22.3y/kr 2006: 63r, 647y, 10.3y/r, 5TDs, 86ydr, 58.8y/g, run-55y, TD, PR: 169y, KR: 821y, 24.9y/kr, FG All American, All Central
AKILAH LACEY Idaho State 6'3" 205 Sr. WR
Battled with injuries in 2004 and still had a great '04 campaign with 56r, 803y and 7TDs (14.4y/r). Has been a consistent receiver, good speed and size. 2005: 22r, 303y, 13.8y/r, 2TDs. 2006: led team w/ 37r, 753y, 20.4y/r, 10TDs, 80ydr, 68.5y/g, All Big Sky
TERRY LARSEN Weber State 6'6" 200 Sr. WR
Excellent pass catcher, great speed and can get open. 2005: 39r, 649y, 16.6y/r, 4TDs, 75ydr, 59y/g. 2006: 38r, 365y
SAM LOGAN Indiana State 6'2" 205 Sr. WR
Go-to guy, is the schools all time leading receiver in catches and yardage. Can make game changing catches, versatile at the receiver position. Is 3x All Gateway. 2005: 77r, 849y, 5TDs. 2006: 49r, 535y, 10.9y/r, 4TDs, 53.5y/g, run-24y, pass-TD
BRANDON LONDON Massachusetts 6'4" 210 Sr. WR
Teams top receiver in 2005 when he tied the season record for receptions. Great target, works hard and has good hands. Is 2x All ATL10. 2005: 60r, 774y, 12.9y/r, 3TDs, 70.4y/g, ECAC All-East. 2006: led team w/50r, 781y, 15.6y/r, 9TDs, 55.8y/g
WILLIAM MAYFIELD Appalachian State 6'2" 220 Sr. WR
Had 61t as a LB in 2004. Versatile, tough and has deceptive speed. Can be a big play receiver, has tremendous football skills. Could be a great WR/LB in Arena. 2005: 22r, 354y, 4TDs. 2006: 64r, 1129y, 5TDs, FG All American, All South, All SoCon
COREY MAZZA Harvard 6'4" 210 Sr. WR
Awesome size, a tough physical receiver. Was injured after 2 games in 2005. Had been All Ivy in 2004/2006 (51r, 773y, 15.2y/r, 7TDs) All Northeast. 2006: led team w/ 36r, 635y, 17.6y/r, 8TDs, 63.5y/g
SHAHEER McBRIDE Delaware State 6'3" 190 Sr. WR

Good size and speed, is a big play receiver. An All American and Is 2x All MEAC,
has been MEAC ROY. In 2004 he led the team with 46r (18.5y/r), 849y (77.2y/g) and 7TDs. A worker with great versatily. One of the best receivers in school history. 2005: 50r, 720y, 6TDs, 14.4y/r, 65y/g. 2006: led team w/ 55r, 852y, 15.5y/r, 11TDs, 73ydr, 77.5y/g FG All American, All Central
MARQUAY McDANIEL Hampton 6'0" 197 Sr. WR

Good solid receiver that has also been a top returnman. Can get good separation downfield. 2005: 42r, 637y, 15.2y/r, 6TDs, 53.1y/g, PR: 699y, 14.6y/pr. 2006: 59r, 786y, 13.3y/r, 14TDs, 65.5y/g, run-TD, PR: 239y, All MEAC
BRENT McNEAL Tennesse Tech 6'3" 200 Sr. WR
In 2004 he had 42r for 562y. Steady receiver, can catch in traffic and runs good routes. 2005: 40r, 644y, 16.1y/r, 4TDs, 58.5y/g, pass: 65y, TD. 2006: 27r, 346y, 12.8y/r, 3TDs
LUKE PALKO St. Francis (PA) 6'0" 180 Sr. WR
An amazing receiver, very dominant. Caught 42 passes has a freshman and 82 as a sophomore. Has been an All American, All NEC and All Academic athlete. Was NEC Scholar Athlete of the Year. Shows concentration, runs good routes and has possession hands. 2005: 85r, 812y, 7TDs, 73.8y/g. 2006: 16r, TD
BRANDON PERRY Sam Houston 6’4” 200 Sr. WR
2006: 33r, 614y, 18.6y/r, 3TDs, 94ydr, 55.8y/g, All South, All SFL
TJ PETERSON Youngstown State 6’1” 185 Sr. WR
A track star that worked himself up to the teams top receiver. Led team in receiving this season. 2006: 53r, 767y, 14.5y/r, 7TDs, 54.8y/p
DEDRIC POOLE Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’0” 200 Sr. WR/RB
A true all-purpose back that is a fast rusher and returnman and also is a reliable receiver. 2006: 29r, 504y, 17.4y/r, 4TDs, 69ydr, 50.4y/g, run-240y, 7.3y/c, 5TDs, PR: 168y, 12y/pr, 591y, 26.9y/kr, FG All American, All South, SWAC Newcomer of the Year
JARVIS POWERS Robert Morris 6’0” 180 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver, has played TE. Is physical and tough for his size. Can block. 2006: 31r, 421y, 13.6y/r, 5TDs, FG All American, All NEC
PRINCE PREMPAH Marist 6’4” 185 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver this season, good speed and can go deep. 2006: 32r, 655y, 20.5y/r, 2TDs, 70ydr, 59.5y/g
MAURICE PRICE Charleston Southern 6’1” 190 Jr. WR
Had 72r, 1043y and 7TDs in 2005 in only 8 games. Has been a record breaker with go-to hands. Chose to come out early after becoming one of only 7 receivers in I-AA history to catch over 100 passes in a season. 2006: 103r, 985y, 9.6y/r, 10TDs, 80ydr, 89.5y/g, All Big South, AP All American, SN All American
LAURENT ROBINSON Illinois State 6'2" 195 Sr. WR
A three year starter, led team in all receiving categories in '04 and '05. Has been 2x All Gateway, OPOY, All American and a Walter Camp finalist. An amazing athlete. Has all the tools and is a legit big play receiver. 2005: 86r, 1465y, 17y/r, 12TDs, 133y/g. 2006: 40r, 718y, 18y/r, 7TDs, 90ydr, 79.8y/g
DREW RUCKS Charleston Southern 6'2" 225 Sr. WR
Good size, a transfer from Purdue. Has experience at H-back. 2005: 29r, 371y, 12.8y/r, 3TDs. 2006: 30r, 377y, 12.6y/r, 3TDs, St’s: 5t, FF
LOU RUSSO La Salle 6’0” 185 Sr. WR
Underrated possession receiver. Has good concentration. 2006: 71r, 755y, 10.6y/r, 5TDs, 75.5y/g
EMERY SAMMONS Norfolk State 6’2” 195 Sr. WR
Transfer from West Virginia State. Great speed, good deep threat receiver and returnman. 2006: 35r, 639y, 18.3y/r, 3TDs, 71ydr, 58.1y/g, PR: 223y, 18.6y/pr, TD, KR: 258y, St’s-9t
ADAM SAN MIGUEL Monmouth (NJ) 5'10" 170 Sr. WR
Has excellent hands. 2005: 51r, 569y, 3TDs. 2006: 70r, 866y, 12.4y/r, 6TDs, 71ydr, 78.7y/g, run-63y, PR: 257y, All Mid Major, All NEC
MATT SCHOBORG Eastern Kentucky 6’0” 195 Sr WR
A special team’s demon. 2006: 19r, 247y, 2TDs, St’s: 6t, 3BKs
ANDRE SMITH Central Conn. St. 5'9" 180 Sr. WR
Has been the teams leading receiver since being NEC OROY in 2004 (32r, 556y, 5TDs). 2005: 31r, 393y, 2TDs. 2006: 12r, TD, run-63y, TD
SHAINE SMITH Hofstra 6’3” 180 Sr. WR
Tall receiver, a good target with reliable hands. 2006: 60r, 951y, 15.8y/r, 9TDs, 86.4y/g, All ATL10 ‘06
CHARLIE SPILLER Alcorn State 6’0” 185 Sr. WR
Averaged 28.3y/r and scored 7TDs as a freshman. In 2004 he had 1,111 receiving yards on 50 catches (22.2y/r, 9TDs). Tremendous quickness, a true deep threat. Good runner after the catch. All SWAC, All American. 2005: 39r, 809y, 20.7y/r, 4TDs, 73.5y/g, KR: 760y, 27.1y/kr, 2TDs, run: TD. 2006: 22 431 19.6 3 70 39.2y/g, run-TD, KR: 406y, 21.4y/kr
DAN SPRIGGS Duquesne 5’10” 180 Sr. WR

A steady pass catcher. Can rack up some yards. 2006: 61r, 778y, 12.8y/r, 4TDs, 77.8y/g, PR: 257y, All MAAC All Mid-Major, All Northeast
TAUREAN STEPHENS UT Martin 6'1" 185 Sr. WR
Led team in receptions since freshman season (66r in '03, 57r in '04). Possession receiver, has been a solid target. Great reliability on the field. All OVC. 2005: 60r, 651y, 5TDs. 2006: 5g, 8r, 100y, 12.5y/r
JUSTIN STEPP Furman 5'11" 180 Sr. WR
A 2x All SoCon athlete. Sure handed receiver. Has good quickness. 2005: 46r, 676y, 8TDs, PR: 201y, 11.8y/pr. 2006: 46r, 599y, 13y/r, TD, 49.9y/g, PR: 245y, All South
ANDRE TAYLOR Sacramento State 5’11” 195 Sr. WR
Transfer from Hawaii, one of the teams go-to guys. A quick playmaker. 2006: 28r, 458y, 16.4y/r, 3TDs, 65ydr, 41.6y/g, run-TD, KR: 349y, 23.3y/kr, All Big Sky
HAMMOND THOMAS McNeese State 6'1" 195 Sr. WR
Transfer from Kansas State, runs a 4.45/40.
MARCO THOMAS Western Illinois 6'1" 175 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver the last two seasons. Good playmaker. Named 2x All Gateway. 2005: 42r, 794y, 18.5y/r, 86.6y/g, 5TDs. 2006: 58r, 738y, 12.7y/r, 4TDs, 67.1y/g
TYRONE TIMMONS Mississippi Valley State 6’3” 210 Sr. WR
Excellent size/speed. Has a knack for getting opened. A big play guy. 2x All SWAC. 2005: 62r, 1059y, 17.1y/r, 8TDs, 96.3y/g. 2006: led team w/ 43r, 615y, 14.3y/r, 7TDs, 55.9y/g
HENRY TOLBERT Grambling State 6’0” 205 Sr. WR
Named 2x All SWAC receiver. Shows explosiveness and great concentration. Makes big grabs and can be game breaking. Runs good routes and can go deep. 2005: 74r, 1391y, 18.8y/r, 19TDs, 115.9y/g. 2006: 48r, 730y, 15.2y/r, 4TDs, 66.4y/g
CHRIS TURNER Wagner 6'4" 220 Sr. WR

One of Wagners greatest receivers of all-time. A school record breaker. Has great size, reliable hands and decent quickness. Very physical and fearless. Had 32r as a freshman and had 61r, 845y and 8TDs in '04. An All American, is 3x All NEC. 2005: 66r, 952y, 14.4y/r, 12TDs. 2006: 54r, 658y, 12.2y/r, 8TDs, 65ydr, 59.8y/g, All Central
RYAN VOSS Eastern Illinois 6'5" 200 Sr. WR
Tall target, was teams leading receiver last season. Has reliable hands. 2005: 37r, 610y, 16.5y/r, 6TDs. 2006: 18r, 253y, 14.1y/r, 2TDs
ERIC WEEMS Bethune-Cookman 5'9" 175 Sr. WR/RB

Good all-purpose back. Has excellent hands, was the teams leading receiver last two seasons. Used at RB and WR. Athletic, fast and reliable. Is a dominating PR. 2005: 594y, 7.2y/c,11TDs, rec: 37r, 417y, 11.3y/r, 3TDs. 2006: 69r, 918y, 13.3y/r, 9TDs, 79ydr, 83.5y/g, run-145y, TD, PR: 331y, 17.4y/pr, TD, FG All American, All Central, All MEAC
DONNELL WHEATON Montana State 6’0” 180 Sr. WR
Transfer from UNLV, overcame a knee injury. Had a solid season. 2006: 55r, 757y, 13.8y/r, 4TDs, 63.1y/g, All Big Sky
TRAVIS WHITE North Dakota State 5'10" 185 Sr. WR
Top receiver with speed and concentration. Good route runner. Missed 2005 (senior season) due to injury. Made All Great West in 2004 when he had 57r for 776y and 9TDs. 2006: 44r, 498y, 11.3y/r, 4TDs, 45.3y/g, PR: 336y, 16y/r, 2TDs
ASHLEY WRIGHT Yale 6'4" 215 Sr. WR
Was the Ivy League's leading receiver in ’05 . Served as team’s punter previously. All Ivy. 2005: 61r, 795y, 10TDs, 79.5y/g. 2006: 29r, 446y, 15.4y/r, 2TDs, 71ydr, 44.6y/g, KR: 135y, 27y/kr

ERIC YANCEY Towson 5’9” 170 Sr. WR
Teams leading receiver this season. Small, but speedy and has excellent hands. All Atl10 ’06 2006: 68r, 826y, 12.1y/r, 10TDs, 75.1y/g, PR: 182y, KR: 252y

JONATHAN ALLEN Norfolk State 6'5" 235 Sr. TE
Named 2x All MEAC. 2005: 18r, 232y, 12.9y/c, 2TDs. 2006: 21r, 283y, 13.5y/r
KENDRICK BALLANTYNE Northeastern 6'4" 240 Sr. TE
Very underrated player, led the team in receiving this season. Has some size, shows great
concentration in traffic and has reliable hands. 2005: 18r, 182y, TD. 2006: 39r, 655y, 16.8y/r, 7TDs, 75ydr, 59.5y/g, All Atl10 ‘06
BRAD BELL Furman 6’2” 240 Sr. TE
Made All SoCon this season. A great blocker.
DANIEL BETTIS Appalachian State 6'3" 245 Sr. TE
Athletic, skilled and strong. Great hands, 2x All SoCon. Has also palyed DE. Good prospect. 2005: 28r, 337y, 8TDs. 2006: 9r, 90y, TD
JOSH BRENNARD Samford 6'4" 230 Sr. TE

Experienced and reliable pass catcher (19r in '03, 18r in '04).
2005: 11r, 101y, 3TDs. 2006: 10r, 2TDs
PATRICK BUGG Eastern Kentucky 6'5" 220 Sr. TE
Versatile WR/TE, very solid pass catcher. Numerous All American, is 3x All OVC. Reliable in the redzone. 2005: 40r, 608y, 15.2y/r, 10TDs, 55.3y/g. 2006: 37r, 611y, 16.5y/r, 7TDs, 55.5y/g
RODNEY BURGESS Coastal Carolina 6'4" 235 Sr. TE
Very experienced player, led team with 19r as a Freshman. 2005: 11r, 147y, 13.4y/r, TD. 2006: 18r, 300y, 16.2y/r, 2TDs, All Big South ‘06
TIM CALHOUN Eastern Washington 6'4" 250 Sr. TE
2005: 15r, 213y, 14.2y/r. 2006: 5r, All Big Sky
JUAN CHAMBA Iona 6'4" 250 Sr. TE
Has the size. Shows reliable hands. All MAAC. 2006: 17r, 214y, 12.6y/r, 2TDs
DAVID CHARLES Mississippi Valley State 6’2” 235 Sr. TE/FB
Decent hands and is a versatile blocker. 2006: 16r
ANDREW CHILDERS Samford 6'3" 250 Sr. TE
Has been team long snapper for 4yrs.
COLE DUNCAN UT Martin 6'4" 235 Sr. TE

An awesome pass catcher, has been steady since freshman year (31r). Very underrated. Caught 22 passes in '04. Didn’t many chances this season. 2005:23r, 253y. 2006: 11g, 2r
KYLE EDWARDS Rhode Island 6'6" 255 Sr. TE
A 4yr starter, is a devastating blocker and is also the teams snapper.
MATT FARBOTKO Harvard 6’6” 250 Sr. TE
Had a breakout season this year. Has tremendous height and shows good hands. 2006: 20r, 270y, 13.5y/r, 2TDs, All Ivy
ANDREW FLECK Stephen F. Austin 6'3" 265 Sr. TE
Strong player, has experience at DE and TE. Transfer from Virginia Tech.
PAYNE HALL Missouri State 6'4" 250 Sr. TE
An excellent pass catcher. 2005: 14r, 195y, 13.9y/r, 3TDs. 2006: 23r, 245y, 10.7y/r, All Gateway, All Academic ’06
KEVIN HALONSKI Stony Brook 6’4” 260 Sr. TE

