Tuesday, April 24, 2018

IF I WAS ....

With the draft coming up, thought I would give you my take on what I thought each team should do. Not a mock draft, but what I would do. One team at a time. The whole assessment will be on our blog when I finish. Remember, this for entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home. May cause shortness of breath, constipation, or increase in ear and nose hair.

If I was …….

John Dorsey (Cleveland Browns): Thinking that drafting any player is going to instantaneously turn around a franchise that this messed up is crazy.

There are number of very good QBs in the draft and the Browns have the #1 and #4 picks. A QB will be there at #4, Saquan Barkley will not. Only the Jets are guaranteed to take a QB and the Giants will (or should) take Barkley at #2.

If was John Dorsey, I’d take Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State at #1.

Dave Gettleman (New York Giants): If the Browns take Barkley #1, it puts the Giants in a position where the must go to fill another need.

If was Dave Gettleman I would take Bradley Chubb, DE, North Carolina State #2, to replace Jason-Pierre Paul.

Mike Maccagnan (New York Jets): First off I would make the second “c” in my surname a capital “C”. Then I would have never traded to this spot unless I was convinced that one QB blows away the competition.

But since I am in this position, I would take Josh Allen of Wyoming at #3. I know Ken O’Brien did okay in NY, but I don’t like California College QBs in the northeast. Yeah, I know Brady is a Californian, but he played at Michigan.

John Dorsey (Cleveland Browns): If the Giants are foolish enough to take a QB and Bradley Chubb falls in your lap, you take him.

But based on the previous picks, I take Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma at #4. I agree with David Carr that he loves the game more than Rosen, is the most NFL ready and like Carr, “I loved his comment at the combine about being the one to right the Browns' ship.”

John Elway (Denver Broncos): There is talk that the Bills will trade #12 and #22 for this pick. If that is the case, I take it.

Brandon Beane (Buffalo Bills): Under my scenario, the trade with Denver is stupid, but Buffalo wants a QB. Personally, I wait and take Tanner Lee of Nebraska, but if I am picking here …

I take Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA at #5. Being the third QB taken may put the chip on his shoulder that he needs. It is all that is keeping him from being the most NFL ready QB on day one.

Chris Ballard (Indianapolis Colts): What’s more important OL, Edge Rusher or ILB or who is the best at either of those three positions. Matt has been a Colts fan since he was a kid but I hate Notre Dame. What to do? Be petty or do the right thing?

With the #6 pick, I would select Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame. Just aren’t enough top O-Lineman to pass this up.

Jason Licht (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Tough one here. Derwin James or Derrius Guice? Derwin James or Derrius Guice? Derwin James or Derrius Guice? Both positions are needs. Heads – Derwin James; Tails – Derrius Guice. Its heads!

With the #7 pick I select Derwin James, Safety, Florida State.

Ryan Pace (Chicago Bears): With Josh Sitton gone to the Fins, and since we brought in Notre Dame (ugh) coach Harry Hiestand …

I select Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame with pick #8.

John Lynch (San Francisco 49ers): Not a lot of sacks coming out of SF defense last year. Coverage needs help but has improved. Pressure would help pass coverage.

At pick #9, I select Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College.

Reggie McKenzie (Oakland Raiders): Need ILB and CB who can take the ball away. Josh Jackson CB from Iowa is an INT machine, but is he a one-year wonder. Will he need to sit and learn more? But what if he’s for real? Is he a top 10 pick?

With the #10 pick in the 1st round, I select Tremaine Edmunds, ILB, Virginia Tech.

Chris Grier (Miami Dolphins): Tannehill coming off of surgery. Hasn’t lived up to 1st round status. Sam Darnald is out there, but we lost Ndamukong Suh and Julius Thomas was a bust. Good weather, but will have to go to NE, Buffalo and New Jersey, perhaps in winter. If Darnald sits behind Tannehill, is it a waste of a first-rounder.

With the 11th pick in the 1st round, I select Sam Darnald, QB, USC. Tannehill scares me too much.

John Elway (Denver Broncos): Talib is gone, O-line needs help.

With the 12th pick in the 1st round I pick Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

Whoever makes the choice (Washington Redskins): With no GM for the ‘Skins, it may really be up to me. It is obvious that we need to improve our run defense, I’m ya can’t go any lower than 32nd in the league in any category.

With the 13th pick in the first round, I select Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama.

Brian Gutekunst (Green Bay Packers): 10th worst pass defense. No question here.

With the 14th pick in the 1st round, I pick Minkah Fitzpatrick, Safety, Alabama.

Steve Keim (Arizona Cardinals): Help for Fitzpatrick, QB later.

With the 15th pick, I select Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama.

Ozzie Newsome (Baltimore Ravens): Offensive line is just one need but if this guy is there, I take him.

With the 16th pick in the 1st round, I select Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia.

Tom Telesco (Los Angeles Chargers): Run stuffing a huge priority.

With the 17th pick, I select Vita Vea, DT, Washington.

John Schneider (Seattle Seahawks): Sherman gone, could Earl Thomas be next?

With the 18th pick in the 1st round, I select Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa.

Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys): I have a huge man cave! Have to replace Dez.

With the 19th pick, I select D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland.

Bob Quinn (Detroit Lions): I’ll let Matt Patricia have this one but then OL or TE.

With the 20th pick, I select Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio.

A combination of head coach Marvin Lewis, owner Mike Brown, Executive Vice President Katie Blackburn and Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin (Cincinnati Bengals): I would have multiple personalities. If everyone is in charge; no one is in charge. I would quit.

But first, with the 21st pick, I select Will Hernandez, OG, Texas El-Paso. Now, I quit!

John Elway (Denver Broncos): Edge rusher for the defense.

With the 22nd pick, I select Lorenzo Carter, Edge, Georgia

Bill Belichick (New England Patriots): Pats get a steal.

With the 23rd pick, I select Roquan Smith, OLB, Georgia.

Matt Hurney (Carolina Panthers): Compliment to McCaffrey!

With the 24th pick, I select Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

Jon Robinson (Tennessee Titans): DE-FENSE

With the 25th pick, I select Rashaan Evans, OLB, Alabama

Thomas Dimitroff (Falcons): No doubt here. Poe is gone to the Panthers; have to fill that hole.

With the 26th pick, I select Maurice Hurts, DT, Michigan.

Mickey Loomis (New Orleans Saints): Never replaced Graham’s production. It is time to add a big target for Brees.

With the 27th pick, I select Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State.

Kevin Colbert (Pittsburgh Steelers): Will consider moving out of the first, if not ..

With the 28th pick, I select Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State.

David Caldwell (Jacksonville Jaguars): Protection for Boles.

With the 29th selection, I select Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA

Rick Spielman (Minnesota Vikings): Protect your investment – Kirk Cousins.

With the 30th selection, I select Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma

Bill Belichick (New England Patriots): I would trade out of this spot. If not, look to the future.

With the 31st pick, I would select Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville.

Howie Roseman (Philadelphia Eagles): Replacing Trey Burton.

With the final pick #32 of the first round, I select Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina


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