2006: 17r, 205y, 12.1y/r, TD
BUBBA HAMRICK Western Carolina 6'3" 250 Sr. TE
Is a 3yr starter at long snapper.
ROSS HANNEM Northern Iowa 6’3” 235 Sr. TE
2006: 22r, TD
ADAM HOWEY Missouri State 6’2” 230 Sr. TE/LS
Transfer from Arkansas, has started every year at Long Snapper.
BRETT JOHANSEN Southern Utah 6'3" 230 Sr. TE
2005: 19r, 255y, 13.4y/r, TD. All Great West. 2006: 9r, 119y, 13.2y/r, 2TDs, St’s: 5t, BK
BRADEN JONES Southern Illinois 6'4" 260 Sr. TE
Former starting OLB at Northwestern where he racked up 115 career tackles. A solid athlete, versatile. This kid would be an asset to any pro team. Is not only a big and strong blocker, but has been a surprisingly reliable pass catcher. He was the teams leading receiver this season. Also makes a name for himself as a special teams demon. Has been very overlooked. 2005: 16r, 188y, 11.8y/r, 2TDs, St's: 2FR-TD, 2BKs. 2006: 32r, 521y, 16.3y/r, 7TDs, 80ydr, 43.4y/g, BK, All Gateway ’06, CSN All Star, SN All American, All Academic
MATT KREVIS Brown 6’5” 260 Sr. TE
Good size, is an outstanding blocker. 13r, 148y, 11.4y/r, All Ivy
RYAN LARSEN Southern Utah 6’4” 240 Sr. TE
Tremendous special teams player on kick coverage. Had 10 ST’s tackles in ’05. 2006: 6r, run-8y, St’s: 11t, FF
TABARI LOTT Alcorn State 6’6” 230 Sr. TE
Solid receiver, tough and a good target. Denied 5th year of eligibility. All SWAC. 2005: 18r, 314y, 17.4y/r, 2TDs
SEAN LYNCH New Hampshire 6’2” 245 Sr. TE
2006: 13r, 121y, TD
BRANDON MENNEAR Idaho State 6'6" 260 Sr. TE
Had 11r in 2004. Has played in every game of his career. Excellent blocker with size and decent hands. 2005: 7r, 63y, TD. 2006: 22r, 203y, All Big Sky
CHRIS MIZELL Pennsylvania 6'4" 250 Sr. TE
Named 2x All Ivy. 2005: 17r, 209y 2006: 31r, 292y, TD, All Northeast
BOOMER MOORE Western Illinois 6'2" 240 Sr. TE
Had 20 catches and 4TDs as a freshman. Not tall, but is a good receiver. 2005: 22r, 258y, 2TDs. 2006: 10r, 130y, TD
JOHN PARKINSON Chattanooga 6'2" 245 Sr. TE
2005: 11r, 127y, 11.5y/r. 2006: 14r, 150y, 10.7y/r, TD
ADAM PARSILL Eastern Illinois 6’4” 250 Sr. TE

Tremendous blocker, good size and strength. 2006: 9r All OVC
BEN PATRICK Delaware 6'4" 270 Sr. TE
Awesome size and hands, a transfer from Duke where he was a Freshman All American and had 79r, 791y and 2TDs career. Really made a name for himself this season. A top prospect from I-AA. 2006: led team w/ 64r, 639y, 10y/r, 6TDs, 58.1y/g, All Atl10. ECAC All-East, Senior Bowl, East/West Shrine
AARON RANDALL Grambling State 6’1” 245 Sr. TE/LS
Experienced long snapper.
MATT ROSS Central Arkansas 6’3” 235 Sr. TE/LS
Experienced LS, very reliable
MATT SKEEN Gardner-Webb 6'3" 240 Sr. TE
Named 2x All Big South as a long snapper. 2005: 5r, 70y
MATT TRINKLE William & Mary 6’5” 260 Sr. TE
Versatile athlete with awesome hands. Great versatile, can line up at FB or TE. All Atl10. 2005: 21 recpt, 148 yds, 7.0 avg, 1 TD. 2006: 24r, 202y
BRIAN WASHINGTON Southern 6?4? 245 Sr. TE
Clutch receiver, has size and toughness. 2006: 18r, 236y, 13.1y/r, 7TDs, FG All American, All South, All SWAC
ANDREW WIETSTOCK Pennsylvania 6’3” 240 Sr. TE
Tremendous blocker that has been used as an OL. Made All Ivy this season.
STAN WRIGHT Winston-Salem 6’5” 250 Sr. TE
Had 13r for 149y and 3TDs in 2004. Has great size, quickness and hands. Good talent. 2005: 10r, 159y, 15.9y/r, TD. 2006: 10r, 173y, 17.3y/r, 2TDs
JR ZWIERZYNSKi Western Illinois 6'3" 240 Sr. TE/LB
Transfer from Penn State where he was a backup LB. Moved to TE at WIU and was solid, has been a tough run blocker. 2006: 17r, 213y, 12.5y/r, Gateway All Newcomer

MATT ALFRED Eastern Washington 6’3” 300 Sr. OT
Numerous All American in 2005. Has been very physical and aggressive. Had a finger injury this season. All Big Sky
JUDD ALTMAN Richmond 6'5" 325 Sr. OT
Three year starter, experienced with excellent size and strength. 2x All ATL10
JACOB ANDERSON Albany (NY) 6'6" 300 Sr. OT

Dominating All NEC lineman, tall and physical blocker. All Mid Major, All NEC
DARREL ARNOLD Northern Arizona 6'4" 290 Sr. OG
A 3yr starter. Named teams Lineman of the Year in '05.
ALEX ATKINS UT Martin 6'2" 310 Sr. OG
Has been 2x All OVC, tremendous pass protector.
COREY AVIS James Madison 6'4" 330 Sr. OT
Has size, strength and good mobility. An excellent 4yr starter.Quick for his size and has good feet. 2x All ATL10. SN All American, AP All American, Walter Camp All American
JOHN BALL Southeast Missouri 6'4" 295 Sr. C
Three year starter, has also played OG.
MATT BARSAMIAN Columbia 6’0” 280 Sr. OT
Team captain with good strength and intelligence. All Northeast, All Ivy
MARTY BAUER Wofford 6'2" 290 Sr. OG
Good strength, is a leader.
EVAN BARBOSA Brown 6’4” 305 Sr. OT
Has good athletic ability and talent.
JAMELL BASS Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’3” 300 Sr. OT
GARRISON BELL Norfolk State 6'2" 270 Sr. C
Experienced long snapper.
JACOB BENDER Nicholls State 6'6" 305 Sr. OT
Started 3yrs, excellent size and experience. Is 3x All SLC. FG All American, All South, SN All American
ANDRE BENNETT Grambling State 6’6 350 Sr. OT
Very powerful and uses his size well. 2x All SWAC. All South
BRANT BERKLAND Montana State 6’2” 270 Sr. C
Has been a versatile and consistent 3yr starter. Is All Big Sky and All Academic, is also a Long Snapper.
CHRIS BERG Iona 6'6" 295 Sr. OT
Three year starter. Very tough and works hard.
BRIAN BEVIL Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’3” 300 Sr. OG
All around reliable blocker.
RYAN BIRD St. Francis (PA) 6'4" 320 Sr. OT

A two year starter.
LENERD BLACK Florida A&M 6’4” 310 Sr. OG

Big lineman, great strength.
LORENZO BRELAND Jackson State 6’3” 315 Sr. OG
Strong blocker, got decent size and experience.
PIERCE BRENNAN Albany (NY) 6'1" 280 Sr. C
Solid anchor. All Mid Major, All NEC
JUSTIN BUCKWALTER North Dakota State 6'4" 315 Sr. OG
Well-sized, good footwork. An excellent leader that started 3yrs. All Great West.
MARK BURGESS Western Carolina 6'4" 300 Sr. OT/OG
Transfer from Tulane
JERMON BUSHROD Towson 6'5" 325 Sr. OT
A 4yr starter, a great leader. Is a physical presence, moves very well. All around effective blocker. All Atl10
LAV BAUTA Villanova 6’5” 290 Sr. OT
Transfer from Duke, where he started at Tackle.
STEVE BLATCHLEY Portland State 6'5" 320 Sr. OT
Awesome size, works hard. A 4yr starter.
CLIFTON BUCKWAY Idaho State 6'3" 290 Sr. OT
Overcame a torn ACL in '03. Has started every season sice '04. All Big Sky
BRYAN BYRD Missouri State 6'4" 295 Sr. C/OG
Versatile lineman, that has been a dedicated worker. Has been solid.
JOSE CARDOZA Weber State 6'3" 300 Sr. C
Has good mobility.
MICHAEL CHAMPAIGN Winston-Salem 6’8” 315 Sr. OG
Is All Conference, good run blocker. Moves well and uses his great size to his advantage.
FRANK COCCARO Hofstra 6'2" 315 Sr. OG
Has been a solid pass protector.
MATT CONNOLLY Monmouth (NJ) 6’0” 275 Sr. OT
All Mid Major, All NEC
PRESTON COPLEY Dartmouth 6'5" 280 Sr. OT
Co-captain, great technique. All Ivy
JOE COSELLA La Salle 6'2" 305 Sr. OG
A very solid OL, has some size.
MICHAEL COSTANZO Villanova 6’4” 305 Sr. OT
Three year starter at both OT and OG,. All Atl10 ‘06
BRETT CRANDELL Yale 6'2" 285 Sr. C
Experienced, dedicated, is All Ivy.
MATT CRUM Samford 6'3" 305 Sr. OG
Underrated 4yr starter.
KAYLAND DENSON Eastern Kentucky 6'2" 345 Sr.

Stocky OL, good power.
JAMAR DORSEY Grambling State 6’3” 330 Sr. OG/OT
Huge, versatile.
SAM DOWNS Idaho State 6'3" 290 Sr. OT
Is 2x All Big Sky.
JANIAH DOWNING Illinois State 6'3" 310 Sr. OG
Underrated 3yr starter, tremendous pass protector. All Gateway ‘06
DEREK DUFF Portland State 6'2" 325 Sr. OG/C
Is 2x All Conference. Versatile.
JONATHAN DUNN Monmouth (NJ) 6'5" 315 Sr. OG
Started 3yrs, is a good leader and an anchor. Is All NEC. All Mid Major, All NEC
CHRIS DURKIN Hofstra 6'4" 290 Sr. OT
A 2yr starter
JAKE ERICKSON North Dakota State 6’2” 282 Sr. OG
FG All American, All Northwest
SEAN ESTRADA Pennsylvania 6'4" 300 Sr. OT
Has been 2x All Ivy.
BENNETT FAGAN Prairie View A&M 6’2” 280 OG
RYAN FARACI St. Francis (PA) 6’2” 290 Sr. C

Two year starter, strong run blocker.
DAVID FARR Central Arkansas 6’1” 290 Sr. C
Solid pass protector.
FRANK FERNANDEZ Harvard 6'2" 290 Sr. C
Is 3x All Ivy, benches 405lb and can squat 620lbs. All Northeast
ADI FILOPOVIC Furman 6’3” 280 OT/OG
SoCon Scholar Athlete of the Year
JOHN FINNERAN Villanova 6’6” 310 Sr. OT
Started 2yrs, has size and good technique.
CHRIS FORBES Jacksonville State 6'0" 295 Sr. OG

Can run block, moves well.
CHRIS FRANKLIN Alabama A&M 6’1” 270 Sr. C
CHRISTIAN GADDIS Villanova 6’1” 300 Sr. C
Named 2x All Atl10, a captain with good strength. Has been a solid leader.
BRENT GAREGNANI Northern Colorado 6'5" 320 Sr. OG
Started 3yrs, has awesome size and is a great run blocker. All Conference.
MATT GARRETT Murray State 6'1" 290 Sr. C

Experienced player on the OL.
CLAYTON GEORGE Eastern Illinois 6'6" 290 Sr. OT
Tall lineman, uses his hands well and can run block.
LANCE GERARD Southern 6’3” 295 Sr. OT
Quick off the snap, good technique.
CHAD GLOVER Weber State 6'6" 300 Sr. C
Versatile OG/C. All Big Sky
DEREK GOVERNOR Grambling State 6’5” 305 Sr. OT
Excellent pass protector.
DAN GREENIP Marist 6’5” 320 Sr. OG
Big OL, has been a starter.
MARKO GRZAN Pennsylvania 6'4" 295 Sr. OG
Named 2x All Ivy.
TRAVIS HARMON Howard 6’2” 290 Sr. C

All MEAC lineman that is an agile run blocker.
JOHNATHAN HARPER Murray State 6'5" 315 Sr. OT
Big, hard worker that has been a reliable blocker.
GEORGE HESTER Prairie View A&M 6’8” 350 Sr. OT
A monster, huge and strong.
JOE HIRST Montana State 6'7" 300 Sr. OT
Started 3yrs, overcame an injury in 2004. All Big Sky
JACOB HOBBS Albany (NY) 6'4" 325 Sr. OT
Big and strong, he has been underrated. All Mid Major, All NEC
BILL HOLTER St. Francis (PA) 6'3" 320 Sr. OT
Has experience and good size, an excellent pass protector. All NEC.
LANCE HANCOCK Sam Houston 6'5" 300 Sr. OT
Started all 4yrs, great durability and skill. Has size, is 2x All SLC and All Academic. FG All American, All South
BRANDON HOOKS Indiana State 6'1" 290 Sr. OG/LS
A 3yr starter at snapper.
JAKE HOUSSON Nicholls State 6'2" 290 Sr. OG
A 3yr starter.
MATT ISENHOUR Appalachian State 6'1" 280 Sr. OT
Has won SoCon top blocker award, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, SN All American
DONAVAN JACKSON Norfolk State 6’3” 320 Sr. OT
Got decent experience and size.
RYAN JEWELL Youngstown State 6'4" 295 Sr. C
Is 2x All Gateway player, a 4yr starter that is a true anchor. Smart, 2x All Academic. CSN All Star, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, SN All American
ERIC JOHNSON Eastern Illinois 6'4" 300 Sr. OT
Has been 2x All OVC.
JEFFREY JOHNSON Alabama A&M 6’2” 295 Sr. OG
Named 2x All SWAC. Good mobility. All South
TREMAINE JOHNSON Southern 6’3” 325 Sr. OG
Good worker with size.
JUSTIN JONES Central Arkansas 6’6” 305 Sr. OT
Excellent size and uses his hands well.
WILL JUSTICE Southern Illinois 6'4" 290 Sr. C
Physical player, good technique. Started 3yrs, has played OT and OG as well. Very durable and reliable. Named 2x All Gateway. SN All American
PATRICK KAPUNIAO Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’3” 320 Sr. OT
Has size and strength.
TIM KEANE UC Davis 6’4” 290 Sr. C
Two year starter at Center.
BRIAN KEPPLE Coastal Carolina 6'3" 305 Sr. C
Is 3x All Big South, started 4yrs. A good anchor and leader.
JOHN KIVETT Furman 6'2" 280 Sr. OT
Numerous All American, 2x All SoCon, All Academic. FG All American, All South
STEVE KOHENSKEY Missouri State 6'1" 305 Sr. OG
All Gateway. Strong lineman that has been named teams Lifter of the Year. A team captain.
ROB KUCHARSKI Central Conn. St. 6'4" 300 Sr. OG

An excellent run blocker.
DAVID LEACH Texas Southern 6’1” 285 Sr. C
Great anchor.
JAMEL LEE Youngstown State 6'0" 285 Sr. OG
Has also played OT and DT.
RONNIE LEE Central Arkansas 6’4” 310 Sr. OG
Powerful blocker with experience.
GRAHAM LEMMOND Samford 6'3" 285 Sr. C
SHAMEL LEWIS Rhode Island 6'2" 285 Sr. OT
Is 2x All ATL10. A 4yr starter, a great leader and an excellent run blocker.
JOE LOBDELL Northern Iowa 6'6" 285 Sr. OT/TE
Athletic and versatile player. Was All Gateway at OT in 2005/2006. Also played DT and TE at one time.
CLIFF LOUIS Morgan State 6'8" 300 Sr. OT

Well-rounded blocker, uses his height to his advantage. All MEAC
J.J. LYONS Marist 6’0” 280 Sr. OG
All MAAC All Mid-Major, All Northeast
NATE MANNING Norfolk State 6'3" 305 Sr. OG

Transfer from Kent State.
KEVIN MARCHUT Cornell 6'5" 305 Sr. OG
Solid run blocker.
JEFF MARSHALL Montana 6’5” 290 Sr. C
Three year starter, is 3x All Big Sky and All Academic. Has played both C and OG.
JOSE MATTHEWS Eastern Kentucky 6'6" 315 Sr. OT

Versatile OG/OT, great size and footwork. Started 3yrs.
JUSTIN MATHERSON Chattanooga 6'4" 295 Sr. C
Has played in all four seasons. Great versatility, has played OG, OT, and Center.
ED McCARTHY Yale 6'5" 305 Sr. OG
Durable and dominating three year starter. Very smart, is instinctive and is extremely reliable. Has been 2x All Ivy, pre-season All American. ECAC All American, SN All American, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, AFCA All American, FG All American, All Northeast
NEVIN McCASKILL Hampton 6'4" 295 Sr. OG

Great run blocker, very agile and has good technique. Is 3x All MEAC. FG All American, All Central
BRIAN McGUIRE Cornell 6'2" 300 Sr. OG
A 2yr starter. All Ivy
ALEX MILLER Massachusetts 6'2" 300 Sr. C
A 4yr starter at Center. Team captain, good leader. Very agile. All ATL10. ECAC All-East
ERIC MILLER Cornell 6'5" 300 Sr. OT
Named 2x All Ivy, big and very athletic.
RYNE MILLER Texas State 6'4" 310 Sr. C
Versatile OL that can play anywhere on the line. All SFL
MICHAEL MOODY Elon 6’3” 325 Sr. OG
Huge force on the line, is a physical pass protector. FG All American, All South, All SoCon
ANDREW MORRIS Iona 6'3" 315 Sr. C
Quick for his size, is strong and can match up well with the best defensive players.
CODY MORRIS William & Mary 6’4” 290 Sr. OG
Has been 2x All Atl10.
PAUL NOEL Saint Peter's 5'11" 280 Sr. C
Four year starter, 2x All MAAC. All Mid-Major
MARK OELKERS South Dakota State 6'3" 290 Sr. OG
All Great West
ANDY OLEMGBE Texas Southern 6’3” 305 OG
An experienced starter.
DAN PALMER Columbia 6’2” 295 Sr. OG
Very strong and versatile, has played C and DT as well.
MIKE PARHAM James Madison 6'0" 290 Sr. OG
Two year starter, transfer from Virginia Tech. All Atl10 ‘06
DANIEL PARRISH Florida A&M 6’7” 340 Sr. OT

Huge, an imposing figure with good hands and strength. All MEAC
ANTHONY PERILLI Wagner 6'0" 300 Sr. OT

TUCKER PETERSON New Hampshire 6'3" 300 Sr. OG
Team captain, is a 3yr starter. An All American and 2x All ATL10 athlete.
ADAM PETERSON The Citadel 6'5" 300 Sr. OT
Agile run blocker, great size.
TRAVIS PIERCE Delaware State 6'2" 300 Sr. C/OG

A great leader, has size and versatility.
BRAD POSTON Coastal Carolina 6'5" 295 Sr. OG
Started all 4yrs, a great run blocker. Named 2x All Big South. Has tremendous agility, has been a leader. AP All American, SN All American
BRENT POUSSON McNeese State 6'5" 300 Sr. OTVery intelligent lineman, great size and skill. An awesome pass protector. A great leader. 2x All SLC. Has played OG/OT. FG All American, All South
JED PRISBY Hofstra 6'4" 280 Sr. OT
An athletic pass protector. Is 2x All Atl10.
JERMAINE PRUITT Alcorn State 6’3” 365 Sr. C
MIKE RABBITT Iona 6’3” 280 Sr. OG

A 2yr starter, overcame an injury in ’04. Tough and aggressive, benches 400lbs. All MAAC, All Mid-Major
RICH RANGLIN Central Conn. St. 6'2" 315 Sr. OG

Has been a steady run blocker. A team captain, 2x All NEC.
TYLER RAWLINS Northern Iowa 6’3” 305 Sr. OG
A 4yr starter, consistently grades over 80%. Underrated
MARTY REDDEN Elon 6’5” 320 Sr. OG
Hard worker with tremendous size.
CLYDE REED S.C. State 6’6” 300 Sr. OT

Is 2x All MEAC. An excellent leader. FG All American, All Central
JOSH RESTUM Central Arkansas 6’3” 290 Sr. OG
Agile and quick.
CORY ROY Prairie View A&M 6’0” 290 Sr. OG
Agile run blocker.
JOHN RUETER Eastern Illinois 6'5" 290 Sr. OG
Is 2x All OVC.
AUSTIN RUSSELL Southeast Missouri 6'4" 320 Sr. OG

Talented 4yr starter with great size. Can long snap.
MATT RUSSELL Sacramento State 6'5" 315 Sr. OT
Transfer from Missouri.
WILL RUTHERFORD Wofford 6’5” 270 Sr. C
FG All American, All South, All SoCon
SHANE SANDAU Northern Arizona 6’4” 290 Sr. OT
Started in 2004, injured last season but made a come back in ’06. All Big Sky
STEPHEN SENE Liberty 6’6” 320 Sr. OT
Overcame some injuries to become a solid asset on the Liberty O-line. Good run blocker, is big and tough, uses his hands well. All Big South ‘06
MIKE SHANNON Dartmouth 6'4" 285 Sr. C
Fifth year senior that overcame a life-threatening leg infection in 2004. Came back to start all 10 games in ’05. Versatile, can play a few OL positions.
KYLE SKIERSKI UC Davis 6’5” 290 Sr. OT/OG
Versatile, athletic player. Is a 3yr starter.
JUSTIN SKIPPER Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’1” 300 C
Leader of a line that paved the way for a huge running game a steady passing attack. FG All American, All South, AFCA All American, All SWAC
KRISTIAN SMITH Alabama A&M 6’1” 310 Sr. OG
All South, All SWAC
NIK SOBIC Harvard 6'5" 305 Sr. OT
All Ivy
STEVE SOBOLEWSKI Eastern Illinois 6'4" 290 Sr. C

Can run block very well, is agile for his size.
TED SONNENBERG Cornell 6'4" 285 Sr. C
Is 2x All Ivy, agile run blocker
FRED STAUGH Indiana State 6'5" 300 Sr. OG
Transfer from Colorado, great run blocker with three years of starting experience. Has been All Newcomer. All Gateway ’06, All Academic
EMANUAL SWINDELL Norfolk State 6'5" 295 Sr. OT

Has decent size, is an All MEAC lineman.
ADAM TADISCH North Dakota State 6'5" 315 Sr. OT

Great athletic ability, big and reliable. Can run block.
MARCUS THOMAS Western Carolina 6'6" 295 Sr. OT
Experieced and is a good leader.
DAVID THOMPSON Massachusetts 6'3" 310 Sr. OT
Has awesome size, started since freshman season. All around great blocker. All ATL10 ‘06
ANDREW THORNBURG Furman 6’3” 285 Sr. OG
Transfer from the Air Force Academy. FG All American, All South, All SoCon
BRETT TOBIN Western Illinois 6’6” 295 Sr. OT
Injured in ’05, started in 2004. Was a great run blocker this season. Has good skills. Transfer from Virginia.
DERRICK UPCHURCH Delaware State 6'5" 315 Sr. OG/OT

Great size and strength, is versatile. All MEAC
DONALD USRY Southeastern Louisiana 6'3" 310 Sr. C
Durable 4yr starter, big and powerful. 2x All SLC. All South
FRANK VALLE Western Illinois 6'3" 295 Sr. OG
Well-rounded OL, very steady. Can run and pass block well. All Academic
OT ELLIOT VALLEJO UC Davis 6'8" 315 Sr.
Three year starter, huge and agile . Uses his hands well. Transfer from UCLA. All Great West. All Northwest, All Great West
KYLE VELLUTATO Princeton 6’2” 300 Sr. OT
All Ivy
BRANDON WALKER Hampton 6'2" 305 Sr. OT

Solid run blocker.
CHAD WALKER Western Illinois 6'5" 325 Sr. OT
Has started since freshman year, great size and strength. Is durable, smart and physical. Can run and pass block very effectively. Is 3x All Gateway. Played every snap this season and graded at 89.3%.
PATRICK WALKER Youngstown State 6’5” 305 Sr. OT
Excellent run blocker this season.
MIKE WALSH Marist 6’2” 270 Sr. C

Named 3x All MAAC All Mid-Major, All Academic
LANCE WAYNE Georgia Southern 6'2" 285 Sr. C
Great leader, started 4yrs at both C/OT and is extremely skilled. Has superb technique. All SoCon.
LUKE WICKMAN Western Illinois 6’4” 315 Sr. C
Started at Monmouth College before transferring. Has played OT, started at Center this season.
JUSTIN WILLIAMSON Missouri State 6'6" 285 Sr. OT
Is 2x All Gateway.
PATRICK WU Cornell 6’1” 290 Sr. OG
Transfer from Oregon State.

TODD ABRAMS Columbia 6'1" 265 Sr. NT
Former LB, good strength and moves well. 2005: 52t. 2006: 37t, 6tfl, sack, 3FR-2TDs
CARLOS ALLEN Towson 6’2” 260 Sr. DE
A three year starter, has played DE/DT. Has good speed. 2006: 45t, 4tfl, sack, INT, 4pbu, FF
RYAN BEERS Richmond 6'2" 285 Sr. DT
Good size, good strength. 2005: 26t, 3tfl, 2 sacks, INT, 2pbu. 2006: 31t, 4.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, BK
MIKE BERG Harvard 6'2" 270 Sr. DT/NT
An All American, is 3x All Ivy. Benches 450lbs and has a 36.5" VJ. In 2004 he had 38t, 15tfl and 6 sacks. Very athletic player. 2005: 38t, 9tfl, 2pbu, FF, INT. 2006: 43t, 16tfl, 6 sacks, 5qbh, FR, 2FF, BK, ECAC All American, SN All American, FG All American, All Northeast
MIKE BERRY Texas Southern 6’4” 270 Sr. DE
Big, agile and a good playmaker. 2005: 60t, 9.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, pbu, 5qbh, FR. 2006: 45t, 4.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, 2pbu, 3qbh, FR, 2FF, BK
ALDEN BLIZZARD Hampton 6'5" 255 Sr. DE

Transfer from North Carolina where he had good experience. 2005: 33t, 8.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, 2pbu, qbh, FF, BK. 2006: 38t, 10.5tfl, 3.5 sacks, pbu, 3qbh, FF
DAVID BRANCH Sam Houston 6'2" 255 Sr. DE
All SFL. Excellent rusher. Great mobility and is a worker. Injured this season. 2005: 42t, 13tfl, 7 sacks

2006: 51t, 2.5tfl, 1.5 sacks
WESLEY BRAY Furman 6'2" 285 Sr. NG
Very strong player on defense. 2005: 44t, tfl. 2006: 25t, 4.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, All SoCon, All South
VERNAN BRYANT Hampton 6’2” 280 Sr DT

2006: 24t, 4.5tfl, 3.5 sacks, 2FR
OMARR BYROM Appalachian State 6'2" 255 Sr. DE
Three year starter, good speed and consistency. Has played DT. 2005: 63t, 10tfl, 3.5 sacks, INT. 2006: 70t, 11.5tfl, 6 sacks, pbu, 9qbh, All SoCon, All South
JOHNNY CAMPBELL Richmond 6'4" 275 Sr. DE/DT
Started 3yrs on the d-line, tough and aggressive. Had 36t, 4tfl and 4pbu in '04. All ATL10. Uses his hands well. 2005: 33t, 10tfl, 5pbu, 2FF, FR, 6 sacks. 2006: 34t, 9tfl, 3 sacks, 2pbu, qbh, FF, All Atl10 ‘06
JACOB CARLSON Northern Colorado 6'3" 290 Sr. DT
A 3yr starter with great athleticism. Had 3BKs in 2004. All Conference. 2005: 30t, 3.5tfl. 2006: 6g, 14t, 3.5tfl, sack, pbu
GREG CASNAVE Nicholls State 6'3" 280 Sr. DT
Is 2x All SFL, good agility and toughness. Transfer from Southern Miss where he was All C-USA as a freshman. 2005: 43t, 3.5tfl, 1.5 sacks. 2006: 36t, 4.5tfl, sack, FF
JAMES COBLE Coastal Carolina 6’3” 250 Sr. DE/LS
Former Scholar Athlete of the Year, started 4yrs at Long Snapper including two seasons at Winston-Salem. All Big South ‘06
ANDRE COLEMAN Albany (NY) 6'4" 290 Sr. DE/DT
Excellent size, quickness and agility. Very versatile player on defense. 2005: 32t, 12tfl, 4.5 sacks, 2pbu. 2006: 42t, 13tfl, 6 sacks, pbu, qbh, FF, All NEC
TORY COLLINS Northwestern State 6'3" 280 Sr. DT
Is 3x All SLC and an All American. A hard worker with good agility and great talent. A transfer from LSU. 2005: 59t, 14tfl, sack, 2pbu, 4qbh, FF. 2006: 34t, 4.5tfl, 2 sacks, pbu, 6qbh, FR, FF, BK, FG All American, All South, AFCA All American
KYLE COUNCIL Iona 6’0” 270 Sr. DE
2006: 22t, 7tfl, 4.5 sacks, pbu, 2FF, All MAAC All Mid-Major
MARK CRISTIANI Eastern Kentucky 5'11" 275 Sr. DT/DE
Aggressive player on defense, a good leader. Is a 3yr starter. 2x All OVC. 2005: 37t, 9tfl, 4.5 sacks, pbu, 7qbh, BK. 2006: 54t, 7tfl, 2.5 sacks, 5qbh
BRIAN DAHL North Dakota State 6’2” 240 Sr. DE
Pass rush specialist with great speed. 2006: 27t, 8.5tfl, 6 sacks, FF
LEONARD DAVIS Tennessee State 6’3” 290 Sr.DT
Very disruptive player. Solid tackler, is big and athletic. 2006: 45t (30 solo), 7tfl, 2 sacks, 2pbu, FR, All OVC
MIKE DeVITO Maine 6'3" 300 Sr. DT
A 3yr starter with experience at NT. 2x All ATL10. 2005: 34t, 12tfl, 6.5sacks, FR, FF. 2006: 28t, 10.5tfl, 7 sacks, pbu, pbu, FR, ECAC All-East
KENT DeVINNEY Southern Illinois 6'1" 265 Sr. DT/LS
Started all 4yrs at long snapper.
ROSS DICKENS Western Kentucky 6'3" 260 Sr. DT/LS
Solid long snapper.
DEVON DOUGLAS Central Conn. St. 6'1" 275 Sr. DE
An All American that is a 3yr starter that has been 2x All NEC. Good size and durability on defense. 2005: 44t, 9tfl, 3 sacks. 2006: 34t, 7tfl, 3 sacks, 2FF
JAMES DRAKE Idaho State 6'3" 290 Sr. DT
Was All Big Sky in 2003, led team in sacks in the '04 season. Athletic DT with good skills. 2005: 25t, 5tfl, 3 sacks. 2006: 46t, 4tfl, 3 sacks, pbu, FF
LEVI ERICKSON Southern Utah 6'2" 250 Sr. DE
Had 10tfl and 5 sacks in '04. Is 3x All Great West and All Academic. 2005: 40t, 9tfl, 3 sacks, 4qbh, 2pbu. 2006: 44t, 9tfl, 5.5 sacks, 2qbh, FR, 2FF
RYAN ESDALE Duquesne 6'2" 240 Sr. DE

Is 2x All MAAC and an All American. Had 36t, 4.5 sacks, 7pbu in 2004. Has also played DT. 2005: 39t, 8.5tfl, 4 sacks, 3pbu. 2006: 36t, 10tfl, 5 sacks, 2pbu, FR, FF, All Mid-Major, All Northeast
BRIAN FAIRBANKS Penn 6’5” 250 Sr. DT
2006: 42t, 10tfl, 3 sacks, FR, FF, All Northeast, All Ivy
JACOB FORD Central Arkansas 6’5” 255 Sr. DE
Natural athlete with size and quickness. Has good technique. Very good rusher. 2006: 48t, 15.5tfl, 6 sacks, 4pbu, 5qbh, FR, 3FF, All South
FELIPE FOSTER Western Carolina 6'2" 300 Sr. DT
All SoCon, big and disruptive. Has a 460 bench press, has been a track star (shot-put). 2005: 21t, 2.5tfl, 2 sacks, BK.
JUSTIN FRICK North Dakota State 6'3" 300 Sr. DT
Very strong player with good footwork and skills. An All American, 2x All Great West. 2005: 54t (35 solo), 10.5tfl, 3 sacks, 4pbu, 3qbh, FF, FR, PK. 2006: 39t, 6tfl, 5 sacks, 4pbu, 3qbh, FR, FF, FCS All Star, SN All American, FG All American, All Northwest
MATTHIS GEHRING Portland State 6'1" 300 Sr. DT
Big, transfer from Oregon State. Is 2x All Big Sky. 2005: 19t (13 solo), 6.5tfl, sack, pbu, 2FR, FF. 2006: 26t, 7tfl, 2.5 sacks, BK
GERALD GOLDBERG Murray State 6’3” 315 Sr. DT
2006: 22t, 2.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, pbu, qbh
ADRAIN GRADY Coastal Carolina 6'5" 260 Sr. DE
Is 2x All Big South, started 4yrs. Top player on the d-line, has good quickness. Had an injury this season. 2005: 48t, 12tfl, 4 sacks, pbu. 2006: 3g, 14t, 4.5tfl, 2 sacks
WILL GRANT UT-Martin 6’0” 300 Sr. DT
2006: 27t, 5tfl, qbh, FF
GREG GREEN Jacksonville State 6’4” 255 Sr DE
2006: 37t, 8tfl, 2 sacks, 10qbh, All OVC
KEITH GRENNAN Eastern Washington 6'4" 290 Sr. DT
Has been solid, makes plays. 2005: 28t, 5tfl, 3 sacks, pbu, FR. 2006: 37t, 7tfl, 2 sacks, pbu, qbh, 2FR, All Big Sky
ERIC HALL VMI 6'1" 240 Sr. DE
Emotional player, quick and skilled A 3yr starter, is 2x All Big South. 2005: 54t, 10tfl, 6 sacks, pbu, 3qbh, FR, FF, 2BKs. 2006: 46t, 7.5tfl, 4 sacks, FR
RUDOLPH HARDIE Howard 6’1” 270 Sr. DE
2006: 51t, 20tfl, 9.5 sacks, 2pbu, 7qbh, 3FF, FG All American, All Central, All MEAC
SAM HARPER Coastal Carolina 6'3" 295 Sr. DT
A 3yr starter. Has some quickness, can be a solid pass rusher. 2005: 30t, 4.5tfl, 5qbh. 2006: 58t, 4.5tfl, 5 sacks, 4qbh, All Big South ‘06
JOHN HATCHELL Massachusetts 6'2" 275 Sr. NT
Super strong player, can bench 520lbs. Has also played DE. Really stepped it up this season. Was a huge hitter, very disruptive and was tough to get by. 2005: 36t, 5.5tfl, 2 sacks. 2006: led team w/ 134t, 6.5tfl, sack, 6pbu, 2FR, 2FF, All Atl10 ‘06
COLYN HAUGH Robert Morris 5’10” 240 Sr. OLB/DE
2006: 48t, 8tfl, 5 sacks, FF, BK, All NEC
An experienced NT, works hard. 2006: 36t, 5tfl, sack, pbu, qbh, FR
LORENZO HIGH Norfolk State 6’1” 290 Sr. DT

2006: 25t, 6.5tfl, 2.5 sacks
JASON HOLMAN Winston-Salem 6’3” 285 Sr. DE
Talented player with good size and quickness. A transfer from Maryland. 2005: 39t, 8tfl, 2 sacks, 2pbu, 2qbh, FR, FF, BK. 2006: 35t, 6tfl, sack, pbu, qbh, 2FF, All South, All SFL
DEREK HOOD Southern Utah 6'2" 250 Sr. DE
All Great West. 2005: 42t, 14tfl, 3 sacks. 2006: 21t, tfl, sack
ROBERT HOOKER McNeese State 6'2" 300 Sr. DT
Underrarted, showed what he could do this season. Excellent quickness for his size, is a physical mauler as well. 2005: 27t, 3tfl, 3 sacks, 7qbh, 2FF. 2006: 37t, 10.5tfl, 10qbh, pbu, BK
JASON HORN Liberty 6'1" 255 Sr. DE
Is 2x All Big South, a sure tackler, steady pass rusher and a solid special teamer. A great leader. 2005: 61t, 13tfl, 4 sacks. 2006: 7g, 33t, 7.5tfl, 5 sacks, pbu, qbh, FR, BK
KYLE HUNT Southeast Missouri 6’4” 260 DE Sr.
2006: 38t (20 solo), 11.5tfl, 4 sacks, pbu, 2qbh
ED JACKSON Sam Houston 6'2" 250 Sr. DE
Awesome 4yr starter, a good leader on defense. All SLC. 2005: 44t, 12tfl, 5 sacks, 3pbu, 6qbh. 2006: 41t, 5.5tfl, 4 sacks, 2FR
MARTIN JACKSON Alcorn State 6’4” 250 Sr. DE
Has a non-stop motor. Quick, strong and physical. Very intense. All SWAC. 2005: 52t, 17tfl, 11.5 sacks, pbu, 2qbh, 4FF. 2006: 44t, 11.5tfl, 4 sacks, pbu, 5qbh, 2FR, 3FF, BK
CHAVIN JOHNSON Mississippi Valley State 6’1” 305 Sr. DT
2006: 19t, FR
DeANDRE JOHNSON Northern Arizona 6'2" 275 Sr. DT
Transfer from Arizona State. 2006: 47t, 4.5tfl, 1.5 sacks
EDGAR JONES Southeast Missouri 6'5" 255 Sr. DE
Has excellent upside, really broke out this season and was simply dominating. A playmaker with great instincts and quickness. All OVC. 2005: 31t, 6tfl, 4 sacks. 2006: 53t (35 solo), 18tfl-103y, 12 sacks, 2pbu, 2qbh, FF
KENTAVIOUS JONES Texas Southern 6’0” 285 Sr. NG/DT
Moves very well for his size. Has been a good rusher. 2005: 39t, 3.5tfl, sack, pbu, 5qbh. 2006: 45t, 11tfl, 4 sacks, qbh, FR, BK, All SWAC
PHIL JORDAN Charleston Southern 6'3" 275 Sr. DT
2005: 41t, 7tfl, 2 sacks, 2006: 26t, 2.5tfl, sack
KIRBY JOSEPH McNeese State 6'3" 270 Sr. DE
Runs a 4.9/40, transfer from UCLA. Can really pressure the QB and is extremely disruptive to offenses. Fast, agile and skilled. 2006: 53t, 3tfl, 3.5 sacks, 5pbu, 17qbh, FR, FG All American, All South, All SFL
MARCUS KING Prairie View A&M 6’0” 290 Sr. DT
2005: 23t, 2tfl, 2 sacks. 2006: 20t
MATT KING Maine 6’3” 250 Sr. DE
Had a tremendous season. Showed speed, aggressiveness and outstanding agility. Was a maniac out there. 2006: 60t, 18tfl-103y, 11.5 sacks, 2pbu, 2FR, 3FF, All Atl10 ’06 ECAC All-East, finished 6th in Buchanan Award, All New England, AFCA All American, AP All American, SN All American, Walter Camp All American
RANDY KIRSCHMAN Northern Arizona 6’3” 280 Sr. DT
Has numerous Academic accolades, including ESPN All Academic. Can be disruptive on the line. 2006: 26t, 3.5tfl, 2 sacks, 2pbu, FF, BK
THURSTON LEE Gardner-Webb 6’3” 280 Sr. DE
Size/speed combo is excellent. Good rusher. 2006: 48t, 8tfl, pbu, 9qbh, FR, FF, All Big South ‘06
KEVIN LOCKHART Alabama A&M 6’1” 310 Sr. DT
Awesome size and athleticism. 2x All SWAC. 2005: 34t, 8tfl, 6 sacks, pbu, qbh, FR, FF. 2006: 32t, 6.5tfl, INT, pbu, 4qbh, FF, BK, All South
JONATHAN LUCAS Cornell 6'2" 250 Sr. DE
Had 50t and 9tfl in 2004. 2x All Ivy. Quick, got great strength and is a solid tackler. 2005: 39t, 7tfl, 4 sacks, 2pbu, FF. 2006: 42t, 5.5tfl, 2pbu, FF
JAKE MARSHALL Princeton 6'3" 275 Sr. DT
All Ivy 2005: 40t, BK. 2006: 45t, 4.5tfl, sack
JUSTIN MARTINDALE Illinois State 6'2" 260 Sr. DT
Undersized at DT, but is a 4yr starter. A valuable special teams performer. 2005: 38t, 6tfl, 2.5 sacks, 3pbu, FR, 3BK. 2006: 42t, 5.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, 3qbh, FF, All Gateway ‘06
RAMON McCULLOUGH Bethune-Cookman 6'0" 300 Sr. DT/NT

Transfer from South Florida. Big, strong and underrated athlete on defense. Good run stuffer. 2005: 44t, 5.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, INT, pbu, qbh, 2FR 2006: 25t, 5.5tfl, All MEAC
RENARD McDANIEL Missouri State 6'4" 326 Sr. DT
Former JC All American, is huge, powerful and imposing. Really broke out this season. 2006: 46t, 11tfl, 4 sacks, FF
MARKELL McKINLEY Alabama State 6’2” 300 Sr. DT
Transfer from Mississippi State. 2006: 22t, 5tfl, 2 sacks, 3qbh, 2FF
MADISON MILLER Indiana State 6'4" 245 Sr. DE
Pre-Season All Gateway. 2006: 43t, 9tfl, 4 sacks, FF
GEORGE MITCHELL Towson 6'2" 300 Sr. NT
Quick for his size. 2005: 24t, 2 sacks, FF. 2006: 29t, 4tfl, sack, FF
WILL MITCHELL Saint Peter's 5'10" 265 Sr. DE

Has been 2x All MAAC, experienced and durable. 2005: 50t, 7tfl, 3 sacks, 2FF. 2006: 55t, 8tfl, 2tfl, 2pbu, 3qbh, FF
KERRY MULLEN Montana 6’3” 290 Sr. DT
2006: 34t, 1.5tfl, FR
MIKE MURPHY Montana 6'3" 240 Sr. DE
Has been an All American and is 2x All Big Sky. In 2004 he had 46t, 17tfl and 12 sacks. Smart player that is All Academic.Great speed, agility and great moves. A dominating pass rusher. 2005: 33t, 8tfl, 6 sacks, 4pbu, FR, 5FF. 2006: 44t, 10.5tfl, 6 sacks, 4pbu, SN All American, AP All American, AFCA All American, All Big Sky
MARQUES MURRELL Appalachian State 6'2" 250 Sr. DE
Speed and power, a Buck Buchanan Award candidate. Has been dominating and unstoppable. All American. In 2004 he had 7 sacks and 12.5tfl. Is a 3yr starter and 2x All SoCon. 2005: 82t, 32tfl, 26.5tfl, 13 sacks, 7FF, 3FR, 8qbh. 2006: 82t, 17tfl, 13 sacks, 6FF, 13qbh, 3pbu, FG All American, All South, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, AFCA All American, SN All American
DeCARLOS MYRICK Mississippi Valley State 6’3” 288 Sr. DT
Experienced player, is disruptive. 2006: 21t, 3.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, 2pbu
MIKE NG UC Davis 6'2" 250 Sr. DE
Named 2x All Great West. 2005: 22t, 8.5tfl, 2.5 sacks. 2006: 33t, 7.5tfl, 5 sacks, 4pbu, FR, 2FF
JOSH NEWCOMER St. Francis (PA) 6'1" 280 Sr. DT

2005: 31t, 5.5tfl, sack, qbh, 2FR, FF, BK. 2006: 28t, 3tfl
HARRISON NIKOLAO Eastern Washington 6'2" 300 Sr. DT/OT
Versatile player. That has played OL and DL. Has good athleticism. 2005: 27t, 3tfl, 3 sacks
CJ NIUSULU Portland State 6'2" 300 Sr. DT
Transfer from UCLA where he had starting experience. Great strength. 2006: 28t, 6.5tfl, FR, All Big Sky
PAT O’KEEFE Weber State 6’3” 245 Sr. DE
Transfer from Utah. 2006: 47t, 7.5-tfl, 4 sacks, 2FR, FF, All Big Sky
TEMI OMOTADE Morgan State 6'4" 265 Sr. DE/DT

Excellent rusher. Very quick off the ball and has good size. 2005: 47t, 6.5tfl, 2 sacks, INT. 2006: 28t, 6.5tfl, sack, 2qbh, BK
DAN ORLEBAR Appalachian State 6'3" 300 Sr. DT
Is a great DT, big and powerful on the line. Was a great run stopper this season. 2005: 21t, 4tfl. 2006: 65t, 2tfl, 2 sacks, 5qbh, 2FR
BRIAN OSIMIRI Princeton 6’0” 260 Sr. DE/NT
2006: 32t, 6.5tfl, 4 sacks, FR, FF
JIM PHELAN Youngstown 6’3” 295 Sr. DT
As a Junior he posted a 4.8/40 and benched 225lbs 26x. Has excellent size, athleticism and agility. 2006: 43t, 8.5tfl, pbu, FR, BK, All Gateway ‘06
EDWIN PINER Howard 6'3" 300 Sr. DT
Great size, is a good run stopper in the middle. 2005: 45t (30 solo), 7tfl, 2.5 sacks, qbh, FR, FF 2006: 43t, 7.5tfl, 2 sacks, 2pbu, FF, All Central, All MEAC
BARRON PULLUM Mississippi Valley State 6’2” 245 Sr. DE
2006: 33t, 8.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, 2pbu, qbh, BK, All SWAC
ED QUEEN Northwestern State 6’2” 275 Sr. DEHad a strong season. Can rush, is a good special teamer. 2006: 47t, 8tfl, 1.5 sacks, 3pbu, 6qbh, 2FR, BK. FG All American, All South, All SFL
ROY RAVENELL Furman 6'2" 260 Sr. DE
A 3yr starter that has been 2x All SoCon and All American. In 2004 he had 75t, 11tfl, 6.5 sacks, 3FF, INT, 3pbu and a BK. An awesome playmaker with speed. 2005: 71t, 5tfl, 2 sacks. 2006: 41t, 7.5tfl, 2 sacks, qbh, BK, All South
KEITH REED Missouri State 6'0" 280 Sr. DT
Pre-Season All Gateway. Shows solid tackling skills. 2006: 60t, 9tfl, sack, FF
DeLOREAN SHAW SC State 6’3” 275 Sr. DT
2006: 31t, 4tfl, FR, FF
DAVID SIATAGA Montana State 5’11” 270 Sr. NT
2006: 47t, 6 tfl, sack, All Big Sky
STEVEN SMITH Southeastern Louisiana 6'0" 325 Sr. DT/NG
All Academic. Has been a solid force. 2005: 25t, 5tfl, sack, FR. 2006: 33t, 10tfl, 2 sacks
JJ STANTON Pennsylvania 6’2” 260 Sr. DE
An awesome special teams performer. 2006: 19t, 3.5tfl, 2 sacks, pbu, FF, 2BKs
TORIAN STENCER Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6’0” 270 Sr. NG
2005: 34t, 7tfl, sack, 3qbh, FR, FF, BK. 2006: 30t, 3.5tfl, 2 sacks, 2qbh
TOM STONE Pennsylvania 6’1” 275 Sr. DT
2006: 30t, 3tfl, sack, All Ivy
CHUCK SUPPON James Madison 6'4" 290 Sr. DT
Great size and athleticism. Good special teams performer.2005: 22t, 3tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, 2FF, 2BKs. 2006: 34t, 10tfl, 7.5 sacks, pbu, FF, All Atl10 ‘06
BRIAN SWEENEY Monmouth (NJ) 6’2” 250 Sr. DE

2006: 38t, 7.5tfl, 3 sacks, 5pbu, 4qbh, 2FR, FF, 2BKs, All NEC
RONNIE TATE Illinois State 6’3” 260 Sr. DE
Had a great season. A solid pass rush specialist with excellent agility. 2006: 34t, 7.5tfl, 3 sacks, 4pbu, 7qbh, FR, FF
CHARROD TAYLOR Georgia Southern 6'2" 250 Sr. DE/DT
Had a 600lb squat. Very strong, dedicate and disciplined. Good versatility. 2x All SoCon. 2005: 9.5tfl, 3.5 sacks. 2006: 48t, 6.5tfl, 2 sacks, pbu, 4qbh, BKAll South
CLYDE TRIPLETT Samford 6'3" 295 Sr. DT

2005: 31t, 4tfl, sack, 2pbu, 2FR. 20t (19 solo), 7tfl, 2 sacks, pbu
ERIC TURNER SC State 6’4” 260 Sr. DE

2006: 39t, 9tfl, 1.5 sacks, FF, All MEAC
DAN WAGNER New Hampshire 6'3" 275 Sr. DT
A 4yr starter. 2005: 27t, 4tfl. 2006: 23t, 5tfl, 3 sacks, FF, BK
CHAD WALTRIP Rhode Island 6’1” 280 Sr. NG
2006: 21t, 4tfl, 1.5 sacks
CHRIS WASH Missouri State 6’3” 250 Sr. DE
Has overcome some injuries, really works hard and is a dedicated athlete. Quick rusher. 2006: 26t, 7tfl, 6 sacks, pbu, FR, FF, All Gateway ‘06
CHRIS WHITE Cal Poly 6'3" 275 Sr. DT/DE
Excellent player that has great strength and quickness. Has played NT. 2x All Great West. Great rusher that could be used at DE. 2005: 42t, 15tfl, 10.5 sacks, 5qbh, FF, FR. 2006: 30t, 10.5tfl, 5 sacks, pbu, 9qbh, FCS All Star, AP All American, AFCA All American, FG All American, All Northwest
TONY WILLIAMS Coastal Carolina 6’3” 320 Sr. DT
Big but has good speed. 2006: 21t, sack, pbu, qbh
BRIAN WILLIAMSON William & Mary 6’3” 290 Sr. DT
2005: 33t, 3.5tfl, sack, pbu. 2006: 19t, FR
LORENZO WIMS Southern Illinois 6'2" 260 Sr. DE
Transfer from Ball State, All Newcomer ‘05. Tremendous pass rusher that has been consistent and tough to block. 2005: 30t, 9tfl, 7 sacks, 4FF. 2006: 53t, 16tfl, 7 sacks, 2pbu, 5qbh, 2FR, BK, SN All American
CHRIS WOOTEN Florida A&M 6'1" 290 Sr. DT

Overlooked player on the d-line. A consistent run stuffer. 2005: 24t, FF. 2006: 44t, 3tfl, FF.
SEAN WOOTEN Howard 6'4" 290 Sr. DT

Has been a big and powerful run stopper. 2005: 22.5t, 8.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, pbu, qbh. 2006: 25t, 4tfl, 2 sacks, pbu, qbh, FR-21y
JOSH WRIGHT William & Mary 6’3” 250 Sr. DE
2006: 39t, 6.5tfl, 4 sacks, 2pbu, 2FR
ERIK YNGSTROM Monmouth (NJ) 6’2” 250 Sr. DE

2006: 34t, 7tfl, 4 sacks, pbu, FR, 2FF, All NEC
NICK ZAFFARESE Iona Sr. 6-0 260 NG
2006: 32t, 3.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, 2pbu, FR, FF, 2BK, All MAAC

BRYAN ADAMS Villanova 5’11” 235 Sr. OLB
2006: 64t, 12tfl, 3.5 sacks, INT, pbu, FR
BRAD ANDERSON Massachusetts 6'2" 230 Sr. ILB
Transfer from Vanderbilt, is All Academic. Has a knack for being around the play. 2005: 62t, 9tfl, 2.5 sacks, pbu, FR, FF. 2006: 112t, 5.5tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 4pbu, 2FF, All Atl10 ‘06
JOHN ARCHIE Jackson State 6’3” 230 Sr. OLB
Great size/speed combo. 2006: 48t, 15.5tfl, 5.5 sacks, FR, 2FF, All SWAC
JOHNNY BALDWIN Alabama A&M 6’1” 225 Sr. OLB
Is 2x All SWAC athlete. Teams leading tackler last season. Great quickness and pursuit. Rushes well, can cover, hit and is a good special teamer. 2005: 103t, 9tfl, 4 sacks, INT, 2pbu, 2FR, FF, BK. 2006: led team w/99t, 6.5tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 2pbu, 3qbh, 3FF, BK, FG All American, All South
JUSTIN BASS Arkansas Pine-Bluff 5’11” 225 Sr. ILB
Underrated player, teams top tackler the last two seasons. Quick and aggressive. 2005: 102t, 14.5tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 2FR, 2FF. 2006: 87t, 10tfl, sack, qbh, 2FR, All SWAC
KENNETH BOLEY Stephen F. Austin 6'1" 235 Sr. ILB
Transfer from Southern Miss. 2005: 47t, 5.5tfl, sack, qbh, 2FR, FF, BK. 2006: 16t, tfl
ADAM BREKKE Columbia 5’11” 220 Sr. OLB
Quick and intense. Is a solid hitter with a great motor. 2006: 80t, 5.5tfl, 4 sacks, 2INTs-TD, pbu, FF, All Ivy
DAVID BROOKS Southern 6?2? 235 Sr. ILB
2005: 63t, 7tfl, INT, 2pbu. 2006: 65t, 5tfl, 2 sacks
MATT BRUNCK Robert Morris 6’2” 260 Sr. ILB
Tremendous size, a hard hitter on defense with strength. 2006: 74t, 13.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, INT-TD, FR, 2FF, FG All American, All Mid Major, All NEC
TYSON BUTLER Sacramento State 6'1" 250 Sr. ILB
A 3yr starter, is All Big Sky. Has great toughness, quickness and big play ability. 2005: 59t, 9.5tfl, 6.5 sacks. 2006: 78t, 10tfl, 3 sacks, 2pbu, 2FR-79y, All Big Sky
DERRICK BYRD Missouri State 6'1" 230 Sr. ILB
Co-Captain, All Gateway ‘06. Former Safety, has good intensity and dedication. 2005: 87t, FF, 2FR. 2006: 60t, 4tfl sack, 3pbu, FR, FF
NIALL CAMPBELL Illinois State 6'2" 230 Sr. ILB

Standup guy, hits well and is capable in coverage. 2005: 68t, 8.5tfl, INT, 4pbu, FR, FF. 2006: 106t (54 solo), 7tfl, 2 sacks, INT, 6pbu, qbh, 2FF, All Gateway ‘06
MATT CAMPOPIANO Northeastern 6'2" 240 Sr. OLB
Great leader, is All Academic. Had 11.5tfl in 2004. Can also played DE. 2005: 48t, 12tfl, 6 sacks. 2006: 38t, 8tfl, 3.5 sacks, pbu, 2qbh, FR, FF, All Atl10 ‘06
DIMITRI CARR Grambling State 6’2 232 Sr. OLB
Big talent. Hits like a truck has good intensity and a non-stop motor. Rushes very well and is explosive. All SWAC. 2005: 99t, 16tfl, 6 sacks, 3pbu, 4qbh, FF. 2006: 73t, 7.5tfl, pbu, 3qbh, FR, FF, BK
MIKE CASTELLANO Monmouth (NJ) 6'2" 235 Sr. ILB

Transfer from Villanova. A co-captain and 3yr starter, is 2x All NEC. Is quick and has tremendous pursuit. Can rush, cover and run stop. Has natural instincts at LB. In 2004 he had 71t, 13.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, INT, 2FR and 2FF. 2005: 70t, 12tfl, 6 sacks, 3INTs and 2FR. 2006: 64t, 4.5tfl, 2 sacks, 3INTs, 5pbu, FR, FF, FG All American, All Mid Major, All NEC
JEREMY CASTILLO Texas State 5'11" 225 Sr. ILB
Teams leading tackler last season and in '04. Had 77t as a freshman, started 4yrs and has a real nose for the ball. Can cover well. 2x All SLC. 2005: 95t, 13tfl, 4.5 sacks, INT, 3pbu, qbh, 3FR, 2FF. 2006: led team w/84t, 9.5tfl, 3.5 sacks, 2pbu, 2qbh, 3FR, 5FF, FG All American
TAUREAN CHARLES Bethune-Cookman 6'1" 245 Sr. ILB

Tremendous size, powerful player with a good mean streak. Has been a top tackler for the team. Good awareness and leadership. 2x All MEAC. Transfer from Florida. 2005: 94t, 8.5tfl, 3.5 sacks, 2pbu, qbh, FR, 3FF. 2006: 63t, 11tfl, 2sacks, 5qbh
VINCENT DAVIS Texas Southern 6’2” 240 Sr. OLB
Excellent size. Has good quickness and gets into the backfield. 2006: 48t, 16.5tfl, 9.5 sacks, pbu, FG All American, All South
TYLER DeBRY Weber State 5'11" 235 Sr. OLB
Very good speed, plays aggressive and physical. Led team in tackles this season. 2005: 78t, 4tfl, 2.5 sacks, 2pbu, FR, FF. 2006: 106t, 9.5tfl, 2 sacks, INT, 2pbu, 2qbh, All Big Sky
ZAK DeOSSIE Brown 6'4" 240 Sr. ILB
Is 3x All Ivy, a 3x All American and has been a Buck Buchanan Award finalist. Smart athlete that has dominating skills. Awesome size and knows the game inside out. Had 98t, 9tfl and 5 sacks in '04. A legit prospect out of I-AA. Teams leading tackler last season. 2005: 80t, 12tfl, 5sacks, INT, BK, 3FF (missed 3 games). 2006: 110t, 10.5tfl, 2 sacks, 3pbu, 2qbhFCS All Star, ECAC All American, SN All American, AP All American, FG All American, All Northeast
DUSTIN DLOUHY Montana 6’2” 225 Sr. OLB
Finally got his big chance this season, showed great speed and agility. Very good versus the pass and was a big hitter on running plays. 2006: 71t, 11tfl, 6.5 sacks, INT, 3FF, All Big Sky
ROBERT DOWDY Howard 6’2” 225 SR. ILB

2006: 69t 6tfl, TFL, INT, pbu, 2FF
JUSTIN DURANT Hampton 6'2" 230 Sr. ILB

An All American and 2x All MEAC LB with great instincts and strength. Big hitter, has a non-stop motor. Led MEAC in tackles last season. 2005: 124t, 15tfl, 5 sacks, INT, 2pbu, qbh, 2FR. 2006: 98t (65 solo), 13tfl, sack, 5pbu, qbh, FR, FG All American, FCS All Star, All Central, SN All American, AP All American, SBN DPOY
MICHAEL EVANS Missouri State 6’0” 252 Sr. ILB Redshirted at Ole Miss as a Freshman. Has great experience, overcame an injury last season. Big, physical and was the teams leading tackler this season. 2006: 77t, 3tfl, pbu, FF
MIZRAIM FARLEY Rhode Island 6’0” 225 Sr. ILB
Very good tackler. 2006: 77t, 6tfl, INT, pbu
BRANDAN FEAGIN Norfolk State 6’3” 230 Sr OLB

2006: 26t, 7tfl, 3 sacks, 5qbh, 2FR, FF
JUSTIN FRANKLIN Wofford 6'2" 245 Sr. ILB
Had 116t in 2004. One of the best tacklers in the conference. Good awareness and pursuit. 2005: 72t, 3tfl, INT. 2006: 81t, 5tfl, 2 sacks, 2INTs-70y, 5pbu, 2qbh, 2FR, FF, All South, All SoCon
ROLAND GARCIA Sacred Heart 5'10" 220 Sr. OLB
Fast And agile LB. 2005: 75t, 13tfl, 4 sacks, 2pbu, FR. 2006: 115t, 9tfl, sack, FF, BK
KORY GEDIN Pennsylvania 6'2" 240 Sr. ILB
Solid hitter on defense, plays hard on every down and is physical. Named 2x All Ivy. 2005: 55t, 9.5tfl. 2006: 71t, 3tfl, 5pbu
RAY GENSLER Robert Morris 6’0” 230 Sr. OLB
A monster playmaker. Fast, strong and intense. Is a deadly rusher, can cover. 2006: 65t, 17.5tfl-106y, 11tfl, 5pbu, qbh, FF, FG All American, All Mid Major, ECAC All American, SN All American, All NEC
JOE GIBALSKI Dartmouth 6'2" 220 Sr. ILB
Physical player that can cover well. 2005: 87t, 6.5tfl, sack, 2INTs, pbu, FF. 2006: 86t, 8tfl, 2 sacks, 3pbu, FR, FF
DAVID GILMORE UT Martin 6'3" 225 Sr. OLB
Teams leading tackler last season. Could play ILB or OLB. All OVC. 2005: 91t, 14tfl, 4 sacks, 4FF. 2006: 65t, 5tfl, 2 sacks, 2INTs, 4pbu, 2FR, FF
ADAM GOLOBOSKI Richmond 6'1" 230 Sr. ILB
A tackling machine, is a 2x All ATL10 athlete. Great motor, veryphysical. Had 116t and 7.5tfl in 2004. Plays hard nosed football. Has over 100 tackles in three straight seasons. 2005: 131t, 7tfl, 5pbu, 2FR. 2006: 108t, 11.5tfl, 3pbu, QBH, 3FF, BK
LANCE GRAY Richmond 6-3 235 Sr. OLB/ILB
Versatile athlete, quick to the ball and can cover. Had 102t, 6tfl, 4pbu in '04. Sure-tackler. Is 2x All ATL10. 2005: 89t, 2INTs, 7pbu, 2FF, 3 sacks. 2006: 81t, 7tfl, 1.5 sacks, INT, 2qbh, FF
DEMORIS HARDIMAN Southeastern Louisiana 6'2" 220 Sr. OLB/ILB
All SLC. 2005: 50t, 8tfl, 2 sacks, FF, FR. 2006: 70t, 6tfl, pbu, BK
SETH HARRELL Southeast Missouri 6'0" 225 Sr. ILB
Transfer from Missouri. Always around the ball, good hitter and a great special teamer. 2005: 56t, 3tfl, 2 sacks, INT. 2006: 74t, 2tfl, 2INTs, pbu, FF, 2BKs
BILL HAYDEN Sacred Heart 6'4" 235 Sr. OLB

All NEC. Has showed a knack for getting into the backfield. 2005: 56t, 12tfl, 6.5 sacks, INT
ADAM HAYWARD Portland State 6’0” 235 Sr. OLB
Strong, fast and versatile. Has played ILB/OLB, DE and Safety. Transfer from Colorado State. Led team in tackles this season. A huge playmaker that has an amazing motor. Named DPOY this season. 2006: 104t, 16.5tfl, 9.5 sacks, 7pbu, qbh, FR, 3FF, SN All American, AP All American, All Big Sky
JOHN HEDGES Western Kentucky 6’0” 230 Sr. ILB

Very intelligent. Has good athletic skill. 2006: 61t, 7tfl, sack, 2pbu, qbh, FF
REGINALD HOLMES Morgan State 6'2" 250 Sr. OLB

Former All ACC LB at Maryland. 2006: 16t, 2tfl, sack
CHRIS HUNSAKER Northern Arizona 6'0" 245 Sr. ILB
Excellent size and speed, has shown flashes of dominance. Was teams Defensive Newcomer of the Year last season. All Big Sky. 2005: 65t, 11tfl, 5 sacks. 2006: 62t, 21tfl-101y, 11.5 sacks, FR-38y, FF, SN All American, AP All American, All Big Sky
MARTY HUTCHINSON Youngstown 6’4” 220 Sr. OLB
Teams leading tackler this season. Works hard, has good experience. Very agile and is quick, can cover and rush. 2006: 111t, 10.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, 8pbu, 2FR, FF, All Gateway ‘06
OMANIGHO IMEOKPANIA Delaware State 6’0” 225 Sr. ILB
Has good quickness and coverage ability. 2006: 33t, 2.5tfl, 3pbu, FF, FG All American, All Central
In 2004 he led the team with 116t (75 solo), 7.5tfl, 3.5 sacks, 4FF and 3pbu. 2005: 64t, 3tfl, INT. 2006: led team w/ 88t, 6tfl, 4tfl, 6pbu, 2FR, 3FF, All OVC
TIMOTHY JEAN-PIERRE Norfolk State 6’1” 230 Sr OLB

2006: 51t, 8tfl, 3.5 sacks, pbu, 3qbh
ANDY JONES Indiana State 6’1” 220 Sr. OLB

All Gateway 2006, hits hard and can tackle very well. 2006: 95t, 8tfl, 3 sacks, INT, FF
AKEEM JORDAN James Madison 6'0" 235 Sr. ILB
Was 2x All ATL10. Big playmaker, hard worker. 2005: 80t, 5.5tfl, sack, 3INT-91y-TD, pbu, FF. 2006: led team w/ 140t, 17tfl, 5.5 sacks, INT, 4pbu, qbh, FR, FF, DPOY 2006, ECAC All-East, SN All American, AP All American, AFCA All American, Walter Camp All American
MICAH KING Southern Illinois 5’10” 220 Sr. OLB

Had a breakout season after seeing limited action most of his career. 2006: 56t, 9.5tfl, 5.5 sacks, 2qbh, 2FF, All Gateway ‘06
JEFF KOVAL Youngstown 6’1” 220 Sr. OLB

Didn’t play football until his sophomore season. Really works hard, has been a solid player and good athlete. 2006: 56t, 13tfl, 5.5 sacks, pbu, 2FR, All Gateway, All Academic
MARTY KRANTZ South Dakota State 6’1” 235 Sr. ILB
Underrated LB. Has shown a strong ability to tackle, cover and rush. 2006: 72t, 6tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 2pbu
DARIUS LEAK Morgan State 6'2" 245 Sr. ILB

Transfer from UConn. Can really cover the field with his great quickness. Big, quick and strong. Has great instincts and a good nose for the ball. Hard to get by, has tremendous pursuit. An All American and 2x All MEAC athlete. 2005: 117t (66 solo), 12.5tfl, 3 sacks, 2FF 2006: 93t, 5tfl, pbu, 5FR, 2FF, All Central
JAMAR LEATH Coastal Carolina 6'2" 230 Sr. OLB
Experienced LB, is an excellent hitter with good quickness. Named 2x All Big South. Teams leading tackler in the last two seasons. 2005: 108t, 8.5tfl, 3 sacks, INT, qbh, FR, 3FF. 2006: 116t, 5.5tfl, sack, INT, 3pbu, FF
ADAM LIPSKI Iona 6'0" 225 Sr. OLB

Solid tackler, has been a consistent run stopper on defense. All MAAC and All American, was pre-season DPOY. 2005: 88t, 8tfl, 5.5 sacks, 2pbu, FF, 3FR. 2006: 52t, 4tfl, INT, 2pbu, 2fr, FF
TIMOTHY LOCKETT Howard 6'0" 240 Sr. OLB
Teams leading tackler this season. Has excellent size, great pursuit and is a sure tackler. 2005: 58t, 9.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, 4qbh. 2006: 91t, 6.5tfl, pbu, qbh, FR, 3FF, FG All American, All Central, All MEAC
CLIVE LOWE Montana State Sr. 6’3” 245 OLB
Had a career full of ups and downs but finished strong this season. Has great size and is a playmaker. 2006: 63t, 9.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, pbu, qbh, FR, 2FF, All Big Sky
QUINTON MAXWELL Central Arkansas 6’0” 235 Sr. ILB
2006: 69t, 8.5tfl, sack, INT, pbu, 2FF, All South
JERMAINE McGHEE Prairie View A&M 6’2” 200 Sr. OLB
Not sure where he belongs. Is actually a DE, but at his size he’s way too small for that position, or even for a LB. This kid can play ball. Has been a big tackler, is quick and extremely tough. 2006: led team w/ 67t, 13.5tfl, 8 sacks, pbu, 4qbh, 2FF, FG All American, All South, All SWAC
TRAVIS McLAUREN William & Mary 5’11” 240 Sr. ILB
Stocky and powerful LB, a hard hitter. 2006: 59t, 2tfl, INT, 3pbu, FR, BK
KEN-WON MILLER Delaware St 6’0” 230 Sr. ILB

2006: 72t, 6tfl, 2 sacks, qbh, FR
ROBERT NAPIER Texas Southern 6’3” 250 Sr. OLB/ILB
All SWAC, big linebacker with good instincts. Great rusher, hitter and can cover. 2005: 88t, 5.5tfl, 3sacks, 2INTs, 3pbu, 9qbh, FR, FF. 2006: 66t, 6tfl, 3 sacks, 2qbh, FR, FF
CHRIS NDUBUEZE William & Mary 6’1” 237 Sr. OLB
Very solid LB, has some size, moves very well and is a good rusher. 2006: 75t, 7tfl, 4 sacks, 2pbu, qbh, All Atl10 ‘06
CHAD NKANG Elon 6'1" 220 Sr ILB
Former FB that ran for 308y in 2003. Led SoCon with 135t in 2004. An All American, 2x All SoCon and DPOY. Has been a dominating force at LB. Very tough, aggressive and intense. Hits very hard. Named MVP of this years Hula Bowl. Deserves a look from pro teams. 2005: 152t (73 solo), 18.5tfl, 5 sacks, 13.86t/g. 2006: 127t, 16.5tfl, 3 sacks, INT-TD, pbu, 3FF, FG All American, All South, SN All American
JUSTIN PEEK Cal Poly 6'1" 225 Sr. OLB
Is 2x All Great West, All Academic. 2005: 47t, 6tfl, 2 sacks, 5qbh, 3pbu. 2006: 50t, 10tfl, 5.5 sacks, 2qbh, FF
ATLELEA RAASS Idaho State 5'11" 225 Sr. OLB
All Big Sky. Big tackler, plays hard-nosed football. 2005: 51t, 10tfl, 3 sacks, FR, INT, pbu. 2006: 85t, 5.5tfl, 3.5 sacks, pbu, All Big Sky
JEREMY ROBERTSON Appalachian State 6'3" 300 Sr. OT
An experienced OL, good hands and quick feet. All SoCon
DJ ROBINSON Portland State 6’1” 230 Sr. OLB
Has good speed, plays very smart and has good instincts. 2006: 91t, 11.5tfl, 6 sacks, INT, pbu, All Big Sky
MANNY ROJAS Liberty 6'0" 225 Sr. ILB
Team captain, a 4yr starter. Big hitter, great speed and is a decent special teams performer. Is 2x All Big South. 2005: 102t, 12tfl. 2006: 76t, 6.5tfl, sack, INT, 3pbu, 9qbh, 3FF
BRANDON ROSSER Eastern Kentucky 6'0" 246 Sr. ILB
Big, strong and athletic. Has played FB as well. Led team in tackles last season. 2x All OVC. 2005: 88t, 3.5tfl, sack, 3INTs, 7pbu, 4qbh, FR, FF. 2006: led team w/82t, 4tfl, 3pbu, FR, FF
LAMARCUS ROWELL Jacksonville State 6’2” 225 Sr. OLB
2006: 43t (36 solo), 12tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 4pbu, 4qbh, FR-TD, FF, All OVC
VAN SALLIER Prairie View A&M 6’0” 240 Sr. ILB
Led team in 2005 with 80t. 2006: 64t, 7tfl, 2 sacks, 2FR, All SWAC
CHRIS SEBALD Hofstra 6'1" 220 Sr. OLB
2005: 56t, 8tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 2pbu, 2FF. 2006: 62t, 5tfl, INT, pbu, FF
DARREN SCHMIDT Columbia 5’10” 220 Sr. OLB
A tremendous athlete with good versatility. Very dedicated. Has played FS, DE and LB. 2006: 50t, 16.5tfl, 8 sacks, pbu, 2FR, FF, All Ivy
DAVE SCHRATZ Northern Iowa 6’0” 230 Sr. OLB

Teams leading tackler this season. 2006: 69t, 5tfl, INT, pbu, FR
CLINT SELLERS Eastern Illinois 6'0" 230 Sr. ILB
Has been OVC DPOY. Very aware, has a nose for the ball and tremendous pursuit. Can do it all; rush, cover and run stop. Big time hitter, has speed and toughness. 2005: 121t (88 solo), 13tfl, 3 sacks, 5INTs, 6pbu, 4qbh, 2FR, 2FF. 2006: injured
KYLE SHOTWELL Cal Poly 6'1" 235 Sr. ILB
An experienced tackling machine, shattered the single season tackle record. All American and 2x All Great West. Physical and intense. Very aware player, has great field sense and a nose for the ball. Runs well, has good agility. 2005: 158t (71 solo), 13.5tfl, 5 sacks, 2INTs, 3pbu, 2FF, 12t/g. 2006: 122t, 21tfl, 7 sacks, 2pbu, qbh, FR, 2FF, FCS All Star, Buck Buchanan Award Winner, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, SN All American, FG All American, All Northwest
CAMERON SISKOWIC Illinois State 6'2" 225 Sr. OLB

Had 92t in 2004, a 3yr starter. Has been All Gateway, All American and a Buck Buchanan finalist. Transfer from Washington State. Has been dominating, can really make a hit. Plays hard and has a tremendous motor. 2005: 132t, 14tfl, 4 sacks, 3pbu, 2FR, FF. 2006: 154t (79 solo), 5tfl, 2 sacks, 2INTs, pbu, 2qbh, 3FF, DPOY, All Gateway ’06, CSN All Star, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, SN All American
CRAIG SIMONTON Tennessee Tech 6’3” 235 Sr ILB
Good hitter. 2006: 73t, 7tfl, 3 sacks
JAY SKIDMORE Southeastern Louisiana 6'2" 256 Sr. OLB/DE
Had 54t, 15tfl and 4 sacks in 2004 as a starting OLB. Moved to DE in '05. Athletic player, very underrated. 2005: 35t, 5tfl, 2 sacks, 3pbu, 2qbh, FF. 2006: 25t, 5tfl, 3 sacks, pbu, 3qbh, 2FF, FR
MONTE SMITH Appalachian State 6'0" 220 Sr. OLB
Versatile and very tough, great quickness and toughness. A top player in the conference. Has played DE, plays bigger than he is. All SoCon, All American. 2005: 95t, 13tfl, INT, 5pbu. 2006: 84t, 8.5tfl, sack, 3qbh, FR
Jacksonville State 5’11” 220 Sr OLB

2006: led team w/72t, 5tfl, sack, INT, 6pbu, FR, FF
STEVE TENNIN Samford 6’3” 230 Sr. ILB

A tackling machine. Had 82 tackles as a freshman, followed by 78t (’04) and 62t (’05) respectively. 2006: 30t, 6.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, pbu, FF
TYLER TURNER Liberty 6’3” 245 Sr. OLB
Good quickness to the backfiled. 2006: 28t, 5tfl, 2.5 sacks, 10qbh, 2FF
CORY VAVALA Nicholls State 6'2" 225 Sr. ILB
Has led team in tackles since 2004, is 3x All SFL. Transfer from UTEP. Great hitter, excellent in coverage. 2005: 85t, 4tfl, sack, 4INTs, 3pbu, 2FF 2006: 54t, 5tfl, INT, 3FF, FG All American, All South
DJ WADE Northern Arizona 6'0" 235 Sr. ILB
All Academic. 2005: 58t, 7tfl, 2.5 sacks. 2006: 52t, 4.5tfl, 3 sacks, All Big Sky
JAKE WEBER Illinois State 6'3" 237 Sr. ILB
Three year starter at Long Snapper. All Academic
ERIN WILLIAMS Wagner 6'1" 240 Sr. ILB

Big, physical LB. Was teams leading tackler over the last two seasons. 2005: 92t, 7.5tfl, sack, 5pbu. 2006: 89t, 6.5tfl, sack, 2FR
JAMES WILSON The Citadel 6'2" 230 Sr. OLB
All SoCon, smart athlete that is a 3yr starter. 2005: 34t, 9tfl, 4sacks, 3pbu, 2FR. 2006: 35t, 10.5tfl, 3 sacks, 2INTs, 3pbu
KEVIN WINSTON James Madison 6'3" 235 Sr. OLB
An excellent rusher, has great moves. 2x All ATL10. 2005:55t, 12tfl, 8 sacks, 4pbu. 2006: 64t, 16tfl, 11 sacks, pbu, 2qbh, 2FR-2TDs, 3FF, BK, ECAC All-East, SN All American, AP All American
KEN WOODARD Jackson State 6’0” 220 Sr. ILB
2006: 59t, 9.5tfl, 2.5tfl, 2INTs-90y-TD, All South, All SWAC
JEREMIAH WRIGHT Youngstown State 5'11" 220 Sr. ILB

Big tackler, All Gateway in 2004 (91t). Injured this season. 2005: 65t. 2006: 3g, 27t, 5.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, pbu
JAMIL YOUNG Northeastern 5'11" 235 Sr. ILB/OLB
Big playmaker, named teams MVP last season. All ATL10.2005: 95t, 9.5tfl, 4pbu, 3FF, 2FR, 2 sacks. 2006: 36t (21 solo), 4.5tfl, 4.5 sacks, 2FF

DURIEL ADAMS Southeastern Louisiana 5'10" 190 Sr. SS
In 2004 he had 4INTs and 14pbu. All SLC. Great quickness and agility. Has also played CB. 2005: 56t (41 solo), 3tfl, 5INTs-110y, 8pbu. 2006: 31t, 2tfl, 3pbu
CRAIG AGEE Jacksonville State 5'9" 175 Sr. CB

Great speed. 2005: 31t (29 solo), 5pbu, FR, 4FF, PR: 178y. 2006: 28 t (21 solo), 3INTs-TD, 7pbu, FF, rec-1r/23y, PR: 166y, All OVC
KOFI AMOAH Delaware State 5’10” 180 Sr. CB

Speedy corner, good leaping ability. 2006: 44t, 3tfl, INT, 10pbu, 2FR, FF
MANAURIS ARIAS Maine 5’8” 175 Sr. CB
Three year starter, started as a freshman. 2006: 30t, 3tfl, INT, 2pbu, All Atl10 ’06, All New England
JJ ARTIS Princeton 6'0" 195 Sr. CB
Has been 2x All Ivy, started 4yrs and has good cover skills. 2005: 37t, 2INTs, 9pbu. 2006: 27t (22 solo), 3INTs, 6pbu, ECAC All American All Northeast
TRAVAROUS BAIN Hampton 6'0" 190 Sr. CB

A 2x All MEAC DB with great speed and athleticism. Transfer from Miami where he also ran track. 2005: 28t, INT-75y, 13pbu, KR: 212y, 26.5y/kr. 2006: 19t, 1.5tfl, 5INTs, 6pbu, FF, All Central
ALLYN BACCHUS Villanova 6’0” 205 Sr. FS
A dominating 4yr starter. Has been a great tackler, good in coverage and is a captain. Named 2x All Atl10. 2005: 118t, 5.5tfl, sack, 5pbu, FR, 3FF. 2006: 103t, 2.5tfl, 2INTs, 4pbu, 2FR
KEDRICK BAILEY Southern 6’0” 205 Sr. SS
Physical and is a good blitzer. 2006: 54t, 7tfl, sack, INT, 2pbu, 4qbh
BEN BALLARD Bethune-Cookman 6’0” 190 Sr. SS

2006: 30t (20 solo), 5.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, 6pbu, qbh
CALVIN BANNISTER Hampton 5'8" 180 Sr. CB
One of the best covermen in the MEAC, a big hitter. 2005: INT, 9pbu, 2BKs, KR: 311y, 25.9y/kr. 2006: 34t (26 solo), 1.5tfl, 3INTs-TD, 8pbu, 2BKs, KR: 100y, 33y/kr, All MEAC
RASHAD BARKSDALE Albany (NY) 6'2" 210 Sr. SS
Great size and speed combo, could play CB as well. Good return skills. 2006: 37t, 3INTs, 3pbu
STEPHEN BARRETT McNeese State 6'1" 210 Sr. SS
Three year starter that has also played CB and FS. Had 73t in 2004. 2005: 49t, 2.5tfl, 3pbu, 2FR, 3FF. 2006: 72t, 5tfl, sack, 2INTs, 4pbu, FF, BK
JOHNATHAN BARSI UC Davis 6'1" 205 Sr. FS
Has been 2x All Great West. Really stepped it up this season. Has excellent hands and is quick, especially on returns. 2005: 38t, tfl, 4pbu. 2006: 61t, 6INTs-102y-TD, 3pbu, FR, KR: 241y, 26.8y/kr, SN All American, FG All American, All Northwest, AP All American
TRACY BELTON Massachusetts 5'11" 175 Sr. CB
A 3yr starter at DB, has a nose for the ball. Had 5INTs in 2004. Can cover the best receivers. 2005: 59t, 2INTs, 3pbu. 2006: 77t, 8tfl, 3 sacks, 2INTs, 3FF, All Atl10 ‘06
STEFON BENSON Central Conn. St. 5'10" 185 Sr. CB
2005: 45t (31 solo), 3tfl, INT, 6pbu, 2FR. 2006: 38t, INT, 6pbu, 2FR, FF, 2BK
NEVAN BERGAN UC Davis 5'11" 170 Sr. CB
Named 2x All Great West, teams Most Outstanding Back. Good eye for the ball, agile and has great hands. 2005: 7INTs, 10pbu, 43t, 2tfl. 2006: 54t, 2tfl, 2INTs, 6pbu, FF, KR: 505y, 23y/kr
MARCUS BLACK Alabama A&M 6’0” 200 Sr. CB/SS
Versatile DB, good cover guy and can tackle very well. 2005: 62t, 1.5tfl, 3INTs, 8pbu, 2FF. 2006: 47t, 5tfl, 2.5 sacks, 2INTs, 4pbu, qbh, FR,All SWAC
JEREMY BLOCKER Furman 6'0" 190 Sr. FS
Named 2x All SoCon. FG All American, All South. Strong player that also has a 35.5" VJ. Smart All Academic athlete. Very physical. 2005: 56t, 2INTs. 2006: 66t, 4INTs, 7pbu, FR, 2FF
AMP BOONE Arkansas Pine-Bluff 5’10” 200 Sr. CB/SS
A 3yr starter, great cover skills. Reliable. 2006: 71t, 2INTs, 6pbu, BK, All SWAC
BRANDON BRUNER Southern Illinois 6’0” 180 Sr. CB

Sat out ’05 season, but came back strong. Very athletic and is a good open-field tackler. 2006: 64t (49 solo), 2INTs, 8pbu, All Gateway ‘06
CARLTON BROWN Jackson State 5’11” 195 CB
Great speed, playmaker in the defensive backfield. 2006: 27t, 5INTs, 7pbu, All South, All SWAC
COURTNEY BROWN Cal Poly 6'2" 205 Sr. CB
A former WR that overcame a knee injury in 2004. He has great motivation and good talent. Good size and is a true ballhawk. All American, All Great West. 2005: 44t, 7INTs-TD, 19pbu. 2006: 51t, 1.5tfl, INT, 7pbu, All Northwest, All Great West
KENNY BROWN Jacksonville State 6'0" 185 Sr. SS
Could play SS or FS. Very sure tackler, is tough and aggressive. Is 2x All OVC. 2005: 73t (57 solo), 3tfl, 3INTs, 4pbu, qbh, FF. 2006: 49t (36 solo), 2tfl, INT-89y-TD, 4pbu
TRISTAN BURGE Eastern Illinois 6'0" 208 Sr. SS
Has size and skill. Sure tackler with quickness to cover. Makes plays. 2x All OVC. 2005: 86t (56 solo), tfl, 4INTs-108y, 6pbu, 2qbh, 3FR, run: 29y, pass: 15y, KR: 331y. 2006: 101t, 5tfl, 2 sacks, INT, 3pbu, 2qbh, KR: 194y, 22.4y/kr
COREY CAMPBELL Stephen F. Austin 6'2" 195 Sr. CB
Transfer from Tennessee where he had 7 career INTs. 2006: 81t, 1.5tfl, 3pbu, FF
KYLE CAMPBELL Delaware 5'11" 200 Sr. FS
An awesome 4yr starter at FS. Durable, consistent and is a greatleader. 2005: 78t, INT, 3pbu. 2006: 9g, 51t (40 solo), 1.5tfl, 3INTs, 2pbu, FR
KENNY CHICOINE Cal Poly 6'1" 205 Sr. FS
Very experienced, All American and 2x All Great West. In '04 he had 74t, 7INTs and 12pbu. 2005: 70t, 5INTs, 11pbu. 2006: 63t, 2.5tfl, sack, 5INTs, 3pbu, FR, PR: 220y, FCS All Star, AP All American, SN All American, FG All American
THOMAS CLAIBORNE Howard 5’10” 180 Sr. CB

2006: 57t (38 solo), 1.5tfl, INT, 7pbu, 2FR-70y
CATLYN CLARK Morgan State 5'11" 185 Sr. CB
Great hitter with excellent ball instincts. Transfer from UConn. 2005: 24t, 2INTs, BK. 2006: 24t, 6pbu, BK
RYAN CHROBAK Albany (NY) 5'11" 190 Sr. CB
Experienced coverman. 2005: 47t, 2tfl, 2 sacks, INT, 5pbu, FR, 3FF. 2006: 43t, 2.5tfl, sack, INT, 9pbu
MICHAEL COE Alabama State 6’1” 190 Sr. CB
Good speed, cover well and is a decent punt returner. Transfer from Arkansas (15.8y/pr, 4INTs). 2006: 42t (30 solo), 4tfl, 1.5 sacks, 2INTs, 14pbu, FR, PR: 176y, FG All American, All South, All SWAC
HUCK CORREIA Marist 5'10" 170 Sr. SS
Former MAAC ROY, is 3x All MAAC and an All American. Sure tackler despite his size. 2005: 54t, sack, 4INTs, 3pbu. 2006: 84t, 2tfl, 2INTs, pbu, FR, 2FF
JONATHAN CORTO Sacred Heart 6'1" 195 Sr. FS
Teams top tackler last season. A tremendous playmaker on all counts, sure-tackler with quickness and to cover. 2005: 100t, 16tfl, 7.5 sacks, 2INTs, 7pbu, 5FF. 2006: 104t, 11tfl, 4.5 sacks, INT, pbu, FR, FF, All Mid Major, All NEC
TAD CRAWFORD Columbia 6'3" 195 Sr. FS
A good leader, has excellent quickness and is a hitter. Led Ivy League in tackles last season. Had 94t (teams leader). Is very smart, 3x All Ivy. 2005: 111t, INT, 19t in a game vs Princeton (Ontario) 2006: les team w/ 101t, 3tfl, sack, INT, 2pbu, 2FR, PR: 85y, KR: 162y, FG All American
CRAIG DAHL North Dakota State 6'1" 213 Sr. FS
Is 3x All Great West, All Academic. A good leader, has size and speed. Loves to hit. Member of the track team. 2005: 71t (49 solo), INT, 2pbu, FF, FR, BK. 2006: 61t, 3.5tfl, sack, 2INTs, 4pbu, FR, FF, FG All American, All Northwest
VINCENT DANCY Jackson State 6’3” 220 Sr. FS
Great size, speed and strength. Big time hitter. Led team with 106t in 2005. 2006: led tea, 66t, 7tfl, 4 sacks, INT, 4pbu, 2FR, All SWAC
DAVID DARBY Hofstra 6'0" 200 Sr. FS/CB
Good size, sure-tackler. Limited in ’06. 2005: 95t, 2INT, 2pbu. 2006: 20t, pbu, FF
LAWRENCE DARBY McNeese State 5'11" 195 Sr. CB/FS
Versatile DB, All SLC. Is an awesome tackler. 2005: 62t, sack, 3INTs, 4pbu, 2qbh. 2006: 90t (61 solo), 1.5tfl, 7pbu, FR, 2FF
TONY DeMONACO Sacramento State 6’0” 210 Sr. FS
Hard worker that is a great hitter. 2006: 65t, 7.5tfl, sack, 2INTs, 3pbu, All Big Sky
NICK DePINTO La Salle 5’10” 205 Sr. FS
Teams leading tackler this season. 2006: 51t, 8.5tfl, 2 sacks, FR
DOMINIC DIXON Portland State 5'10" 195 Sr. CB
Great open-field tackler. Has been a skilled corner and is 3x All Big Sky. 2005: 53t, 8tfl, 2 sacks, 3int, 7pbu,FR, FF. 2006: 54t, 3tfl, 4INTs, 3pbu, FR, KR: 262y, 21.5y/kr
DeMICHAEL DIZER Grambling State 6’1” 185 Sr. SS
2005: 57t, 4INTs, 8pbu. 2006: 40t, 3.5tfl, 3pbu
DRE DOKES Northern Iowa 5'9" 170 Sr. CB
Has been a 4yr starter, led team in INTs since '03. Speedy corner, has good awareness. Good tackler for his size. Has been 2x All Gateway, All American and All Newcomer. One of the top DB’s in I-AA. 2005: 68t (52 solo), 1.5tfl, 3INTs, 7pbu, FF. 2006: 48t (36 solo), 7INTs-116y-TD, 6pbu, KR: 172y, 34.4y/kr, CSN All Star, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, AFCA All American, SN All American
ISAIAH DOTTIN-CARTER James Madison 6’2” 205 Sr. FS/OLB
2006: 81t, 6.5tfl, 5 sacks, 3pbu, FF, All Atl10 ‘06
MITCHELL DUKES Western Carolina 6'0" 185 Sr. SS
Track star, has a 38.5" VJ. Great athleticism. An excellent blitzer. 2005: 10tfl, 6.5 sacks, 5pbu. 2006: 60t, 3INTs-2TDs, 3pbu
KEDRON DUNN Texas Southern 5’11” 190 Sr. CB
Sure tackler that can cover. 2005: 50t, 9pbu. 2006: 29t, tfl, 2INTs, 14pbu, All South
CHRIS DUPUY Alabama State 6’0” 210 Sr. FS
Simply a playmaker. Can hit hard. Is athletic enough to cover. 2005: 84t, 11tfl, 5qbh, 2FR, FF. 2006: led team w/ 108t, 13.5tfl, 3 sacks, 3INTs, 3pbu, 3qbh, 3FR, FF, FG All American, All South, SN All American, All SWAC
TONEY EDISON Nicholls State 6’0” 205 Sr. CB
2006: 59t (39 solo), 2.5tfl, 2INTs, 4pbu, All South, All SFL
MICHAEL EDWARDS Towson 6’2” 200 Sr. FS/OLB
Tough player that has experience at DB,LB and DL. 2006: 63t, 10tfl, 3.5 sacks, 2pbu, FR, FF
DAVID ENEBERG Eastern Washington 5’11” 210 Sr. FS
2006: 64t, 5.5tfl, 3 sacks, INT, 2pbu, FF, All Big Sky
MARLON FAIR Hampton 6’1” 190 Sr. FS

Started 2yrs at safety. 2006: 73t, 4tfl, INT, 3pbu, qbh, 2FF
GREG FASSIT Grambling State 6’1” 190 Sr. CB
Great talent, aware in coverage and has decent agility. 2x All SWAC. 2005: 44t, 3tfl, sack, 3INTs, 10pbu, FR. 2006: 27t, INT, 4pbu
RYAN FORCE Montana State 6'2" 205 Sr. SS
Has been named 2x All Big Sky, can also play FS. Good tackler, is skilled. Can also Punt. 2005: 82t, 7tfl, 7pbu. 2006: 56t, INT, 3pbu
DESMOND FOSTER Alabama State 5’10” 180 Sr. CB
Good in coverage and quick on returns. 2005: 24t, tfl, sack, INT, 8pbu, FF. 2006: 49t, 1.5tfl, INT, 2pbu, KR: 348y, 23.2y/kr, TD
TOM FROELICH Youngstown State 6'1" 210 Sr. SS

Former LB, transfer from Westminster (DIII) where he registered 123t, 21pbu, 6INTs and 7BK in his three year career. 2006: 13t, 3tfl, 2.5 sacks
COREY GRAHAM New Hampshire 6'0" 190 Sr. SS/CB
One of the best kick returners in 1-AA. Is also a great coverman that can really tackle. Had 110t and 4INTs in 2004. Is 2x All ATL10. Just an all around great athlete. 2005: 104t, 3INT, 9pbu, KR-778 yds, 25.1 avg, TD. 2006: 7g, 41t, 2INTs, 3pbu, FF, PR: 102y, TD, KR: 323y, 32.3y/kr, TD
MATT GRANT Cornell 5’10” 170 Sr CB
Three year starter, good hands and big play ability. 2006: 33t (28 solo), 2INTs, 3pbu
LAMAR GAY Northeastern 6’3” 210 Sr. FS
All Atl10 ’06, was teams leading tackler this season. 2006: 64t, 2tfl, INT, 2pbu
ALEX GOYINS Maine 6’0” 205 Sr. SS
An accomplished special teams performer, has 4 career blocked kicks. 2006: 34t, 2tfl, INT, 4pbu, FR, FF, BK
VIRGIL GRAY Rhode Island 5'10" 180 Sr. FS
Led team with 85t as a freshman. 2005: 49t, INT, 9pbu, FF, BK. 2006: 67t (44 solo), 2tfl, 2INTs, 9pbu, BK, All Atl10 ‘06
LEROY HAMILTON Central Arkansas 6’0” 192 Sr. SS
2006: 65t, 2INTs, KR: 345y, 21.6y/kr
DERRICK HARRIS Sam Houston 5'10" 180 Sr. CB
2x All SLC. Jumps well, good awareness and speed. Is not only a steady cover guy, but is also one of the nations best returnmen. 2005: 29t, 13pbu, PR: 10.9y/pr. 2006: 43t, 3INTs, 6pbu, PR: 366y, 24.4y/pr, 2TDs, KR: 570y, 21.9y/kr
TUFF HARRIS Montana 6'0" 195 Sr. CB
Very durable and consistent DB. Has speed, good leaping ability and athleticism is 2x All Big Sky. Has been a deadly punt returner. 2005: 42t, 2tfl, 4pbu, PR: 316y, 12.6y/pr, TD. 2006: 41t, INT-TD, 8pbu, PR: 667y, 14.5y/pr, 2TDs, SN All American
MARLON HEASTON Southern Illinois 5'11" 205 Sr. SS

Teams leading tackler in ‘05. 2005: 76t, INT, 6pbu. 2006: 58t, tfl, 2pbu
KeiANDRE HEPBURN Delaware 5'11" 210 Sr. FS/LB
Great leader and is an excellent athlete. Can bench 525lbsand has a 35" VJ. 2005: 82t, 9tfl, 3 sacks, 5pbu. 2006: led team w/ 96t
MATT HILL Monmouth (NJ) 6'0" 220 Sr. FS
An excellent athlete, is very agile and skilled. A sure tackler that has led the team in tackles since 2004 (86t, 4INTs). 2x All NEC. 2005: 82t (54 solo), 6tfl, 2INTs, 2FR. 2006: 74t, 3.5tfl, 3INTs, 5pbu, 3FR, BK, FG All American, All Mid Major
MICHAEL HILL Duquesne 5'11" 210 Sr. SS
Durable and consistent, is a hard hitter. Former OLB. 2x All MAAC. 2005: 46t, 3INT, 5pbu. 2006: 53t, 4.5tfl, 2INTs, 7pbu, 2FF, BK, All Mid-Major, All Northeast, ECAC All American
KELDRICK HOLMAN Stephen F. Austin 6'0" 205 Sr. FS
A 3yr starter. Good size, hands and awareness. All American, All SLC. 2005: 82t, 6.5tfl, 1.5 sacks, 6INTs-112y, 9pbu, FR, 2FF. 2006: 86t, 6tfl,1.5 sacks, 3INTs-83y, 4pbu, FR, 2FF, FG All American
JAMES IHEDIGBO Massachusetts 6'1" 205 Sr. SS
Team captain. Great size, quickness and intensity. An amazing blitzer. Has a great nose for the ball, is very aware. 2005: 58t, 12tfl, 7.5 sacks, 2INTs, 3pbu, FF. 2006: 72t, 5.5tfl, 5 sacks, 3INTs, 5pbu, FR, 4FF, All Atl10 ’06, ECAC All-East
CODERA JACKSON Youngstown State 5'10" 180 Sr. CB

An All American at Alfred State before transferring and becoming an All American at YSU. Was 2x All Gateway, SN All American and All Newcomer in ‘05. A ballhawk with a knack for the big play. One of the top DB’s in I-AA. 2005: 50t, 6INTs. 2006: 61t, 2tfl, 4INTs, 3pbu, qbh, 2FF, AP All American
ODELL JACKSON Portland State 5’9” 195 Sr. CB
Was 2x All Big Sky. Has great speed and athletic skill. 2006: 38t (27 solo), 2tfl, 4INTs, 9pbu
ANTHONY JAMES Tennesse Tech 6'0" 195 Sr. FS
Good coverman, could play CB or Safety. 2005: 76t, 4tfl, 3INTs, 7pbu, FR. 2006: 40t, TFL, 6pbu
KYLE JAMES Indiana State 6’0” 180 Sr. CB

Has experience, good quickness and has excellent work ethic. 2006: 58t, tfl, INT, 6pbu, FR
DAVID JILES Monmouth (NJ) 5'9" 185 Sr. CB
Co-captain that started 4yrs at corner. Had 15pbu in 2003 and 11pbu in '04. Very capable and athletic. A solid kick returner. 2005: 40t (34 solo), 4INTs, 6pbu, KR: 533y. 2006: 41t, 2.5tfl, 5INTs, 6pbu, FR, 2FF, All Mid Major, All NEC
JASPER JOHNSON Central Arkansas 6’2” 220 Sr. FS
Big, physical and strong. 2006: 72t, tfl, 2INTs, 2pbu, 3FF, All South
PATRICK JORDAN Southern Illinois 6'1" 220 Sr. FS/OLB

Versatile player, good instincts and athleticism. 2005: 61t, 2.5tfl, sack, 3INTs, 3pbu, FF.
2006: 107t, 12tfl, 2.5 sacks, 2pbu, FR
MUJI KARIM New Hampshire 5’10” 215 Sr. SS
Has played OLB and DB. 2006: 55t, 2tfl, sack, 2INTs, 2pbu, qbh, 4FR-66y-TD
BRANDON KEELER Eastern Washington 6'3" 215 Sr. FS
Excellent size. Led the team in tackles this season. Has been a great open field tackler.
2005: 62t (46 solo), tfl, INT, 2pbu, 2FF. 2006: 67t (42 solo), 3.5tfl, sack, 2INT, All Big Sky
TYRONE KELLY Delaware State 6'0" 190 Sr. SS/CB
Transfer from Central Michigan. Developed into a big playmaker on defense and on special teams. 2005: 37t, 2INTs, 3pbu 2006: 76t, 3tfl, 3pbu, FR, 2FF, 3BKs-TD,All MEAC
FU’AD KHALEEL Western Illinois 5’11” 190 Sr. FS

2006: 85t, TFL, INT, 6pbu, FR, FF, All Gateway ‘06
TYLER KNIGHT Mississippi Valley State 6’0” 210 Sr. FS/LB
Dominates the division. Does everything. Covers, blitzes, stops runners dead and is even a great special teamer. Great experience, intensity, explosiveness and leadership. Has been DPOY and 2x All SWAC. 2005: 125t, 17.5tfl, 9 sacks, 7pbu, 13qbh, 3FF, 2BKs. 2006: led team w/96t, 11.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, 2pbu, 12qbh, FR, 3FF, 2BKs, FG All American, All South
BRIAD KOFOED Southern Utah 6'0" 175 Sr. CB
Started all 4yrs, former walk-on that is a worker. Is 3x All Great West and All Academic. 2005: 43t (30 solo), 3tfl, sack, 3FR, FF, 9pbu. 2006: 22t, 2tfl, sack, 4pbu, 3BKs
THOMAS LARSEN Wagner 6’0” 190 Sr. FS
2006: 78t, 6.5tfl, sack, INT, 3pbu, 3FR, FF
MARCOSUS LEBLANC Montana State 6’0” 200 Sr. FS
Transfer from Boise State, has good awareness and hands. 2006: 65t, 6tfl, sack, 4INTs, 4pbu, FR
GREG LOVELY Missouri State 6'0" 176 Sr. CB

All Newcomer ‘05. Can cover like a blanket, has good quickness. Transfer from BYU. 2006: 46t, 6pbu, FR, FF
CHARLES MANIGO Portland State 6’0” 190 Sr. FS
Super fast and athletic, battled with some injuries. 2006: 58t, 2.5tfl, 3INTs, 3pbu, All Big Sky
ROMALIZ MAYO Southeastern Louisiana 5'11" 185 Sr. CB
Experienced leader on defense. 2005: 32t (27 solo), INT, 6pbu. 2006: 45t, tfl, INT, 4pbu
DAMIEN McCALLUM Richmond 5'10" 185 Sr. CB
Always making plays, jumps well and is very agile. 2005: 63t,3tfl, 2INTs, 12pbu, FF, FR, BK. 2006: 44t, tfl, INT, 5pbu, FF
GREG McCONICO Chattanooga 6'0" 200 Sr FS
In 2004 he had 70t and 4INTs. Transfer from North Alabama were he started as a Freshman. All SoCon. 2005: 70t (51 solo), 3pbu, FR-TD. 2006: 53t, 2tfl, INT, 2pbu.
ROB McGUIRE Central Conn. St. 5'11" 205 Sr. FS

Had 103t in 2003. Overcame an injury and is a solid athlete. 2006: 59t, 6.5tfl, 4 sacks, 2INTs, 5pbu
TODD MILLS Duquesne 5'10" 200 Sr. FS

Is 3x All MAAC. Talented DB that made All Conference in 2005 despite missing
half the season with a knee injury. 2006: led team w/ 54t, tfl, 2INTs, pbu, 2FR, FF, All Mid-Major, All Northeast
PHIL MINAFIELD James Madison 6’0” 195 Sr. FS
All Atl10 ’06 2006: 69t, 7.5tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, pbu, FF
DENNIS MITCHELL Western Kentucky 5'8" 180 Sr. CB
Speedy track star, tremendous return specialist. Is 3x All Gateway. 2005: 55t, 6tfl, INT, 11pbu, PR: 16.1y/pr. 2006: 31t, 6pbu, FR, FF, KR: 260y, 26y/kr
JOHN MOHRING Georgia Southern 6'1" 215 Sr. FS
Hard hitting playmaker with good skills. Overcame some injuries, works hard. Is 3x All SoCon, All American. 2005: 112t, 3INTs. 2006: 93t (66 solo), 14tfl, 2 sacks, 2INTs, FR, FG All American, All South, AFCA All American
JAMES MONDS Bethune-Cookman 6’0” 180 Sr. CB

Good coverman that has excellent awareness and skills. 2006: 35t (26 solo), 2INTs, 11pbu
NIGEL MONGE Central Conn. St. 5'10" 185 Sr. SS
All American on defense, is All NEC and is very consistent. Solid tackler. 2005: 84t (43 solo), 9tfl, 2 sacks, 4pbu, 3FF. 2006: 65t, 6.5tfl, sack, 4pbu, FR, FF
MARK MORACA La Salle 5'9" 180 Sr. SS
Named 2x All MAAC. Has been a solid special teams performer. Great in coverage, good athleticism. 2005: 66t, 3 sacks, 5INT, 6pbu. 2006: 47t, INT, 3pbu, BK, All Mid-Major
FAROD MUHAMMAD Central Conn. St. 5'11" 175 Sr. CB
All NEC player with good tackling ability. 2005: 64t, 2tfl, sack, 3INTs, 3pbu. 2006: 80t, 6tfl, sack, 2INTs, 3pbu, 2FR, FF, BK, All Mid Major, All NEC
WALTER MUSGROVE Texas State 5'9" 190 Sr. CB
A 4yr starter that had 83t as a freshman. Very intelligent, has won many Academic Awards. Is tough, durable and a hard worker. All American, 2x All SLC. 2005: 49t, 1.5tfl, sack, 6pbu, FF. 2006: 64t, 5INTs, 10pbu, 3qbh, FR, tfl, FG All American, All South
DEWITT MYERS Coastal Carolina 6’1” 180 Sr. CB
Steady coverman, has worked hard throughout his career. 2006: 33t, 4INTs, 6pbu, All Big South ‘06
MIKE NIKLOS Robert Morris 5’10” 175 Sr. CB

2006: 42t, 3tfl, 5INTs, 6pbu, FR, FF, BK, All Mid Major, All NEC
CHAD OLIPHANT Sam Houston 5’11” 185 Sr. FS
Led team in tackles this season. 2006: 92t, INT, FR, FF, All SFL
JAMARQUS O'NEAL Texas State 6'1" 195 Sr. CB
All SLC. Great in coverage, good agility and size. 2005: 23t, 3INT, 9pbu, 3FR. 2006: 16t, INT
RICHARD ORAH Northeastern 6’0” 195 Sr. CB
Is athletic and quick, has been a reliable coverman. 2006: 32t (26 solo), INT, 5pbu, FR, All Atl10 ‘06
ROBERT PARKER Hampton 6'1" 215 Sr. FS

Former WR and DB at Virginia Tech. Has a 39" VJ and 4.33/40.
FREDDIE PARRISH Stephen F. Austin 6'0" 185 Sr. SS
Good tackler. Is an experienced transfer from Notre Dame. 2006: 88t, 6.5tfl, INT, 2pbu
JASON PERRY Youngstown State 5'8" 170 Sr. CB

Hard working athlete, plays bigger than he is. Is 3x All Gateway. Shows quickness as a corner and a punt returner. 2005: 63t, 2INTs, 7pbu. 2006: 65t, tfl, sack, 4INTs-141y, 11pbu, FR, PR: 191y, 10.1y/pr, TD, AP All American, SN All American
MONTAE PITTS Jacksonville State 6’1” 205 Sr. CB
Transfer from Auburn, has good size and athleticism. 2006: 33t, 3pbu, All Newcomer
GEOFF POPE Howard 6'0" 190 Sr. CB

Transfer from Eastern Michigan. 2005: 36t, 4tfl, 2INTs, 3pbu 2006: 40t, tfl, 2INTs, 4pbu, FR, All MEAC
KYLE POSTELL Duquesne 5'11" 185 Sr. CB
Talented athlete that has played RB, CB and FS. Is 3x All MAAC. 2005: 27t, 4INTs, 3pbu 2006: 31t, 3tfl, 3INTs, 5pbu, FF, BK, KR: 267y, 22.2y/kr, All Mid-Major, All Northeast
RAQUAN PRIDE Rhode Island 6’1” 190 Sr. CB
Transfer from Toledo, has excellent speed and agility. 2006: 58t, 4INTs, 5pbu
BRIAN PRUITT Robert Morris 6’1” 185 Sr. CB
2006: 55t, 4.5tfl, 7pbu, FR, FF
MIKE RADON Missouri State 5’11” 200 Sr. SS

Had 73t, 2INTs, 4pbu and 2FR in ’05. Transfer from Buffalo in 2003, he moved to Safety from the QB position. Very athletic. 2006: 68t, 2tfl, 4INTs-TD, 4pbu, 2FR, FF
ANTHONY RANDOLPH Cal Poly 6’4” 220 Sr. CB
Great size/speed combo. Is a fantastic athlete. 2006: 24t, 8pbu, rec-1r, 54y, TD
TERRENCE REAVES Villanova 6’0” 205 Sr. CB
Experienced player, good tackler. 2006: 50t (33 solo), tfl, 7pbu, FR, FF
MICHAEL ROBERTS Indiana State 5'11" 175 Sr. CB

Transfer from Ohio State where he played for three seasons. (Ontario). 2006: 31t, 4pbu
JEFF ROMMES Robert Morris 6’0” 200 Sr. FS
2006: led team w/75t, 10tfl, 2.5 sacks, INT, 3pbu, FR, 3FF, All NEC
RANDY SAMUEL Cal Poly 5'10" 175 Sr. SS/CB
Versatile player, solid in coverage. Member of the track team. 2005: 54t, 11pbu. 2006: 28t, tfl, 3INTs, 6pbu, qbh, All Great West
GARRETT SCHULTZ Delaware 5'11" 185 Sr. SS
Transfer from Temple. 2005: 91t, 4tfl, pbu, 4tfl, KR: 132y. 2006: 57t (38 solo), 3tfl, sack, 2INTs, 3pbu, FF
LUCIUS SEYMOUR Eastern Illinois 5'11" 210 Sr. FS
A 2x All OVC athlete, that has played LB. Big time hitter, great skills on defense. 2005: 115t (80 solo), 10tfl, sack, 3INTs, pbu, 3FR. 2006: 83t, 6tfl, sack, 2INTs, 4pbu, 4qbh, FR, FF
GARY SHEPHARD Texas State 5'10" 215 Sr. SS
Strong player, is physical and covers well. Transfer from Arizona. All SLC. 2005: 75t, tfl, 2INTs, 6pbu. 2006: 29t, 2FF
BO SMITH Weber State 6'0" 190 Sr. CB
Transfer from Kentucky. 2006: 44t (35 solo), 4tfl, 2INTs, 4pbu, FR, FF, All Big Sky
BRANDON SMITH Massachusetts 6'1" 217 Sr. FS
Good size, has a knack for the big play. 2005: 35t, 3tfl, sack, 3INTs-129y, 4pbu, FF. 2006: 62t, 4tfl, 2INTs, 4pbu, 2FR-2TDs, 2FF
BRETT SOHNS Iona 6'1" 205 Sr. SS

In 2004 he had 68t, 7tfl and 7pbu. He also had 765 KR yards and averaged 21.9y/kr. Has speed and size. 2005: 45t, INT, KR: 386y, 20.3y/kr. Played in 4 games this season due to injury. 2006: 4g, 19t, 3.5tfl. 3INTs
HASEM STEWART Stony Brook 5’10” 200 Sr. CB

2006: 60t, tfl, INT, 9pbu, FF
DARREN STONE Maine 6'3" 221 Sr. CB/FS
A three year starter, has awesome size and is fast. Very versatile. 2x All ATL10. 2005: 41t (30 solo), 5.5tfl, sack, 5INT, 3pbu. 2006: 50t (30 solo), 7.5tfl, 4 sacks, INT, 5pbu
TIM STRICKLAND Princeton 6'1" 190 Sr. SS
Has been a 4yr starter, solid tackler and is an excellent cover guy. Is 2x All Ivy. 2005: 53t, 4INTs, 10pbu. 2006: 46t (31 solo), 2.5tfl, sack, 3INTs, 14pbu, FF, FG All American, All Northeast
DARIUS SWINTON Hampton 6’3” 200 Sr. SS

Superb size, athleticism and hands.2006: 53t, 3tfl, 4INTs-98y, 4pbu, FR
DANIEL TANNER Harvard 5’10” 185 Sr. FS
A 3yr starter, great coverman with excellent consistency. 2006: 53t, 4.5tfl, sack, INT, 2pbu, 3FR, FF
QUINTON TEAL Coastal Carolina 6'1" 190 Sr. CB
Big South career interception leader. Is 3x All Big South, great size and athleticism. A ball hawk. 2005: 66t, 5INTs. 2006: 81t, 3tfl, sack, 4INTs, 13pbu, qbh, BK-TD
JAMES TEMPLE Illinois State 6'0" 210 Sr. SS
Solid performer, good size and likes to hit. Great hands. Named 2x All Gateway. 2005: 60t (41 solo), 2.5tfl, 4INTs, 4pbu, FR-56y, FF. 2006: 61t, 3INTs, 8pbu, FR, 2FF
MATT THOMAS Northern Colorado 6'0" 200 Sr. FS
Transfer from Colorado State. 2005: 62t, 3pbu, 2006: 62t, 3tfl, 3pbu, 2FR
STACY THOMAS Texas Southern 6’0” 200 Sr. SS
Had a huge season. Was great on all fronts. Showed great skills, awareness and hands in coverage. Is also a big hitter. Always makes plays all over the field. 2006: led team w/114t, 5.5tfl, sacks, 5INTs-105y-TD, 6pbu, 4FR-TD, FF, FG All American, All South, Walter Camp All American, AFCA All American, SN All American, SWAC DPOY
PAGO TOGAFAU Idaho State 5'10" 215 Sr. FS/ILB
Is 2x All Big Sky. Had 122t and 9tfl in '04. Named Big Sky Pre-Season Defensive MVP by Lindey's. Three year starter, was team MVP and led team in tackles since 2004. Has great quickness and a good eye for the ball carrier. 2005: 103t, 4.5tfl, FF, INT, 3pbu. 2006: 116t, 8.5tfl, 3 sacks, BK
JAMEL TROTT Delaware State 6'4" 200 Sr. SS

Tall defender with great athleticism. Has been a 4yr starter. 2005: 48t, 7tfl, 2INTs, 5pbu, 2FF 2006: 55t, 5tfl, pbu, 2FF, All Central, All MEAC
RYAN TULLY Harvard 5'10" 205 Sr. FS
Is 2x All Ivy, has played LB. 2005: 61t, 14tfl, 2pbu, FF, 2 sacks. 2006: 51t, 5tfl, sack, 2INTs, 7pbu, qbh, All Northeast
BRIG WALKER Princeton 6’1” 210 Sr. FS/LB
2006: 52t, 7.5tfl, 2 sacks, INT, 4FF, All Ivy
A deadly special teams player, good leaping ability and agility. 2006: 59t, tfl, 3INTs, 3pbu, 3BKs, All Big South
RUSS WASHINGTON Northwestern State 5'9" 185 Sr. SS
Smart athlete, is a 4yr starter. Tremendous tackler, ferocious and is a deadly hitter. Very productive. Great leader. Is 3x All SLC, All American and All Academic. 2005: 71t, 4.5tfl, 2INTs-66y-TD, 3pbu, FR. 2006: led team w/89t, 2tfl, INT, 10pbu, 2FF, FG All American, All South
JP WEAVER Gardber-Webb 5'11" 205 Sr. FS
Good tackler. Is very aware and can cover the field. 2005: 96t, 2.5tfl, 3pbu, 2qbh, 5FR, 2FF. 2006: 55t, 2tfl, pbu, FF
JR WEBBER Murray State 5’10” 215 Sr. FS

Teams leading tackler this season. An excellent open-field tackler. 2006: 106t (70 solo), 8.5tfl, 2INTs, pbu, FR
JEREMY WIGGINS Appalachian State 5'9" 190 Sr. SS
One of the hardest hitters in college football, a 4yr starter that led team in tackles as a freshman. A top prospect for sure, a dominating defensive player. 2x All SoCon and All American. 2005: 134t, tfl, 2INTs, 9pbu. 2006: 85t, 3.5tfl, 5INTs, 5pbu, 3FR, FG All American, All South, AP All American, Walter Camp All American, SN All American
EPSILON WILLIAMS Texas State 5'11" 210 Sr. CB
Led SLC with 5INTs as a freshman, a 4yr starter. Can play Safety and Corner. Great size and quickness. 2006: 45t, tfl, 4pbu
KRYS WILLIAMS Stephen F. Austin 6'0" 170 Sr. CB
All SFL. Transfer from West Virginia. 2005: 37t, 10pbu
SCOTT WILLIAMS Pennsylvania 6’0” 190 Sr. SS
2006: 61t, 8tfl, 3 sacks, 2INTs, 2pbu, 3FR, All Ivy
CHRIS WILSON Mississippi Valley State 5’8” 170 Sr. CB
All SWAC. Small but plays bigger, jumps well and is fast. 2005: 48t, 2INTs, 12pbu, FR, FF. 2006: 28t (22 solo), INT, 7pbu
RASHAAD WOODARD Delaware 5'9" 185 Sr. CB
Speedy player that was a former stand-out sprinter at Delaware. Has been a top returnman and a 2yr starter at DB. 2x All ATL10. 2005: 66t (52 solo), 4tfl, INT, 7pbu, FR, KR: 763y, 24.6y/kr. 2006: 32t (24 solo), TFL, 10pbu, KR: 548y, 26.1y/kr

BRECK ACKLEY Southern 5’10” 170 Sr. PK/P
Good accuracy and versatility. Has had a very strong leg for punting. 2006: 8-13 FGs, 44ydr, Punt: 49att, 2228y, 45.5y/p, 82ydr, 3tb, 8fc, 20i/20, FG All American, All South, AP All American, AFCA All American, All SWAC
ERIC AZORR Portland State 5’11” 180 Sr. PK
2006: 14-21 FGs, 25 PATs, 45ydr All Big Sky
NEAL BAINBRIDGE South Dakota State 6'3" 195 Sr. P
A 4yr starter that is 3x All Conference. Has averaged over 40y/p in every season. 2005: 42.2y/p. 2006: 46att, 40.9y/p, 67ydr, 12i/20
BRETT BERGSTROM Eastern Washington 6’2” 220 Sr. PK
A tremendous kicker with awesome strength. Has tremendous range, has been one of the best Kickoff specialists in I-AA. 2006: 15-18 FGs, 21-22 PATs, 56ydr, KO: 45att, 2726y, 60.6 avg, 16TB, All Big Sky
JOE BISHOP Youngstown 5’10” 200 Sr. P

Is 3x All Gateway, has tremendous placement. Averaged 40y/p as a Freshman. 2006: 59att, placed 21 inside the 20, averaged 37.3y/p
TAYLOR BROWN UT Martin 6'2" 205 Sr. PK
2005: 67pts, 46ydr. 2006: 10-16 FGs, 42ydr, 36 PATs, KO: 58y avg, All OVC
CRAIG COFFIN Southern Illinois 5’11” 200 Sr. PK
Was All American in 2004 (66-66 PATs, 86.7% FGs, 52ydr). One of the best kickers in the nation, has it all range, accuracy and consistency. 2005: 9-13 FGs, 53ydr. 2006: 15-16 FGs, 47ydr, 55-55 PATs, 100pts, 61.5y/ko, All Gateway ’06, CSN All Star, SN All American
NICK COROMELAS Cal Poly 6'1" 200 Sr. PK/P
2005: 42 PATs, 14-20 FGs, 49ydr. 2006: 12-18 FGs, 25-27 PATs, 49ydr, Punt: 44 atts, 41.5y/p, 17i/20, All Great West
JESUS CORTEZ Bethune-Cookman 5'8" 195 Sr. PK
Good range. Transfer from Marshall. 2005: 11-20 FGs, 51ydr, 36 PATs 2006: 6-9 FGs, 41ydr, 38 PATs, All MEAC
SEAN DENNIS Monmouth (NJ) 5'11" 180 Sr. P

Is a 4yr starter at Punter, averaged over 40y/p in both Freshman and Sophmore season. All American, All NEC. 2006: 39.3y/p, 62ydr, 13i/20
RYAN DONCKERS Eastern Washington 6’0” 215 Sr. P
An excellent Punter, great strength and can send booming kicks. 2006: 62att, 2627y, 42.4y/p, 71ydr, 5tb, 8fc, 18i/20
DAVID DYCHES Northern Colorado 6’0” 180 Sr. PK
A transfer from Nebraska where he was an All American and a 3yr starter. 2006: 6-10 FGs, 48ydr
PETER GAERTNER Delaware State 6'0" 180 Sr. PK

All American and All MEAC kicker. Has a strong leg. 2005: 16-21 FGs, 46ydr
ANTONIO GOMEZ Norfolf State 5’11” 185 Sr. PK

2006: 7-12 FGs, 47ydr, 21 PATs, Punt: 41att, 38.4y/p, 70ydr, 12i/20, KO: 56.4 avg
JIM HALL Southeastern Louisiana 6'3" 208 Sr. P
Started 4yrs, is 3x All Conference. A natural kicker, can punt, PK and is a good kickoff guy. Transfer from LSU. 2005: 43att, 41.9y/p, PK: 10-18 FGs, 42ydr, 29 PATs. 2006: 39.3y/p
JEFF HASTINGS Montana State 5'9" 177 Sr. PK
Hit 12-14 FGs in 2004. Very consistent, one of the best in 1-AA. 2005: 16 FGs. 2006: 12-15 FGs, 47ydr
CHRIS HICKS Samford 5'10" 175 Sr. P
Started 4yrs, averaged 42.1y/p in 2003 and 42y/p in '04. 2005: 38.2y/p. 2006: 60att, 2530y, 42.2y/p, 61ydr, 5tb, 6fc, 17i/20, All OVC
JOSH HOKE Coastal Carolina 6'2" 195 Sr. PK
An All American, is 2x All Big South. Has shown decent range and good accuracy. 2005: 14-22 FGs, 49ydr, 38 PATs, 80pts. 2006: 10-17 FGs, 49-50 PATs, 37ydr, All Academic, Scholar Athlete of the Year ’06.
KYLE HOOPER Indiana State 5'10" 165 Sr. PK
Started all 4yrs, is the schools career points leader. Decent range, a reliable foot. 2x All Academic, 2x All Gateway and a pre-season All American. 2005: 10-14 FGs, 47ydr, 53 pts. 2006: 7-11 FGs, 47ydr, 26-27 PATs
ANTHONY JOHNSON Alabama State 5’10” 150 Sr. PK/P
A 4yr starter, had 93pts as a Freshman. Excellent accuracy, decent range. Started at Punter as well this season and was very good. 2005: 12-14 FGs, 40ydr, 37 PATs, 73pts. 2006: 9-14 FGs, 43ydr, Punt: 62att, 2426y, 39.1y/p, 64ydr, 4tb, 9fc, 21i/20
TYSON JOHNSON Montana 6'2" 190 Sr. P
Started all four seasons, but was injured this season. One of the top Punters in I-AA. Averaged over 40y/p in all seasons. 2005: 63att, 2585y, 41y/p, 67ydr, 6tb, 9fc, 20i/20. 2006: 4att, 47y/p
CHRISTIAN KOEGEL Massachusetts 6'0" 185 Sr. P
An All American that is a 4yr starter. Is 3x All ATL10. 2005: 49att, 2108y, 43y/p, 18i/20. 2006: 53att, 2168y, 40.9y/p, 66ydr, 7tb, 6fc, 16i/20, ECAC All-East
ANDREW LEVERS Portland State 5'11" 170 Sr. P
Has shown good placement. 2005: 50att, 1966y, 39.3y/p, 4tb, 13fc, 22i/20. 2006: 58att, 2392y, 41.2y/p, 4tb, 6fc, 12i/20
MITCH LIVELY Sacramento State 6'4" 220 Sr. P
Has a very active leg, good endurance. 2005: 81att, 3202y, 39.5y/p, 11fc, 17i/20. 2006: 62att, 2694y, 43.5y/p, 67ydr, 3tb, 4fc, 12i/20, All Big Sky
CHRIS LoFRESCE Iona 6’0” 175 Sr. PK/P
2006: 12-14 FGs, 45ydr, Punt: 56att, 35.5y/p, 2tb, 15fc, 17i/20, 2x All MAAC All Mid-Major, All Northeast
RHIAN MADRID Northern Arizona 5'11" 208 Sr. P
Is 2x All Big Sky. Has been one of nations top punters, has tremendous leg strength. 2005: 61 att, 43y/p, 71ydr. 2006: 43att, 1909y, 44.4y/p, 72ydr, 10fc, 13i/20
JOHN MAHAN Tennesse Tech 6'0" 205 Sr. P
This kid has an inhumanly strong leg. 2005: 44.5y/p, 73ydr. 2006: 63att, 2498y, 39.7y/p, 84ydr, 4tb, 8fc, 17i/20, 8/50+
TIM MAYSE Western Carolina 5'11" 225 Sr. P
Experienced, is 3x All SoCon. 2005: 49att, 2048y, 41.8y/p, 4tb, 10fc, 11i/20. 2006: 50att, 41.6y/p
COLIN McDONOUGH Princeton 6'0" 185 Sr. P
A 4yr starter, is 3x All Ivy and an All American. 2005: 40.1y/p. 2006: 34att, 1483y, 43.6y/p, 64ydr, 2tb, 2fc, 14i/20, ECAC All American, SN All American, All Northeast
CHAD OAKLEY Winston-Salem 6’1” 175 Sr. P/PK
Has a strong leg, good at long range FGs and booming Punts. 2006: Punt: 53att, 43y/p, 11tb, 7fc, 9i/20, PK: 5-6 FGs, 48ydr
ANDREW PATERINI Hampton 5'10" 190 Sr. PK

Awesome kicker, a 4yr starter and is 3x All MEAC and All American. Is very consistent with great range. 2005: 20-30 FGs, 55ydr, 44 PATs, 104pts. 2006: 16-21 FGs, 48-52 PATs, 47ydr, 96pts, FG All American, All Central, AFCA All American
ADAM PETERS VMI 6’1” 215 Sr. P
2006: 53att, 2136y, 40.3y/p, All Big South ‘06
DAVID RABIL James Madison 6’1” 180 Sr. PK
2006: 11-13 FGs, 50-51 PATs, 38ydr, 83pts, All Atl10 ‘06
NICK ROBINSON Wofford 5’10” 180 Sr. PK
2006: 7-12 FGs, 46ydr, 40 PATs
DAVID SIMONHOFF Southeast Missouri 6'2" 200 Sr. P
Averaged 46y/p in 2004. All American Punter, is a 4yr starter and is 4x All OVC. Incredibly consistent and strong. 2005: 42.5y/p. 2006: 59att, 2644y, 44.8y/p, 75ydr, 5tb, 6fc, 15i/20
HUNTER SMITH Gardner-Webb 5'9" 165 Sr. PK
Strong leg, great range and is a good kickoff guy. Named 2x All Big South. 2006: 9-11 FGs, 26-26 PATs, All Academic
SHELDON WEDDLE Eastern Washington 6'1" 200 Sr. PK
2005: 11-17 FGs, 48ydr, 46 PATs
BRIAN WINGERT Northern Iowa 6’1” 185 Sr. PK

Booted a 50ydr in the Championship game last season, was a perfect 8-8 FGs and 14-14 PATs in postseason. Hit 16 FGs and a conference record 51 PATs (99 pts) in 2005. Has been a starter most of his career. Became the schools all-time points leader this season. Also a great kickoff specialist. 2006: 17-23 FGs, 56ydr, 38-39 PATs, 89pts, All Gateway ‘06